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Love this theme! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Is there any way you can include a section in the Theme Options in a future update to allow for custom CSS? It’d be nice to add it there instead of having to crack open the style.css file.

It would also be super nice to be able to change the Google fonts :)

One more thing – when looking at gallery view – how can I adjust the width of the pop open lightbox? It seems to only open up to a certain maximum width.

Hello alicey, I’m glad you like the theme!

1. Yes I can definitely make this available in the next update. For now, you can send me a WP login and I will make this update really quick (send logins via email).

2. All the google fonts used in the theme are queued in the functions.php file starting on line 165. If you need help adding fonts, I would be more than happy to do this.

3. Can you paste a link to the website? This should not be happening. :)

- Shorti

I figured out how to include additional Google Fonts! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I am AMAZED and wowed by your willingness to work with purchasers on small tweaks. Definitely rating your theme 5/5.

I found a small bug associated with the lightbox pop open window – I’ll send you an e-mail about this. It’s not a huge deal, but definitely something you might want to check out.

Otherwise, love this theme – definitely VERY easy and intuitive to use.

I’m glad to hear everything is working out well and that you like the theme! I received your email and will reply as soon as I can.


Hi, loving this simple, clean, modern theme. Sadly I’m a Wordpress neanderthal so I have a couple of issues:

1. The Title only displays 8 characters, how can this be increased for longer site titles?

2. How can I disable or delete the VCard box – I’ve tried leaving the fields blank but it remains?

3. Can a small Google Maps box be embedded in the Contact Us form?

4. When I post featured images in the Works section, they differ in size – what is the default px x px or aspect ration that should be used to ensure they remain in a neat grid?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Leadlinker! I think you are referring to the Selfless WP theme, not the Flashback theme. Is that correct? If so, here are my responses.

1. I can fix this issue.

2. The vcard box can be deleted by opening the profile.php file in the pages folder in the themes folder. I can do this for you.

3. Yes, I can add this option for you.

4. The grid was made to display any width image and will evenly space vertically and horizontally automatically.

I hope this helps!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on a killer WP template! I created a really nice website & blog page for my wife, she is an aspiring author. I am really new to Wordpress, and templates, so please bear with my newbie ignorance. Couple questions: I have created a Blog page where all the posts and comments go, and I selected it to be static. (It is not the home page) I would like to change a couple things I cannot figure out: The posts appear inside boxes in 2 columns on the page, I would prefer the more traditional style of just one column with each post under the other in larger rectangular landscape tiles than the smaller boxes. Also, is it possible to have a narrow box or column on the right with recent and or archived posts, so if there end up being a large number of posts they can be accessed by abbreviated links on the right? Lastly, I want to add all the familiar social media buttons onto the home page without having to click the + button at the bottom to open the slider that has the Facebook button I added. Thanks for your help in advance!

Hello kbromberg! I will reply to your newest comment. :)

Shorti, Most of the questions I had above I answered myself. Yes, I am new to WP and themes, and setting them up. I figured out everything, including the fact that on my iPad, the Blog page actually does convert to one column for Posts when in portrait mode. When I rotate the iPad to landscape, it goes back to 2 columns, which is not the big of a deal. I did figure out how to add the social media buttons to each page also. I would still be interested to know if on my Blog page the Posts can be kept to one column, which would make the squares rectangular in most cases instead of square blocks on a widescreen. If this is part of the responsive programming, ignore my request- I need the site to be responsive. AGAINK, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THEMES I HAVE FOUND!! I HAVE LOOKED AT HUNDREDS, MAYBE MORE- THIS ONE ROCKS!! :)


I’m glad everything is working out for you! Yes the blog was designed responsively to show 2 columns. However, I can change that to one if you really want to. Feel free to send me a WP login and I will take care of this.


Hello, I’d like to say first, beautiful theme and more importantly, thank you for taking the time to create a very clear, accurate and detailed help pdf. Many themes I’ve purchased in the past have had terrible help files written in broken English and lacking important information.

Now, on to my question. I’d like to know if there is a way to have two different portfolio pages. I have the one portfolio page setup as the main page (home) with all of the relevant categories. However, I’d like to have a 2nd portfolio page with content that does not appear on the home page. Is this possible? I ofter free graphics/textures/etc from time to time and I’d like these to be set as projects on their own portfolio homepage that I can link to from the main menu.

Thank you for your assistance and again, thank you for the theme and the amount of attention you give to your customers… Very professional, responsible and sensible…

Is the second issue complete as well???

Not yet .. I will get to those tomorrow .. today was a long day. :)

I appreciate it… Thanks.

Hey Shorti, I love the theme! But I noticed there are no scrollbars. I’m sure there is a design reason for this, but I have a store on my site and would like to restore the scrollbars for the less technical folks :)

Hey mas31550! Yes, I can add this back in there for you. Feel free to send me FTP and I will take care of this. :)

Loving this theme so far! Thanks for making it so great.

One little bug I have run into: When I create pages they are automatically added into the header. But on the mobile view the styling gets messed up by not only having the navigation elements visible but also having the dropdown icon visible. Here is an example:

Any ideas hows to fix this?

Hello jasondebiak! That is strange. Can you send me a link to the site so I can view on mobile?

Thanks! - Shorti

Sure! I managed to fix it though. It looks like it generates the ID name for the navigation menu automatically based on the menu’s name one assigns to it in wordpress.

In your css you have the non mobile menu hiding based on the navigation menu named ‘main’ (line 13 on responsive.css – #menu-main). I had named mine ‘navigation’ when creating the menu so I needed to adjust the CSS accordingly to use that new ID name ’#menu-navigation…. if that makes sense!

Hi I have a problem with the latest version of wordpress and your theme. when I try to add a new image with your uploader in the page, he gives me an error: “Cheatin Uh”. I think there are some incompatibilty with media-upload.php in wp-admin and your function uploader. there is a chance to fix it? Thanks

Hello Henry776! Yes, this will be fixed in version 1.2 of the theme. However I can fix this for you if you send me FTP via my profile.

Thanks! - Shorti

we do not have much of a hurry. Anyway, there is a release date for version 1.2? Thanks – Henry

Hello Henry! I plan to release the new update this week sometime. To be notified of the update, go to your “Downloads” page and check the “Get notified by email if this item is updated” box.

Hey there, I love the theme! How would you go about helping make it brighter? If we could make it a bit brighter, you might have another sale :)

Let me know!


Hey Mike! By brighter do you mean replace the black with white, or make the background show through more?

Thanks for your interest! :) - Shorti

I guess I was referring to the background, but do you have a “lighter” version of the theme as well?

Oh I see, yes you can use any background you want, light or dark. As for the actual layout of the website, I would be willing to change the scheme to light for a small fee.

Hey there, I love the theme! How would you go about helping make it brighter? If we could make it a bit brighter, you might have another sale :)

Let me know!


Replied to your first comment (duplicated). :)


We are 3 graphic design students who really liked this design. But we are just checking (before we buy it) if this design will work for us. We want to have a link with our name in the top of the page where in the template says “archives, services, blog” etc. When our potential clients click on our name they will enter a page with just that persons work. When you enter the frontpage there will be a mix of everyones work. Sorry for my bad wringing, I’m from Norway :-)

Hope to hear from you soon :)

PS: Love your work!

Hello maritport! Yes what you have described is definitely possible in the next update 1.2, which I will be uploading sometime this week. If however you purchase the theme before the update is officially released, I can send you the new files for the update.

Thanks for the interest!

Hello, my homepage portfolio is not display properly. It appears as if a style sheet isn’t attached or something. Any ideas? I read through the help.pdf and didn’t find anything. Thanks!

Thanks for emailing me. For everyone who is experiencing this, you need to add at least one category to each project in order for the projects in the portfolio to display correctly.


Wow, I am so sorry for not replying seteoito .. your email got lost in my inbox. Let me know if you have anymore issues/questions.

Hello, purchased the theme this weekend. Great looking! One issue, my homepage gallery isn’t showing up correctly.

I’ve found the issue.

Thanks for emailing me, I was glad to assist you in making this work. For everyone who is experiencing this, you need to add at least one category to each project in order for the projects in the portfolio to display correctly.

Hi there!

I have two problems:

1. I have troubles with Isotope-Projects on Startpage. How do i get them load up directly, not just if scrolled down?

2. The mobile Menu isnt working as it should (normal and mobile showing up both). How can i make the normal Menu disapear on mobile devices?

thanks, maas

Hello maasmedia!

1. You can specify the number of projects to display by going to Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio tab and editing the “Portfolio Projects Count” box.

2. Can you send me a link so I can see this?

Thanks for purchasing!

- Shorti


I really dig the theme but I am having a couple issues. 1) I created my first project and it shows up on my portfolio page, but when I click on the image it goes to an error 404 page…? 2) I tried adding different background images to my other pages and they are not showing up, the main background image still appears.

Below is a link to my site so you can see the issue. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Chris

Just sent it. Thanks!

Hey, I figured out the issue…needed to adjust permilinks and re-save. I have a couple other issues, and if I cannot figure them out I will let you know and create a new login for you. Thanks!

That sounds good! I will reply to your email just to make sure you know I got it. :)

Is there any way to get the photos to open pretty photo? I cant seem to get it to work. It only goes to a media page?

Replying to your email now. :)

Can you try re-sending your email? Have not received anything yet. I dont know why I am having so many issues with emails.


I also am having issues creating a portfolio homepage. It doesnt look anything like the demo one.

Replying to your email now. :)

Can you try re-sending your email? Have not received anything yet. I dont know why I am having so many issues with emails.

Wow I missed this comment, sorry for the confusion. ;)

Hi, when I try to install the theme, I get this message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can you please help me with this?

Great! Don’t forget to rate the theme 5 stars! :)

did already! :)

Thanks! :)

Suggestion: When you select Theme Options > Show Widgets > uncheck box, the theme hides the bottom +/- widgets page. However, it also removes all of the sites’ copyright information in the footer. It would be good if when choosing not to show the widgets footer, an alternate footer appears with the sites’ copyright info… Or, maybe there’s a way to show the info on the main homepage regardless. Thanks