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Hi…it is possible embed a google map in the contact page? Ty

Hi. A couple of questions:

1) Is it possible to add a new fonts for text and/or headings?

2) Can I add photos to a blog post or gallery and have them NOT show up on the background? I don’t like them being repeated in the background.

3) Can you create sub-product pages or do all the products always have to show up all together on the one SHOP page?

Thanks, M.

Hi there please may you help my Shop page has gone awry.

I installed the theme for a client. (made no changes to it used it as is out the box)

any idea’s would be greatly appreciated.


love this theme – thanks! How can I change the background color for the menu?

thanks again!

Is it possible to create a video gallery with this theme. I really like the theme, but do both photo and video work and need galleries or portfolios of each. Thanks.

hi! Great theme.. i have only a question… why in my page of products is decentered in the right og the page?

this is my page:!prettyPhoto

i have set the flexible grid gallery.. if i set another gallery layout i don’t see nothing…only a stripe of the content of my page

thank you

Hi I am having the same iss as paddo83 with my product page.

The HTML for the products section seems to generate into the right-hand column.

I found this while Googling around but it does not really help:

any help/ideas would be greatky appreciated. Manny

Hey there. I just purchased your theme and am trying to make an adjustment. On the front page, I would like there to be no content to begin with. Just the sidebar menu and nothing in the middle.

In your instructions you say to have the site look like the theme demo, to “select a page in the front page settings and create a unique dynamic page template”. I am not an html/php guru by any means, so please help me to understand this.

Can you help me accomplish this?


Hi I just purchased this template but I am so upset because cant make it look like same as sample template that I liked most.. I even downloaded dummy data as imported data but still shop and other pages I cant make look like demo page you displaying at themeforest.. could you please help me… I can give you my access if possible to make settings for me.. I am really newbie and seems for me impossible to make all those pages and codes :( thanks in advance

Can you please check my site: (why can’t I see titles for pages) they go under date and comments …

side bar on the right – widget title on the top gets hidden under the DATE


title PAGES not shown

Loving the template. I figured out the other issue I was having. My current question seems simple enough. When viewing the blog page I want the entire post not just a summary. Please help me to do this. I have read that I need to change the ” the_content() instead of the_excerpt()”

Please help!

Hi Criesi. I bought your template: very welldone, many compliments and thank you for your work! I’d like to add a sound/music (in loop, if possible) playing when you start visit the site from the home page and all along the other pages: how can I made it (if possible..)? Thankx for your help!

Hi there, I have downloaded the latest version to update the Flashlight Theme, but the style.css says the version is v.1.8.

is this a typo or does themeforest not offer v1.9 to be downloaded?



Hello, is it possible to swamp, ful size button with close button on lightbox ?

I believe it is silly to have button to resize in top right corner. I’m working with Ivan (4th post above mine), ...


I just purchased this theme. I have the menu up, my logo, background image, pages and post.

I created a gallery in pages: then I placed 5 sub galleries. I tried to place an image gallery attached to my page, the text is there, but the images don’t show up attached to the text post on the website. I can get them to show up in the background rotation, but I want a 3-column page attached to the text. Can you help me?

The theme is beautiful.

This theme looks really nice and I am considering a purchase. I have a couple questions though. I don’t see anywhere that this theme is responsive, if it is not do you have plans to make it responsive? Is it possible for the home page background slide show to cycle through the featured images of the most recent x number of blog posts or online store product images?

is it possible to add two menus? one across the top? thank you!

Hi, thanks for a really good theme. It looks like people’s questions aren’t being responded to so I hope there is someone out there who will help.

I would like to create a favicon so that it shows up when I am on the site and save it as a bookmark…the sites is and

If I update the theme using FTP (as recommended), how can I avoid to destroy anything? Tried it once and my sidebars were gone. There must be a way to update without having to redo work.

hello, any update plans to make this a responsive theme? please advise, thanks. :)