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Crazy theme! Love it!


Since I installed the flashlight 1.1.1 update my sidebar (to the left) is no longer scrollable…

Seems to freeze at the same moment as the background slider kicks in.

would you mind posting me a link to your site so I can take a look?

Open sidebar.php and remove line 57:
echo "< / div > ";

An update is already in the queue as well ;)

Thanks for noticing :)

I want to remove the small flash icon everywhere (in the dividers etc) with my own personal icon. Can I switch this in an easy way?

yes. the theme comes with a psd file called hr (for horizontal ruler)

open that file, edit/remove/change the icon, then save the a new png file called hr.png in you images folder. depending on your skin choice use the skin-minimal or skin-dark folder to save the file



I’m thinking of buying this theme, are there any plans for a password protected gallery in the near future?

Also does it work good on smartphones & tablets?

Password protected galleries are already included as you can see here:

if works considerably well on smarthphones and tablets given the fact that the ios devices dont understand the css command “position:fixed” which is necessary for all themes with a fullscreen background. I have added a few fallbacks to compensate that quite well. However once iOS 5 arrives, which should be quite soon, those devices will understand the css command and the theme will work as on a desktop computer ;)

I have a quick question about this theme that will decide for me if I should purchase it right now or not. The question is:

The thumbnails that show up on the bottom, when you hide the left sidebar menu.

- is there a way in the settings to have the thumbnails stay there when the left sidebar menu is not hidden?

its not possible out of the box but very easily done by just adding this rule to any of your css files, or in the backend at the quick-css panel:

.avia_fullscreen_slider_thumbs {
bottom: 0px !important;
display: block !important;

Last question and thanks for answering my 1st very quickly.

I want to do galley for different subjects eg Music. As i shoot a lot of different gigs can i do a page in Masonry with a thumbnail image for each show opening up to a fullpage gallery when clicked?

Hope that makes sense?

Makes sense :)

Unfortunately the theme doesn’t work that way. you can only create a portfolio entry for each of your gigs and then upload your pictures for that entry and display them as masonry. but the overview itself is only possible as 2 or 3 column portfolio.

The number of items on each overview page can be set for your backend, a pagination will be displayed automatically. So you would be able to create portfolio posts for any number of gigs without sacrificing load time.

Hope this helps :)

Great, wow! Thanks for the quick reply. I’m going to buy this right away : )

Since you are so responsive, do you mind if I also ask about the timing of the slides (seconds per slide) is this adjustable in the wordpress menu/setup or is this also in need of a custom adjust?

Thanks again for taking the time to reply :)

slidehsow timing can be set globaly in your wordpress backend. this global setting can be overwritten for each post if you need to do that, of course also from your backend ;)

1st off…. great template… picked it up this morning.. .working it now.

Q1. Maybe I’m just missing it or it’s in the CSS … anyway to kill the date post in the portfolio section? It might be a month before I add something there… would like to kill the date so no one really knows when it was updated.

Q2. When viewing any page other than the home page… when I click on the HOME button to return to the main… no go. If you hove over the HOME button while on another page it shows the link to that page. I can click my logo and return… not the HOME button.

TY for adding the password protected galleries… this is going to be a big help for a client viewing area.


Hey Hatch, your pictures look great :)

q1: add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at flashlight->styling:
#top.single-portfolio .blog-meta{display:none;}

q2: this is because the home link of the demo menu is set to ”#” which basically means “do nothing when clicked”

you can change that by going into your wordpress backend and editing the wordpress menu at appearance->menu. just enter your themes adress instead of the ”#” and you are done.

glad you like the password protected galleries ;)

All is well in the universe! :) Thanks for the great help. I’m glad you like the shots… more to come.

Keep up the great work. Hatch

Good work nicely done.

How do I control the size of the images? Some of mine are cropped.

in your functions.php file at the top of the file there is a configuration array which tells wordpress which image sizes should be generated on upload and if they should be cropped or not. for some images sizes it is unfortunatley necessary to crop them to keep an consisten look (for example 3 column gallery and portfolio)

The images you have already uploaded are not affected by the changes you do the functions.php file, only images that are added after the changes. If you want to change the images you have already uploaded as well you would need to run this plugin once:


Great theme !!! This is a fine work !!!

I will be interesting by an option for a next update : restrict the content of the list blog page to only the title and the excerpt. Is it possible ?


Hey! Maybe I will add something like this.

Meanwhile there are 2 options for you: implementing the feature yourself which is actually very very easy: (just open loop-index.php located in the flashlight/includes folder and change line 106 from:
if(is_search() || avia_is_overview()) 

thats it.

Second option would be to shorten the blog preview by using the wordpress “read more” feature which is very similar and also allows you to show a shorter excerpt of your posts on the overview page ;)

It works ! Thx for your help !


Bit a newb Q but how do i setup the home page to only show background images?

A video to show this would have been perfect.

Thats actually quite easy:

in your wordpress backend open the menu item “flashlight”

Here you can select which page should appear as front page. Once that is done save the setting and open the page you just selected as front page.

Now you just need to add a gallery and set the page layout to “no content” (The page layout dropdown is located in your right sidebar when writing or editing a post)

You can see how that is done in this short demo video at minute 4:

Excellent theme. :nerdy:

Responsive Design is missing. Test:

Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe with some of the next updates ;)

I cant seem to get the background slider to not crop the images. Is there a way to show the entire image without any cropping whether it is a vertical or horizontal shot? Also it doesn’t respond when I change from background slider to any other type of gallery like the flex gallery or the 3 column. Is there a way to auto hide the menu?

Hey Dan! The background slider doesnt really crop the images, the problem is that some parts of the images are located outside of the viewport depending on the browser size. SInce I’ve had the request for an option to change this I will try to implement it with one of the next versions.

The background slider gets applied in addition to other galleries by default so the user can switch if he wants to see the imaegs fullscreen. If you dont want that you can either force the default background (was added with the latest version of the theme, so you might need to update) or you simple set the background autorotation to zero and hide the slidecontrolls.

If you are talking about hiding the sidebar n default: thats unfortunately not possible.

Hi there – this is really an amazing theme, wow!

I would like to put a background-image to the inner sidebar with the navigation. I tried in the Flashlight’s style section with

.inner_sidebar { background-image: url (xxx.png) !important; }

but this did not work. Which size of image may I use there? 200 in width and ???? in height? actually I want to give the sidebar a 10px red bar on the right side from top to bottom.

thanks a lot for your help, Katharina

Where can I change the language of the display of EXIF data change?

the strings are located in includes/helper-slideshow.php at the very bottom. They are translation ready so if you wish you can use a po/mo file for translation. You can of course translate them directly as well ;)


Really interested in buying this theme to update my photography site. Currently when viewing the blog page on the demo it appears rather narrow and contains a summary of the post.

Is it possible to use a wider template like the Portfolio 3 column template for my blog posts, and also have the full post displayed like my current site rather than the summary.

If this can be down, then it’s the perfect template for me.

Great work

Cheers Mark

it would only require one change in the template file: you would need to open the template-blog.php file and add the classname “three_columns” to the container div.

The amount of text shown is controlled by you anyways. I am using the wordpress “read more” tag to split the posts but by default all posts are displayed in full length ;)

Just wanted to say thanks again for this template… the site sitting at 80% complete now… very easy to use and understand. Looks GREAT ! I dig everything about it. Being able to password protect the client gallery… nice!

Keep up the great work. Hatch

Thanks a lot ;)