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love the colors!

Love the whole design …

Thanks for the comments guys, appreciate it.

yes.. looks cool…

some other templates have a live view … yours does not, so is this template ready to upload as a website? Thanks. Its a nice design.

hfallen – This template is listed in the Psd Templates section meaning it is not coded yet. It would have to be coded before it can be uploaded as a website. That is also why it costs only $6.

I’m debating coding it myself and providing it as an HTML template but I don’t know if there would be a demand for it.

I’ve thought about purchasing it and tweaking to make my own HTML template. If course if there already was one available, then tweaking it and using it would be much easier

Well the PSD is easily layered so that customizing it is a breeze. I hope you do end up purchasing it, let me know if you require any help or have any questions =)

Does it explain how to achieve the header color effects in the help file? As well is the psd layered enough that the colors could be changed and manipulated as is or would I need to recreated the effects again?

3 words and an exlamation mark: I love it!

Hey pretty neat design. Kanye’s song would be nice song in the background for this design

Hi Lukk. How much for a coded version please. I would really like to purchase but am not sure how to do the coding myself. Is it just a case of applying the images to the html page?

Shoot me an email at lukk1@live.com and I’ll show you a preview of the coded version.

do you have any other page views besides just a home page? Interested to see how you implemented the design to different layouts

A coding would be great!