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Hi, this is a presales question: is there a build in contact form in this theme?

Regards, Donna

Hi, it’s possible use an animated gif in home background?

Is it possible to make the paging gallery? I have so many photos to be published and the page gets too long, I would like to split the gallery into multiple pages. I tried using the plug-in “pagineted gallery” but does not work, any suggestions? Thank you!


It is very nice theme, but prior buying, can you answer me several simple questions, please?

1) Can I use portfolio for videos also? Can I play videos in the lightbox? 2) Is it possible to play videos on background insted of pictures? 3) Can I adjust width of a page? It looks quite short on Full HD screen. 4) Is it possible to ad a tags to portfolio? We have a dozens of videos in our portfolio, so we need to sort it to categories. How does this work with your template.

Thank you very much.


Hi Kriesi, Been using this theme for a while now and love it. One thing, just started to use WooCommerce with it and it works great, but the product images on the shop page or All Products page are not of high quality. Could you tell me if I can modify some code to display at 100% quality or if there is a switch somewhere I don’t know about. Cheers

Hi Kriesi, just purchased your theme. the following error message occur… Dem Theme fehlt das style.css Stylesheet.

what does that means and how can i fix that ?

Thanks for your answer.


Hi, Love the theme, but can’t seem to be able to activate the Shop page, or get it to work correctly. Woocommerce is installed and activated. Where can I find information on Shop setup? Thanks

Hi I have tried to install but it says installed failed as I am lacking style.css

What do I need to do?

Thanks, Michael

Hi Iam planning to but this this does it support mobile view?



I just purchase this great theme and i have dudes:

-Can I modify the with of products of the shop zone??

-Where can I modify the font tittle sizes??

-In the demo I can see the breadcumb in the shop whit login – cart and check out links, how can i active this?

-In a variable product in the shop, when i select an option i would to see the photo of this variation, How I can do this?

Thanks a lot!!!

Is it possible to integrate MailChimp with WooCommerce with this template?

Hi there Please could you help me…

We’re trying to use custom template files in this theme but the option to assign a template to a page does not appear when editing a page in the wp-admin and thus cannot use custom template files.

How do we get this to work?

It’d be great if you could get back to me asap REgards Dan

Hi There, when I update from version 2.3 to newest version all my images added to gallery options are gone.

Anything I can do against?

Thanks, T.

Hey! The current version is 2.3 – which was your previous version? also do the images no longer appear on the front end or in your backend?

Sorry, from Version 1.8. Images are disappearing on front end and backend. Bests, T.

Pre-Sale Question: I want to increase the size of the images in the Product Gallery (i.e. the images in the Shop). How will I be able to do that?

Is it possible change background when mouse over in main menu?

You would need to add this via css either to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at flashlight->styling:

If you need help with that let us know in the support forum:

Is it possible to have a video background? youtube

Unfortunately not, sorry

Hi awesome theme

One quick question is there any possibility to change the fullscreen background slideshow transition.


Hey! There are 2 transitions available: fade and slide sidewards. Anything else is currently not possible :(

Is this template compatible with NextGen Galleries?

I want to buy this theme, but need further info. Is it possible to insert images between the text lines of a page (not gallery but simple images), and set a gallery in the background with DIFFERENT images? In other therms, is the gallery in the background not related to the images that I can add to the content of the page, so I could have for example a background gallery with only landscapes and, between text lines, some detail pictures?

How to show prices under a single product? Its gone here..