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Hi Kriesi!

Before purchasing this beaufitul theme I’d like to know if I can use a separate background image for separate pages. For example if you go to “Contact page” you’d see one picture (always the same) and then if you go to read about the company you’d see another picture in background (always the same). Is that possible to do with your theme? And if not can you be so kind to point where I can find what I’m looking for two days already. Thank you in advance.


Its actually possible without problems, you can set a single background image or slider for each page :)

Happy to hear that! Can you please also explain me if it’s possible to widen single posts? I understand that it can take me to CSS, but I’m not scared to change a line or two if it’s not complicated and won’t call some bugs eventually.

Thank you very much for your fast reply!

you can add this to the quick css field in flashlight->styling:

.content .box {
width: 600px;

However the preview thumbnails have a smaller width and they might not look that nice if they dont exactly fill the content area :)

Hi there I’m having real trouble with the SHOP function in your theme. I’m using Wordpress 3.9.1 and the latest Flashlight theme. When I put a product in I get no thumbnail on the ‘SHOP’ page and when I click through to the item it appears in a tiny column on the right – kind of squished in. It looks like the Woocommerce breadcrumbs are squeezing it out. Has this been tested with the latest Woocommerce and Wordpress versions? What do you recommend. kind regards Paul


Do you have any plans to make this a responsive theme which also incorporates visual composer?



Sorry there are currently no plans to do that…

Hey Kriesi ! Your template is really great but before to buy it i just have a question. Is it possible to sell the photos only download ? Thanks !

Hey! The Woocommerce extension allos you to sell your photos if thats the question ;)

hi, I’ve a problem with your theme : i don’t see shortcode button in visual editor…. (i using latest wordpress version)

Can u help me ?

An other problem : how i can change background for product category ?

Hey! Please update the theme to the latest version to fix the probelm with the shortcode button. I am afraid there is currently no option to change product category backgrounds individually :(

ok thx

How do I apply a style of your own site. the demo example Home with fading Slider

Hey! Not sure I do understand the question. Mind to describe your wishes in detail? :)

themes in this way what settings I should use to be


basically all you need is to create a new page and set the layout to not display a content area. then add some background image to the slider and you are done:

How can I show “fullscreen gallery” and “leftsidebar” (menu) at the same time?

No answer?

I am interested as buyer, are you planning to create responsive version for mobile?

Hey! I am sorry, this is currently not planned, no…

Hi, My question is probably stupid but I’m a brand new member of the community.

I wanna by your flashlight theme, and I wonder if, next updates will be included in my regular license ?

In other words: Will I have to pay an other 55$ for each update I would like to setup in the future?

An other question: you explain how to do the update (by uploading some specific files…. What about an update from a old version to the brand new one ? Is it better to setup the whole theme ?

Thank you for your answer and for your job


1.) No future updates are free, you only need to pay a one time fee of 55$

2.) Updating the theme has become quite easy: you can now do so from your backend (similar as with free wordpress themes) as long as you dont directly modify any files.

If you modify any php files you have to backup those files, apply the update and then re-apply the changes to your file. Most users however only need minor styling modifications which can be done without editing the files directly, therefore those changes are not affected by an update ;)

Please make this theme responsive for all devices. It will be the perfect photography theme ever!

Why are there no plans to make this theme responsive? Responsive web design is essential for current sites. I was going to buy Flashlight, but it not being responsive I’ve decided to keep looking for another theme. Dr. P

I am afraid because we simply don’t have the time to do so :/

i will like to know how i can add credits to the site footer area or somewhere else, please let me know, i really love this theme great job :-)

echo “ ”.__(‘© Copyright’,’avia_framework’).” ”.get_bloginfo(‘name’).” ”;

got it thxs :-)

glad you were able to solve it ;)

Hi There,

Before I purchase: Is it possible to increase the size of the masonry gallery items? I would like to make them much larger.

Thanks! Toban

Hey! I am afraid this is not possible. You might want to take a look at our enfold theme which has by default larger masonry images:

Hi there, first see: This page (3 Column Gallery) shows a background and the same thumbnail on the page, is it possible to remove the thumbnail?

can the background full width images pan zoom similar to revolution slider??

I am afraid thats not possible sorry…


I need to hide the string description of the items of the portfolio page, I just want them to appear on page element, Can somebody help me please?? XD

Here is one of my portfolia pages:

Thanks a lot!

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on vacation and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Sure!! Thanks a lot!!

Someone can tell me why, at the end of the checkout, I have only 2 Delivery methods even I have setted 4 Delivery method in admin panel for my customers?

Hey! This is probably an issue with woocommerce. I am afraid I am know that experienced with using the plugin either, did you try using the woocommerce documentation/forums: ?


We’ve a problem with woocommerce and your theme :

No woocommerce menu in product page…. all section are in one page (no tab)

I’ve desactivated all plugin, same problem but if i activated Twenty Fourteen theme, i don’t have it.

problem solved

Great to hear :)


I have got a pre-purchase question: I am looking for a theme that allows me for selected images, e.g. in the blog or in a portfolio to display selected camera exif data on mouse over.

Somehow similar to what you can see here; (scroll down a little to the first photo in a blog post).


As posted in the other thread: this theme does support exif data display as is shown in the demo. Something like the link you posted would require a plugin I guess :)

Did a theme update for a friend and it appears something broke with the PayPal IPN – WooCommerce > System Status > WP Remote Post reports a failure.

Order statuses are not reporting correctly. Can you help?

Hey! First please make sure that you guys are running the latest version of wordpress, the theme as well as woocommerce. if that does not help please do a quick check if everything works with woocommerce enabled but using another theme. if you are sure that this is an issue that only occurs with flashlight, even with the latest version of wordpress, flashlight and woocommerce we can start searching for the actual error :)