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I wanted to add right side bar only on portfolio page with different contents.How can this be done.Please suggest me

How can i add background music to the theme, i have already purchased the theme please let me know. :-) loving the theme so far

Ok I will try thxs

i need some help echo “ ”; echo “ ”.__(‘© Copyright’,’avia_framework’).” ”.get_bloginfo(‘name’).” ”; echo “ ”;

he, if you want to post a code snippet or need help with that I suggest to open a thread in our support forum at since its unfortunately not possible to post php snippets here :/

Once you have posted in our forum what you already changed we can help with debugging :)

How to upgrade the installation i already did one year ago?

SImply go to and download the latest version of the theme, then upload it to your server with an ftp tool of your choice :)

but do I have to overwrite everything? will i lose personalization? i didn’t find anything in istructions

hey! if you haven’t changed any of the files none of your settings will be lost. if you have modified some of the css or php files make sure to back them up and re-apply those changes afterwards :)

Damn this theme is gorgeous! As it seems so cool to use on photography site I was hoping you would consider adding a snippet of code so people cannot right click on images.

Again thanks heaps for a great theme! :)

i’m also interested in purchasing this theme. when will it become responsive? :)

Hey! Not sure when and if this is going to happend at this point… sorry for the bad news…


Is it possible to make a filterable portfolio?


Hey! Sorry Flashlight does not support this option…

Will there be a update soon for the latest wordpress? Or is this theme no longer receiving any updates.

Theme should work fine with the latest version of wordpress :)


Is it possible to make the Flashlight shop sortable and filterable:

Or alternatively, is it possible to make the sidebar ‘float’ (ie it remains fixed even when you scroll down the page) for either Replete or Propulsion: (preferably in boxed view)


Another issue – the background gallery doesn’t work on the shop page for me. Any ideas?

Just managed to resolve both issues – for background gallery, I was able to add images to default gallery instead of the gallery on the shop page. For floating right sidebar, the issue was that I had too many bestsellers listed which meant the sidebar did not fit on one page. Reducing size of this list fixed the issue, the sidebar now floats!

Sorry that I couldnt respond earlier, was a busy weekend. Glad you fixed the issues ;)

If you need any additional help feel free to use our support forum at

Hi .. it’s good to make some update according to the newest WP.. In my site some gallery stops working correctly after the last WP update :)

Hey! Are you running the latest version of the theme as well? There are no known issues directly related to wordpress 3.8.1 :)

Damn.. i wish this was a responsive theme, then it would be perfect for my new client.

hey guys,

i want to purchase your theme. It looks great, very clean, i like it.

I have two questions:

1. Which kind of shop is it you use in your theme? WooCommerce? If yes, does it run with als the WooCommerce Plugins? Would you in general advice your theme for an apparel online shop?

2. Is your theme WPML ready?

Looking forward to your answer!

Hey! Yes to both. the theme runs on woocommerce and is also wpml ready. (however I am not sure if it runs with every woocommerce extension but most of them should work fine)

If the theme fits your shop is a tough questions. If you have a lot of products a theme like Enfold might probably more appropriate. otherwise flashlight is a good choice :)

Hi, I just tried to add a new image to my Flexible Grid Gallery (for the first time in about a year) and it DELETED the whole gallery!

Problem is, I now have all the media from the gallery still on my server, and listed in the Flashlight Media library as belonging to ‘Avia smart gallery(etc)’ but no means to conveniently reassemble 100+ images with a designated order.

The only option presented is to ‘upload a photo’ and begin a new gallery, and to upload said image from my desktop at that! There is not, and has never been, an option to add to the Flexible Grid Gallery from elsewhere in my media library, but this would be extremely useful, especially now.

Firstly, any ideas how to restore my gallery conveniently? (WP backup version made no difference).

Secondly, how about an option to add to the FGG from the Media Library? As it stands I have to upload duplicates of images if I want something hosted both in the gallery and elsewhere on the site, which is wasteful.



Are you using the latest version of the theme? We have changed the way the gallery works so its easier to add images to galleries. In fact it might even be possible that an update to the latest version will restore your gallery since there is a conversion script that should change your library to to the new format…

Hello Kriesi,

I just purchased the theme and went to install WooCommerce on my site and I got this message which failed to download:

Downloading install package from…

Warning: touch() [function.touch]: Unable to create file /tmp/woocommerce.tmp because No such file or directory in /home/artabo5/public_html/wp-admin/includes/file.php on line 155

Warning: unlink(/tmp/woocommerce.tmp) [function.unlink]: Operation not permitted in /home/artabo5/public_html/wp-admin/includes/file.php on line 479

Download failed. Could not open handle for fopen() to /tmp/woocommerce.tmp

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey!Actually not sure why this is happening and if its caused by the theme but you can of course try to switch to the default theme for the duration of the update and then switch back :)

Please make sure that you use the latest flashlight version as well :)

i have a blue menu list on the top of all my pages and right side bar, they show pages not even on my main left side menu, how do i get rid of this info at these locations.

Hey! Mind dropping me a link to your site so I can take a look at the issue? Not sure if I have ever encountered that problem :)

I finally figured it out. at least for now.

the woo commerce put a page index across the top of all page type entries. (i just turned it off for now, and hopefully when i reactivate it the header like problem wont return. And if the right sidebar is chosen as a default but all items are removed (to start from empty) three lists appear in it regardless of what you do. (i just added one item as a filler for now until i decide on content)

I am going to work on getting woocommerce going but I’m not sure if it will do what i want. i need something that will add any photo to cart, at cart size is chosen from drop-down, paper type is chosen from drop down, delivery cost calculator, international tax. shipping added to hook up to PayPal.

am i being to hopeful that woo commerce can do this, if so PLEASE recommend me something that will.

Thank you for getting back to me.

Andrew StudioAB

Hey! If you are talking about giving a product multiple attributes and then the user has to select what he wants to add to the cart: woocommerce can do this just fine :)

Hi At the Opening of the website, the first image of slideshow is very dark, and after 1 ou 2 seconds, it becomes normal. How can i have the normal image at the start, whithout the darkness ? Thanks

Hey! This is simply the image fade in effect once it is loaded. this cannot be changed easily, since it would interfere with the default slideshow behavior when the slider switches between images

I really like your theme, and this is my page: But there is one big problem to me, i can not change thumbnail settings on on each picture. When i try to resize on the settings on the picture on wordpress, the save button turns grey?

I have tried to read different forums, but i can not find the answer to this, is there a plugin i have to install? do i have to remove installed plugins? Do i have to add a code to wordpress.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc) and which plugins you are running. any additional information will help, since from the description above I am not sure if this is really a theme issue …

I’m trying to add a custom contact form to my site. I considered creating a page template to add the necessary code but adding a page template doesn’t seem easy. Is there a way to get my own php coding in so I can access my database or $POST headers off site?


(I’m probably doing it all wrong but this is where I am.)

Hey! Are you using a form plugin? Probably the best way is to either use a plugin that provides a shortcode or create a shortcode yourself if you are building the form from scratch…

That way you can easily include the form wherever you want :)

i built the form from scratch to include some database entry to a crm i build. it works perfect off site but i can’t get it to work when i add the form to the theme.

I may also be looking to add some kind of mobile support really soon too.

thanks for the quick response! outstanding theme!

Hm in that case I would also recommend to use a shortcode for maximum flexibility :)

you can read more about the shortcode api here:

Is it possile to add INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST and YOUTUBE a social stuff ?

Thank you :)

Hey! I am sorry this is unfortunately not possible out of the box. Depending on what you want to accomplish I would recommend to use a plugin for that :)

I would to have all SOCIAL icons somewhere in the theme, since the theme supports only a few social network: which plugin do you suggest ? :)

Hm unfortunately I never use such plugins therefore I can’t really make a good suggestion. I have heard that should be quite good

oh dear god i just want to ask a question and i have to log in all over the place i dont know any codes the ones i enter say in use (ya by me)

how can i get support i can log in to the envato page and thats it

Hey! I am sorry for that. the reason for the hassle is that my team and I get hundreds of requests each day, but only I can answer here on themeforest. Therefore each author with even a little success starts his own forum so that the support team can also answer. otherwise you would probably need to wait a month for a reply ;D

You can register here: And here are the instructions to get your purchase code:

i am trying to sell the pictures in my portfolio galleries. I would like the light-box which appears, when an image is pressed in a gallery, to also contain a cart button. this would go to checkout for size and type options

I want the products to be the images and not have to load each one separately and appear differently in the galleries. (hundreds of pictures, woocomerce way would take days)

shy of that plan, just some way to load images as products in bulk not by going over menu after menu.

Is anything like this possible.


I am not 100% sure if I do understand what you want to achieve but I am afraid woocommerce is somewhat limited in use and the requests you have would require some really heavy customizations that would at the very least take days :/

If this is important for your business I can recommend a wordpress agency that if familiar with our themes and handles most of our bigger customization requests. You can send an inquiry here:

Sorry that I don’t have better news…