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is it possible or permitted to change the flashlight logo with my own?

Yes of course! The theme allows you to upload and insert your own logo image easily :)


I am a photographer and am wondering if this theme is compatible with zenfolio or smugmug? I prefer to use the zenfolio press plugin.


Hey! Unfortunately I can’t tell in that case. But there are certain features like the galleries that probably don’t work with those plugins…

Hi there, two pre-purchase questions… 1. How do you control the mini content box on the home page? Can I easily control the size and content? Is it a widget? 2. Is it easy to make the page/blog template wider? It seems very narrow throughout the site.

Is it possible to see a demo of the admin area?

1.) Each page allows you to chose from various layouts, the mini content box is one of them. Content is added by the default text editor. the width is always the same, the height will adapt to the content, although it is built for only a small amount of content.

2.) Only by editing the css code directly. The narrow design is one of the things that makes this template unique, so we didn’t add any option to change that…

Hi Kriesi,

Love the template!.

Is it posible to show the price of a product on the product page? with live calculation depending on the amount.

Thanks, Mark

hi how to remove block and completely transparent line behind the menu and those lines between menu?

also how to remove footer and rss icon?

I will be very grateful for quick advice.thank you


Also please tell me how to remove the blocks from the pages, so text can be only on the background.I will be very very grateful for quick answer as would like to publish web x

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and a detailed description or maybe even better a simple edited screenshot of what you want to accomplish, since the current description is a little to vague for me :)

HY! Just bought your theme. Is there something I should do after buying the theme? Like activating the license key? If so how/where?

Hey! Not sure what you are talking about, cant see a smilie on the page? Mind sending me a screenshot?

Ah, got it. you need to paste the whole tracking code into the google tracking code field, not just the tracking number :)

But i noticed that you already use the yoast seo plugin, so in that case you can remove the tracking code from the themes tracking code option. This will probably remove the random smiley (no idea where this is coming from)

Hi, pre-purchase question: i’m not a photographer, i own a fashion distribution company. i do not sell pictures, so would it be possible to adapt the purpose of my business to this template ?

2 more questions: i also sell fashion accessories online, is the ecommerce plugin working only with virtual content? would it be possible to integrate Google Map API in the contact page so the background is an actual GMAP and not only a screenshot ?

1.) Guess that should work fine :)

2.) No, works with any product. If you want to test the shopping plugin feel free to download it here for free:

3.) Not without some customization, sorry. But I guess a plugin that can display a fullscreen google map and some additional css rules would solve that. A good freelancer could probably solve this in 2-3 hours :)

Hi Kriesi,

Love the template :)

Running Flashlight 2.4.1 in WP 3.7.1 When loading the page it shows ” .social_bookmarks .rss {display: none;} ” behind the menu panel, when background image loads it’s gone.

Any idea how to solve this, didn’t have this problem before updating the template and WP versions.

Regards, Joel (PAUSEPRO)

Fixed it :)

For some reason (probably a late night blackout :) ) I added the line .social_bookmarks .rss {display: none;} to the “Google Analytics Tracking Code”

Again wanna say, Nice Template!!!

Glad you solved it :)

Hi what are the dimensions of the backgroud pictures? I’m thinking of purchasing this theme depending on how flexible the background is to change

Hey! The theme limits the image size so that neither height nor width are bigger than 1500px :)

Just updated to WP 3.8 and my front page slideshow freezes on 1st photo. Help for

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? If its an issue with wordpress 3.8 its easier for us to keep track of it there. We will release an update to the theme during the weekend with a fix for any reported problems:

Please add the link to your site and also tell us if you have made any other recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Does this theme work with Buddypress?

I am sorry, the theme is not optimized for buddypress. It might work but it would certainly at least need additional styling

hi, i want to display a fullscreen slideshow on the front page, but even if the “show controls” option is enabled, it doesnt show them, and if I enable the fullscreen option there is no way to see the left sidebar

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Ho you have or know any buddypress themes that might be similar to this one?

Hello. I would like to purchase this product, however I am working with a photographer who wants to upload and sell a lot (1000’s) of photos. We would like to show them in the beautiful galleries but we would also like the customer to be able to find an option there to purchase? I don’t see that. Is is possible? I guess not but fingers crossed. Does that mean therefore that the photographer will have to upload the photos to a gallery and then also upload to the shop? Does the theme provide any connection between the two (shop and gallery?).

Another question – is there any possibility to upload the photos directly from Adobe Lightroom.

And finally. Does the theme support product attributes so that the photo can be ordered in different sizes with or without a frame etc.

Many thanks for a quick answer.


Am thinking of purchasing and would like this question answered. I see it was asked 1 month ago but did not see a reply…...

Is it possible to show the price of a product on the product page?

Thanks, Steve

Hey! That would need some minor editing of the source code but my team can walk you through the process if you need help with that :)

Thanks for your reply. I have already purchased and love your theme and your support is so amazing. I would rate your support the best I have ever had !!!. Have asked a few questions and answered very quickly and fixed all my problems. I wanted a semi-transparent look for my sidebar/menu and they gave me the CSS code for my site that fixed it right away. I would highly recommend your theme to anyone thinking about it as the support is better than any other site I have ever been on. Top marks. Thank you. AAAAAAA+++++

Thanks a lot for the great testimonial :)


Im interested but I wanted to know if the theme comes with a demo file to upload?



Yes, it comes with a one click demo install :)

Hello !

congrs for the theme,

please, I´m becoming crazy searching for how to remove the feed icon from my blog but I can´t …

could you tell me how to do it ?

this is my site :

many thanks !

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Flashlight->Styling:
.social_bookmarks .rss {
display: none;

It works ! many thanks !

glad I could help :)

Just wondering if I can have multiple portfolios…or if there is a way to make it appear as if I have multiple portfolios. I need three pages with a grid of galleries on it. Is it at all possible to do this in a post? To insert a grid of GALLERIES containing photos…not a grid of photos. Thanks!

Just create a new page and in your backend at flashlight->portfolio set that page to display portfolio entries of a portfolio category of your choice :)

Found it!

great ;)

Are there any issues with the theme functioning on Wordpress 3.8? I see it’s not been updated since August 2013.

Actually no, the theme runs fine sine wordpress 3.6 without any necessary updates :)

Hi Kriesi !

how to add a favicon to my website, please…

thanks a lot !


I have upload my .ICO by ftp , but in order to introduce the code in the ” header ” I can´t do it propertly . This is the first paragraph of the code , I´ve enter the 4th line, but not working:

<!DOCTYPE html> <html <?php language_attributes(); ?> class=’html_container ’> <head> <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”<" /> <meta charset=”<?php bloginfo( ‘charset’ ); ?>” /> <?php

many thanks !

Hey! here is how the code would need to look like: