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This is stunning! I assume that if we limit the footer widgets to 3 the scroll bar goes away? Thanks

That is correct! I may need to slightly edit the CSS for the iPhone, but other than that, the scroll bar should vanish.

Hi Shorti, before to buy, I have another few questions for the necessity of our client: - will I be able to use contact form 7? - compatibility with WPML for multinguage? - is it possible to use google map in any post? - is it possible to have images in pages linking to another page?

I am sorry for all those questions: your theme is really beautiful, but it doesn’t show a lot of features!

Hello spazio8!

Yes, you can definitely use contact form 7.

Yes you can use the theme with WPML.

Yes you can embed a google map in the blog post content area.

Yes you can link to other pages with images in pages.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Thank you so much! I will definitely purchase!


Awesome theme! 1 question, Can I reorder the services after I inputted them all?

Glad you like it!

Yes you definitely reorder the services by using this very easy-to-use plugin Post Types Order.

Such a great theme. Was quick to install and was running on it in an hour and can totally recommend it to anybody! However since installing Ive been unable to use the word press admin tool bar as it has disappeared. I switched the theme and all was good and switched back and its gone again. Anybody else with this problem?

Hello andywild!

Yes, I have disabled the admin bar in the theme. If you send me a WP login, I can edit the file that disables it.

Thanks for purchasing! :)

Hi Im always cautious about admin access not even to my mother. Its a long and frustrating round trip to edit any page without the admin bar. Could I have the necessary code so we can do it in house? Surely as the admin bar is only accessible to admins having it removed offers no advantage unless Im missing something. Cheers

You need to open functions.php and remove this code starting on line 460:

function my_function_admin_bar(){ return false; }
add_filter( 'show_admin_bar' , 'my_function_admin_bar');

I hope that works!


I just purchased this theme and love it! I am curious about changing one thing: would it be possible to open a wordpress page on the site when you click on the images in the portfolio on the home screen?

Thanks, and great work! Shannon

I just replied to your email requesting FTP so I can add this option. Looking forward to hearing from you via email. :)


Just replied with FTP information. Thanks again!


Thanks Shannon, I will get back with you soon!

I sent an email through your site but we are hoping to put in some other fonts…what is the best way to do this?

Hello Narkan, I replied to your email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Perfect Template!

Great looking, fast (i was bit bit sorrowed because of the preview but the site runs absolutely fine on my server) and easy to handle..

Thank you very much!

Great thanks! :)

For the project categories, you need to install the “Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order” plugin. This will add a menu option under “Projects” called “Taxonomy Order”. Order the categories they way you want by clicking and dragging, and then click the update button.

you’re the best!

Hi, I am interested in purchasing but have one question. Is there a function to make the images on the main page expand in a lightbox rather than going into another page? Thanks!

Yes, this option is available for each individual project in the “Add New” project page.

Hi Shorti,

Still want to buy this theme but I’m waiting for the gallery post function – appreciate this might rake some time to add. If you’re not going ahead with it would I be able to use a plugin like this with your template?

Thanks again – fantastic work! :)

Hello Ei8ght! Yes, I am going to add the gallery post function very soon. Feel free to send me a message through my profile with your email so I can let you know when this is available. Thanks for your strong interest! :)

Hi Shorti, Any update on the issue with the popup of “Cheatin’ uh?” when trying to upload a separate background image on a page?

Yes I have a fix for this issue. I have your WP login, but I need FTP for this one. Do you mind sending me that?


Hi Shorti, I appreciate all your help on the backend thus far. Still waiting to hear back about the ‘Cheatin’ uh’ issue, sent FTP login. Could you post the fix for this, maybe I could do it myself (pretty good with FTP) or is it complex? Thanks Again!

Thanks for the reminder Sharon, I completely forgot after I uploaded those social icons. :) The problem should be solved!

Hi- purchased the theme and love it. 2 questions.

1) do you have a code to disable the title when scrolling over the images in the portfolio.

2) is there a function or a way to override the code to reverse the black mask on the background image and make it a white semi-transparent filter over the image?


Hello cliqthis,

1) Yes I can do this for you.

2) Yes I can make the mask white.

Feel free to send me FTP and I will working on these.


Lovely template! One question before I purchase it however. When you click on a portfolio piece, I love that it opens up into a new full window. I havent seen this shown in the template however, but how does the template shows multiple images in each piece.

ex) say i have a branding campaign, with 5 images to show. Can i do that in one window?

Yes you have the option to upload 5 extra project images per project. These extra images are viewed when you click on the main project image on the single project page. You can view this demo project as an example:


Great looking theme! I’m going to buy it, but a few questions first:

1. Homepage – I want only the image I hover over to dim, not all. Is it possible to leave it turned on for only one, all stay untouched? 2. Homepage – Is the tile size somehow standarized? I can see 3 or 4 basic sizes, how does that work? Do I choose which one I want for each individual post, or the site does that automatically? 3. Post page – Is it possible to extend the description, or it has to fit in the area right of the thumbnail and respect it’s height? And what does “view project” button is supposed to do, take me to the client’s homepage? 4. Post page / all – is it possible to completely remove comments? 5. Post page – is it possible to add different descriptions to each image in the popup lightbox? 6. Post page – is it possible to have the thumbnail to change to different added to the post in a time interval? Simple slideshow to have something animated. On a click a lightbox comes out – just as it it right now. 7. If a want my post page/project page to look like your fullwidth page, and have a big widescreen image switcher, would that be possible? Would you recommend any plugins that are responsive to screensize change, or maybe your theme has such an option?

Sorry if any of these are foolish. The price for your theme is incredibly low but I’m on a really tight budget and I want to get everything cleared before I decide.



1. Yes I can change this for you.

2. The portfolio images are resized/scaled proportionately to fit the column. So the sizes are completely random based on the dimensions of the image.

3. The description can be as long as you want. The “view project” button is optional allowing you to link to the project if there is a URL. If left blank in the project settings, the button will not show.

4. Yes, I can remove comments for you.

5. This feature currently isn’t available, I would need to modify the theme to make this work.

6. Slideshow posts are currently not supported in the blog yet. I am working on this update right now.

7. What do you mean by image switcher?

Feel free to send me an email with your reply so we can keep the comments section clean. :)

Thanks for your interest! - Shorti

I just sent you an email regarding the “cheatin uh?” Issue.

I would really love to know what the fix is for this as I cannot upload any additional images (background or secondary images) into the project page.

I have already updated the theme to V1.1 and the issue still seems to be there?

Thank you for your help!

Hey pattleger! I just sent you a reply .. I need FTP to fix this issue. Thanks! – Shorti

Love the design but I do have a question. Is there a way that you can change the pattern on the background? or lighten it up? Either in the wordpress navigation bar or in the coding?

Yes, this is definitely possible! You need to locate the ”#overlay” selector in the style.css file and change the “opacity” property.

sexy… on the list

Thanks! ;)

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this theme for an artist’s website. One thing I know for sure, he isn’t going to want his images with rounded corners. Is this easy to edit? Is this addressed in the css or is it a mask that I can recreate with square corners? Thanks…beautiful theme.

Hello luzzyzofia! There is an theme option to either have rounded corners, square edges or circles for the images which can be easily accessed in the Theme Options panel.

Thanks for your interest!

Hi. Does the portfolio support videos? YouTube & Vimeo?

Hello vickistep! The current version does not support videos in the portfolio, but I can add this very easily if you were to give me FTP logins. I will be including this in the next update for sure.


I’m having a problem with your theme. The featured pictures on the portfolio/home page aren’t appearing correctly. They are huge square outline behind them and the picture isn’t in proportion.

I’ve sent you details of my site via email, please can you have a look at it.

Hello Obs3rv3r! You need to add a category to each project in order for the projects on the homepage will display correctly.

Hi Shorty, I thought that the area of comments and relative project was a widget area: would it be possible to use it this way? I would need to have a personalized contact form (through contact form7 for ex.) in the project page, instead of the comment . Thanks

Hello spazio8!

You want to replace the comment section with a contact form? I can do this for you. Feel free to send me FTP and WP logins and I will make this change.

- Shorti