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is this theme responsive ?


Im extremely interested in this theme, mainly because of its layout and the fact that it comes with a shopping cart along with it. However, i would need stock control too. Can you follow and control stock in anyway?

Hello, I have a few questions before I purchase the them please. First of all, is it responsive? Also, can I upload my own fonts? (or at least have access to google unlimited fonts). Can I play music? What about individual music on each portfolio page? (I don’t want the same music to play on my baby section as my men’s section of photos). Can I change the colors/fonts/backgrounds in each section? (same thing I like to make baby section with pink and flowers and men’s section with urban/black. Is there an easy photo sort and drag feature within the portfolios? I like to arrange them artistically within the portfolio, not by shooting date or ID #, etc. Can I right click protect my images? I’m a bit confused as to what the difference is between a gallery option and a portfolio option. Can I make the full-screen slideshow with slider my portfolio? (right now the portfolio pages open the photos up very small with no slider). In my current website, my gallery are 5 images of the different types of photography I do: kids, men, events, etc. If you click on one of the photos, you go to each section (portfolio) where you can view the images in full-screen with a slider at the bottom. This is what I would like. Can I create a page for customer recommendations? (Where they can leave feedback).

Thanks so much!!!

After Updating to WordPress 3.5 my menu is gone?!

Cheers, T

And one more question please. If I manage to make the fullscreen with slider into one of my portfolios, what happens to portraits? In your example there are no images that are portrait/vertical. What happens to these? Do they open up normally with space on the sides? (hopefully white) or will it open horizontally by default and distort the image? Thanks!!!

i just bought your theme but it s not working frontpage slideshow on safari , why?

shop menu not centered

I don’t think the developer has answered a question in like 6 months, pretty lousy customer service. Unfortunately he asks that you join his support forum, except you have to have a purchase ID #. Many of these are pre-sale questions so people don’t have one! Expression got back to me in 24 hours so will purchase that theme instead. Thanks!

The developers of this theme only check their personal support page but seem to be very responsive. You have to have purchased something first If you haven’t you can at least search forum discussions to see if your question has already been answered.


I receive the following error message when attempting to install the theme:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hi Guys !! This is an AMAZING THEME !! I am gonna buy it … _ Please, in the meantime … is there any way to HIDE all the content and see the background ?? Thank You. Pietro

Wow, awesome theme!

Just a question, do you have a similar theme like this one with responsive design and e-commerce :)


what about mobile surfings like iphone android and blackberry?

Great theme! Works outstanding!

Question: In the shop overview, is it possible to at some tekst to the products? now you only see the Title and price.

Hope you can help me out! thanks in advance

is possible to see in a blog page all the text of the articles and not just the excerpt?

Hi can i have a fullscreen background with this template?

Hi Kriesi and thank you for your great Flashlight theme! I need to translate in 3 different languages many posts with different image galleries with the plugin WPML (Wordpress Multi Language). How can I do without re-import the images for every different language? I noticed infact that if I translate a post with an image gallery, this one doesn’t came with the translation.. Thank you!

responsive version / update ???? Ever ?

Can I try this template for 1 week?

on 1) I can see the fullscreen gallerydefault background only when logged, why? 2) Why I can’t see description and title over and under the photos?