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Hi, can the SUPPORT TEAM please contact me for support password. Your contactform doesnt work and always shows me an error!!!! please at thank you

Hello, I buy your theme but I can not install it. Thank you for helping me. That’s the message???

Installing the theme from the file: Decompressing the archive extension …

Installing the theme …

The archive could not be installed. Missing the style.css file in the theme.

Installing the theme failed.

Hello, I find this theme amazing. I would like to know if it’s possible to change the place of the sidebar : not on the left, but on the bottom, like a classical menu ?

Can we use differents backgrounds images for each pages (and not 1 background image for all the website) Is there a zoom system for the products’pictures?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

there is a way to show your theme sample at a customer? I mean, i’d like to show the sample without showing any link to themeforest or Envato..

The contact form is not working.. can you help me? Thanks

Hi, love this theme. do you think is there a way for Masonry each item (photo) link to a page where i can put more texts and images ?

Many thanks.


I love this template so much. However I still experience some issues.

In some cases the lightbox doesn’t have the right aspect ratio. So especially my mini planets are looking like eggs. (at size: 1286×983)

By chance the flexible grid gallery doesn’t expand, so you see a dark transparent curtain at 4/5 of the whole window.

Also by chance the single images does not expand, you see only “loading more images” and “no more images available” in a endless loop.

Thanks for fixing.



This is a great theme that I want to purchase. However, I would like to know if you have any plans to have a mobile friendly version of this in a later release? If not, how would you recommend making this mobile-friendly?

Hey I just bought this theme again and it’s giving me the same message “Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description Flashlight Package Stylesheet is missing.”

I tried installing it via wordpress and when that didn’t work I went into my cpanel to manually install it only to go back to wordpress and it’s now saying that the theme is broken. This is crap.

Hello i like this theme but before to buy I would like to know Can i to put diferent galleries or diferent portfolios in the page… like “gallery one” “gallery two” “gallery three” or “portfolio one” “portfolio two” “portfolio three” etc Thank you very much


XVL Purchased

Hi There,

Great theme man, i love it!

Though i have i question about the logo. I uploaded the edited logo from the PSD file, which shows on my laptop browser but on my iphone it doesn’t show up at all.

Is there some sort of setting to be made?

Those of you who are having problems with installing the theme – Follow instructions located here:

This theme is very powerful – great job.


Hi. Does liquid also mean responsive? I notice when I resize my browser that this theme may not work on a mobile? Thanks. Mark.


Installed your theme ‘Flashlight’ a while ago and am still very pleased with it. Yesterday however, I had to change a few lines in ‘functions.php’ in order to get ‘Tweet images’ to work. That’s when things went wrong

Right now I can no longer access my [wp-admin] login screen. Is there a way to restore this and to repair the functions.php file ?

Kind regards,


Hey! You can simply download the theme here again and then upload the latest version of the functions.php file with an FTP tool directly to your server. If the changes you have done are causing the inaccessibility of your login screen then this should revert them….

Hello, I really like your theme but I have just few questions:

- is it translation ready? I need italian language. - it adapts automatically to mobile devices? Where can I see a demo or a screenshot? - I’m brand new on Wordpress, do you give help in case of necessity? How much time do you need normally before answering?

Thanks :-)

hello, i want to buy this template but i need to know if the product image variation works thank you

The template has been great. But now the portfolio page will not display the gallery of images. Get a 404 error page. I cannot figure it out and have reinstalled / rebuilt the website twice with the same result.

I am trying to add these changes to functions.php:

add_filter( 'woocommerce_variable_free_price_html', 'hide_free_price_notice', 10, 2 ); add_filter( 'woocommerce_free_price_html', 'hide_free_price_notice', 10, 2 ); /** * Hides the 'Free!' price notice */ function hide_free_price_notice( $price, $product ) { return 'Product Quote '; } add_filter('single_add_to_cart_text', 'woo_custom_cart_button_text'); add_filter('add_to_cart_text', 'woo_custom_cart_button_text'); function woo_custom_cart_button_text() { return __('Add to Quote', 'woocommerce'); } remove_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_template_single_title', 5 );

But when i save it i get a

Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
problem in the wp-admin. However when i restore the functions.php from the template it works, what can be because it was working befre, maybe an ASCII code problem?

This is regarding the “Blog Overview Image Layout” feature located in the Themes Options. I have set it up so a small image is displayed when mouse is hovering entry. This feature seems however to work arbitrarily (it works with some photos and it doesnt with some others which are displayed completely out of proportion. Any idea how I could get this fixed? Thanks a lot for your assistance, Gustavo

i face few error in fullscreen gallery i am also submit a ticket for but cant get any response from you please contact me at