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Hello! Great theme, but… in the dark theme I would love to see the transparent sidebar in a dark transparent color instead of transparant white. Can’t find that anywhere in the CSS , can you point that out to me or hand over some custom CSS for in the Quick CSS box?

Thanks in advance!

hey, save this image as png file and upload it to your images/skin-dark folder and you are done ;)

Beautiful, thank you very much! Works like charm!

Or even better: a light tranparency in the black logo/menu block too?

if you want transparency behind the logo/menu add the following to your custom.css file in your css folder:

.sidebar .box{ background: transparent url(../images/skin-dark/bg-trans.png) repeat 0 0; }

This wont work in the quick css since the path is relative, you need to add it to the custom.css file ;)

Made it a little darker with photoshop, and now it’s beautiful!

Thanks so much!

looks great :)

Wow I really like this one..

Can’t tell – does it use Cufon? Can I customize the header fonts w/ Cufon?

One other question, I wasn’t in love w/ most of the gallery / portfolio styles except for the portfolio page.. Wondering if it’s possible for them to open up in a lightbox rather than have them go to a separate portfolio item page?

could you set it up so that the portfolio items pop up in a lightbox rather than sending you to a separate portfolio item page?

Currently not possible but I will consider adding a few more gallery layouts :)

Hey! I have added the new layouts. the changes on the demo and at the download will probably be up during the next hours ;)

Great theme. Could you tell a newb how to change the FLASHLIGHT logo on the sidebar? I have no clue how to do it. Thanks.

I am afraid that wont help. You can of course try, but without inspecting some code there is a good chance I wont be able to solve that issue…

Thanks for your help. I figured it out. I just reinstalled and it works great now. Thank you.

great to hear!

Any plans for an HTML version?

Unfortunately not, at least for the moment…


Very nice theme but is it possible to have text with link or even just a link on background images (for porfolio or products entry).

Great!!! So each background image could have a link to a different page? (ex : portfolio entry)

Unfortunately not, the background images cant have links applied to them. since the theme builds upon the wordpress gallerie function for the easiest possible use I dont think that I am able to add that :/

Too bad…It would be a perfect feature for a portfolio and generally for the ergonomy.

Thanks for your response ;)


how can I add more fonts? I have generated some more fonts myself with cufon and putted them in the fonts folder, but they are not showing in the admin?

Is it also possible to move up the logo so that it starts from the top of the theme without any space on top of it?

Also, is it possible to make the left side column wider? like 300px så that the logo can go a bit larger.

Thanks Tobias

first you need to create a new cufon javascript file here: At the fifth imput field from the top which is labeld: “Use the following value as the font-family of the generated font (optional)” you need to enter the word “cufon” (without quotation marks) You then get a new JS file which you need to place in the folder framework/fonts. make sure to name it the same way as others were named: fontname.font.js – fontname can be anything you like but .font.js is madatory

Then open the file: includes/admin/register-admin-options.php at at line 147 add your font like this


2.) you can modify the width and height of the logo by editing your style.css file: starting from line 300 are the rules for the logo and logo images. you could increase the wtdh of the logo as well as of the logo container and then reposition it with a #top logo{position:relative; left:-20px; top:-20px}

I wouldnt recommend to modify the sidebar though…

Thanks for the info, now I can do these changes myself :) Much appreciated!

Also, the seems like the fade functionality is not working? I have changed to fade but the backgrounds still slides.

Did you change the global setting or on the page itself? be aware that if you used the content importer some pages and posts are already set to override the global setting.

if you have any more questions feel free to register an account in our support forum, explanations are usually a little more in dept there ;)

I found it, was not an issue actually. I did not notice first that one the home page itself, I had to choose slide or fade and slide was default.

Hey Kriesi,

I discovered the same issue as islandtalker with Mansory gallery. When you click image to enlarge with prettyphoto and scroll down at the same time, it freezes.

Hope it will be fixed. I want to buy it also. In other its amazing template!

Thanks, Aleksandr

Yep, was able to work around that problem by triggering the close event of the lightbox when the masonry calls new images :)

Thanks for noticing

Is it possible to have a logo that has the same width as the inner sidebar? Means I want the logo to fill the whole width and have no padding on the sides of it.

One more thing: When select Portfolio, it doesn’t make css blue in the menu Thanks

Also fixed, thank you ;)

Fantastic theme, I love it!!

Have a couple of questions: 1. Any plan to add background audio to this theme in the fullscreen gallery? 2. Is it possible / easy to have a wider blog section? In the demo it seems to be around 490px wide. I’d like to be able to show wider inline photos. 3. Do you plan to have a Nivo Slider integration?

Thank you !! Xavier

Hey, unfortunatley #1 wont happen anytime soon. to offer a convenient experience with music the site shouldnt reload on page switch, which means frame solution which I really dont like :) (ajaxifying the whole site would probably work as well but that is pure overkill ;D) 2.) can be changed via css. if you dont know how to pull something like that off feel free to register in our support forum, where you will get a detailed explanation ;) 3.) no

Great looking template. I’m going to purchase this when I get home this evening.

One quick question….

Would it be possible at some point to have/add password protected galleries?

If not... anyone know of a good plugin I could use to password protect single galleries?

Great job again! Hatch

Good Idea, put it on my todo list ;)

Love your style!!!! Can you add a method to “quickly” see the main menu? found myself scrolling up number of times looking for the main menu. Bookmarked.

Will probably add one. you must be surfing on a very small resolution am I right? Cause if the sidebar is smaller than the screensize it should stay fixed in one place :)

Feature Release, Version 1.1.1

New Features:
  • You can now add right sidebars, either globaly to all pages or to single pages only
  • New frontpage Template: Mini content area
  • New Portfolio Template: 3 Columns
  • New Gallery Template: 3 Columns
  • New Option: you can now enforce the default gallery as background if you dont want to display the gallery of the current entry
  • Fixed a bug with the masonry portfolio in conjunction with an open lightbox
  • fixed menu highlighting on portfolio subpages

Hi Kriesi,

i have not buy this Theme, but i like this and would buy soon… can you say me, whats happen if i put 200 Pictures in the classic3 gallery

in the lightbox, i see 1/200 or 1/20 and then i must go page 2 for 20/200?

hope you understand me, my english is very bad :P

The classic gallery doesnt use any pagination, you would see 1/200 in the lightbox :)

thats then a problem whit loading or? hmm i must buy for looking maybe :P

//edit: maybe in masonry a option for showing all pictures in lightbox?

yep, the masonry would be ideal for any number of images :)


I really like the look of the theme and thinking of purchasing.

One quick question about the width of pages as they seem to be inconsistent in your demo.

For example, the blog posts are very narrow, as is the ‘wordpress default’ gallery example, but then your ‘Gallery 3 columns’ example is wider, the shortcodes page is full width and floating, but the ‘big heading’ template is narrow again.

I would like to maintain a more consistent look. Are the pages always floating or can we select a fixed width?

the width of the page depends on the gallery layout you choose. by default all pages look like the blog pages. only if you choose to display a wider galery the page size adapts to the galary layout…

What about a normal page then such as your shortcode example?

That does not feature a gallery but it is a wider page.

actually thats a masonry gallery page without the gallery ;D

Hi Kriesi… I’m sorry my English is not very good:) add my Blog at the maximum width is 380px photos (with gallery attached Entry or Gallery Slideshow Style) Is it possible to adjust the property settlement to be centered way?

Hey could you describe a little closer what you mean? Unfortunatley I dont really gett it :/

One last question:

Is it possible to make the letters in the menu non capitalized? Where in the code can I change this?

add this to any of your stylesheets (preferably in custom.css in folder /css/)

div .main_menu .menu li a strong {
    text-transform: none;