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Bought this theme a while ago and although I still think it’s awesome, it would be even more so if a responsive version could be made available ;) (reacting to Mikal’s post)

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Amazing theme, looks great!

Is it possible to categorize the products in the shopping section? so someone could click on a specific field within the Shop page, such as “accessories” “clothing”...etc..

Hi, I have downloaded the Flashlight Theme. I have imported dummy data. I want to get rid of the mess that is at the bottom of ‘leave a reply.’ I have overlapping text and some coding visible “You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””> <q cite=””> <strike> .” How do I get rid of all of this on the webpage? Thanks. Natasha


Hi, great theme! just wondering if you could help with a little CSS change for me. On the gallery layout I would like the thumbnails on the ‘3 column gallery’ to be the same as those when you select the ‘flexible grid gallery’. Basically square and without the border. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

I ma having a problem adding product images. It allows me to add the image (set featured image) and all appears OK but when I ‘update’ the page the featured image image disappears.

This theme support is 0%...Shame on you Kriesi! If you are not going to give a support…don’t upload a theme!


I’m very interested in this theme but i wonder if it would be easy to translate it to Swedish and which files do i need to change?

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hello there,

I would like to know how can I change the font size on the shopping cart page and products title? The default font is way too big and I would like to be h3 instead of h1.

refer to the picture…

the rest of the site has got a h3 for the title but all products and cat in the shopping cart has got this big h1.

can I change that to match the rest? which php file should I edit?

Many thanks and design otherwise.


Hi, great theme! When I create a blog post and stylize the written contents (bold, italics), the stylized element in the post will not show on the landing blog page, but when I click on the blog post for more info the stylized text appears. You can test it to see what I mean…can you fix the issue on the latest update?

Any chance that you’re making this amazing theme responsive?

Also I would like to know if it’s possible to have a video in the background running instead of a picture/gallery?


Is there a demo of the theme using products / Woocommerce?


Thx for this great theme ! I want to sign the post by the contributor name for the list post page and the single post page. Where i can do it. I want to put it just after the category. Could you help me ?

is it a commerce theme???

I think you have to go over to his support forum to get answers. There’s tons of info over there.

Hi, is a plan to make this theme responsive?

Hi I Would like to use a wp plugin which is below in this theme. let me know does it possible or not. for example, striking or options themes doesnt support it as a fullscreen resolution.

Hi, It looks like me home page gallery image files are being reduced to 1500×843 pixels. Is it possible to keep them at the original size (2560×1440) for better quality?

Hello I have a bit trouble: do not show the post’s tumbnails in the list… only shows gray boxes thank you

Fade transition does not work. I’ve changed it from slide to fade and back again to see if that will do it, but it is still not working.

Why did you remove support for post thumbnails?