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I really like the updates you’ve done to this; it’s making it much more appealing.. would love to see the Right Sidebar on the Blog – and – question: would like to know if this blog sidebar has the same “Recent” “Comments” “Popular” “Tags” tabbed widget available? If that was a yes, I might be sold…. xo ~s

The widget is part of the framework. I didnt activate it because its not really fitting well into the small sidebar but you can activate it by just editing function.php in line 80 from

if(!is_admin()) register_widget( 'avia_combo_widget' );


register_widget( 'avia_combo_widget' );

Ok, finally I managed my first question regarding adding imgs to left sidebar.

I’m working with the minimal content only on the whole page and would like to set the background-color white to opacity 60%

I was not able to; if I set the .box to .6 then ALL boxes, including sidebar are transparent including the written content. I would prefer to set a transparent .png as background-img to the minimal content area only; whatever div I touched, it never worked out. Any solution for that? Thanks in advance


just one more: is the a chance to enlarge font-size in the quick-css admin area; its all greyish and tiny small: very hard to read/edit; there are silver-surfers around these days, you know? ;)

Hey! I have seen you posting in the forum so i hope your problems are already solved. Btw thanks for the suggestion about the quick-css area, I will probably improve that in the next framework update :)

Edit, found my answers.

Masonry grid is not working on IE8 and lower. It wont load more images when there are more to show. Seems to work fine in other browsers.

Hey! Does it work for you in my themedemo? I have tested it again in all version of IE above 6 and it works fine for me

Perfect and carefully designed theme.


very good support – fast, friendly, professional.

Keep up that good work!

Thanks a lot ;)

hi, ive purchase this theme and want to know how to get the colour to change when i mouse over the menu. I’ve changed the colours in the appearance bar although when I click on a page like “contact” only then does the colour change. Can you please help?


hi again,

ignore previous comment.

What is the shortcode for the toggle? I can’t see the code on the website and other codes don’t work for me..


Hey, as ykblue suggested I would recommend to use the visual editor with the shortcode generator: if you work in visual code, there’s a new icon (looks like a magic wand). Click there and your guided through the shortcodes, toggles as well.

thanks ykblue & kriesi. worked a treat.

great to hear :)


Hi, if you work in visual code, there’s a new icon (looks like a magic wand). Click there and your guided through the shortcodes, toggles as well.

Happy doings.

thanks for your help ;)

Odds are I’m missing it in WP-Admin.

Q. I have a link in the menu system (custom link) to another site. I want it to open the page in a new window. How do set the menu item to trigger this way? I don’t want people leaving the main site… I just want the link to open in a new window. (Stop laughing) LOL

Would I use a the custom widget menu?

Thanks, Frank (for photographers link)

This option is a little hidden by wordpress, so not that easy to find if you dont know where to look :)

When in the menu edit screen, at the top right there is a small labeld button called “screen options”

Click the button and you will be able to check various checkboxes. the one important for you is called “link target” once you have checked it your menu items have the option to select if a new window should be opened if the link is clicked ;)

You sir…. ROCK ! Thanks again! I’ll try not to bug you for anything else… I do appreciate the help.


Hey Kriesi, very nice work!!! Im interested in purchasing, can you tell me is there a way to get a musicplayer in the theme?

Regards Olli

Hey! I didnt include that option out of the box but I am pretty sure its possible to pull this of with one of the myriad wordpress plugins out there ;D

Have you thought about implementing some kind of filter functionality in the galleries?

Something like this would awesome:

Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider adding it with one of the next updates if there are more people requesting it :)

Congrats on another awesome template Kriesi!

Thanks a lot, glad you like it ;)

Need Support?

Hey Guys! Since the development of the next theme has started now I will not be as much around here on themeforest as I used to be during the last days. If you need support feel free to ask me and my dedicated support team at my support forum at

The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple: Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks :)

Thanks for your patience ;)

Hi, Just a quick dumb question when you have a sec. I purchased the template and I populated it with the dummy content to get started… Now I want to delete the “Templates” menu item from the menu… I can’t seem to figure out how to do that…. I’m not exactly a newb… maybe I’m just sleepy…




Thanks : _

By the way… I just noticed that I must have properly deleted it because when you click on it now… It sends you to a 404 error…

I just need to remove it from the menu?

Never mind… sorry… I found it


Glad you did ;)

hi again,

one quick question, can the contact form be edited? i.e. contact form 7? I want to have dropdowns that my viewers can select from..

how do I do this?

Hey! Unfortunately this is not possible with the built in contact form. You will need a plugin like CF 7 to create more advanced forms :)

ok great, so it can be achieved just with contact form 7?.


I guess any good form plugin will work just fine. Dont know which is the best or most downloaded currently :)

Hi, where can I translate “hide sidebar & content” in the sidebar?

/ JO


The string should appear in the po/mo files in case you are translating the theme that way.

If you are editing the code directly the string is located in includes/helper-slideshow.php at line 194

Perfekt! Thanks! (Couldn’t find it in po)

Hi, first of all congrats for this gorgeous theme. I’m sure my friend/client will have goosebumps as soon as he’ll see the final result! :-O

I’m wondering if it’s possible to hide the “blog-meta” DIV just on portfolio’s items pages. I know that would be possible by adding a line in functions.php, right? Can you help me, please?

Maybe it would be useful to have that option in the portfolio item’s settings page.

Since my friends will also have a blog, .blog-meta {display:none;} would hide site-wider blog meta.


actually quite easy:

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at flashlight->styling:

#top.single-portfolio .blog-meta{display:none;}

thats it ;)

Oh, right! That was an easy one! Thank you! Much appreciated.