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When I try to update via WP admin I get this message ’’An error occurred while updating Flashlight: Could not remove the old theme.’’. I’ve set chmod on themes folder to 777.

Hey! If you are trying to upload the new theme folder via wordpress you need to delete the old theme folder first. If you want to directly overwrite your old theme folder you would need to use FTP upload

Is your theme mobile-friendly?

Hey! Flashlight is not optimized for mobile devices if thats what you are asking. If you got a large amount of visitors from mobile devices I would recommend to use a theme like enfold:

When will this be updated to responsive mobile? Selling a theme that costs $58 and it being outdated for mobile isnt acceptable. This directly influences any website’s google ranking based n their new algorithms.


Please do open a support comment, and our team will give a look at your issue.

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding.

This theme is Great ! but it’s not responsive…

If you upgrade the theme adding the responsive design I will buy it immediately.


Hey! I am afraid that would require changes to the theme that would require way to much time. We got a theme that allows you to build something similar to flashlight though, called enfold:

I have a problem with the products image in WooCommerce, it is not saved!, I can only save the gallery images but not the main image.

Thanks for your help.

Loved the theme but not good in mobile. Waiting for mobile responsive version.

hello Kreisi, having errors on my site now for some reason. I am currently updating to wp vs 4.3.1 via godaddy. Here are the errors I am getting: ?> Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/61/3452361/html/FCSUSA/wp-content/plugins/Akismet3/Akismet3.php:38) in /home/content/61/3452361/html/FCSUSA/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/classes/class-wc-session-handler.php on line 63

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/61/3452361/html/FCSUSA/wp-content/plugins/Akismet3/Akismet3.php:38) in /home/content/61/3452361/html/FCSUSA/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 896

I am also not able to get into my admin end. I get errors as well.

Please advise. Thanks!

figured it out, seems to be ok now, deleted the “askimet3” from my server and that rectified it. Ignore the question on your support forum too please. Thanks to google :-)

Checked the theme and was amazed to find it’s not responsive?!

Yes. since flashlight is an older theme with a html structure that does not reapply play well with responsive grids we decided to make it possible to build a similar layout with our enfold theme which is fully responsive:

The photography demo shows a similar layout to flashlight ;)

I’m interested in this theme, but I’m not sure is it possible. I change my theme from time to time, what happens with all galleries I make for example in my wedding posts? If I switch to another theme? Which gallery plugin you use, how can I save all galleries in posts if I change to other theme? Thank you very much. If all is fine, I believe this is really great theme and I will get it.

A script to extract photos from amazon s3?

Does this theme have the ability to create a catalog/gallery specific to a registered user, i.e a category/taxonomy?

good theme, thanks

Where is comment_form? I want to eddit comment form, thanks for reply

the last update of this theme is in date: 13 April 16 but the changelog is only till 2014, please update the changelog :)

Had a chance to test the theme v4 and maybe even would have bought it myself but too many problems for me which I found during minutes. Maybe my comments help to improve the theme 1) Gallery options ->Add image to slideshow displays randomly double photos (I’ve got 24 photos, it displays 38) 2) Photos not searchable by Wordpress data (title, description) 3) Shutter speed displayed incorrectly, for example 0.00625

+1 for what matteoraggi above said, please

Hello, I’m having an issue with this theme, the background images dissapeared after installing WP 4.5.2. Someone having a fix?

When I updated to the newest version of Wordpress I can no longer click on a lot of buttons on the back end of the them. IE. Visual vs Text in page edits and widgets when I need to edit the sidebar. Can you help out?


pedrodj Purchased

Hi Kriesi,

I have problem with your theme and product of woocommerce

Please take a look here

When I add a product, it’s shown without acrive link in SHOP section of the site (even no product image are displayed)

I have installed latest release: how can i fix ?



pedrodj Purchased

If you try to add the image, the image remove itself after published the product.

Don’t care about the image now, if you go to frontend you see that the product isn’t clickable!

I would like to purchase this theme but have been reading that there are some compatibility issues with the most current version of WP. Can you please tell me if this version of your theme is compatible with WP 4.5.3? Thank you

I need to have the theme in multi language , can you suggest me in with way it is better proceed? thanks