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Just a quick mention about display and the iPhone:

If you have clicked an image and the popup now displays the image and you try to zoom in or tilt the iPhone… the image container jumps around quite a bit. I noticed this with the background image to on the iphone.

Any way to fix, prevent this?

Have you got a fix planned for this?

Other than that, everything else works great on the iPhone.

Images being the focal point of this theme, it could be a good idea to fix that fro the iPhone.

Still love this theme, just thought I would mention and ask about this bug.


Hey! Actually thats a problem of safari on iOS4.3 and lower since it doesn’t support the position “fixed” attribute which is quite mandatory. Since iOS 5 wil have this fixed everyone that updates the device will see a perfectly working site (and as far as I know thats a huge number and not many people will stay on lower version)

I didn’t update to iOS5 yet, since it was released a few hours ago but will check it once i have upgraded.

Need Support?

Hey Guys! Since the development of the next theme has started now I will not be as much around here on themeforest as I used to be during the last days.

If you need support feel free to ask me and my dedicated support team at my support forum at

The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple: Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks

Thanks for your patience ;)

Hi, I can’t find the Portfolio Template: 3 Columns option… Great theme!


Which version of the theme are you using? The 3 Column option was introduced with an update, maybe you need download the latest version to get it going. The option should be available as a dropdown menu in your wordpress backend in flashlight->portfolio

Hi man. I’ve got a minor bug switching from menu-bar “version” to fullscreen gallery and going back. Sometimes it seems it doesn’t like my click… :/

Wonderful theme anyway.

Yes it happens in the demo too. Just repeat the “hide and show the menu bar” procedure a few times (about 5-10 times) and you’ll probably run into it. The hide button and the show button will need 2 clicks instead of one to work.

Hey! checked it myself and cant really reproduce it. It only happens when I click the home icon while the transition is still active and the slideshow and content is moving that nothing happens but this is a security check so users cant break the slider by hitting the button multiple times…

During the transition you should be able to click the button 5 times as well without anything happening, but thats intended ;)

Thank you, K, for the quick reply! Anyway I found it happens with when no transitions in act (e.g. pausing the background slideshow and waiting for the menu bar to fix its position before the new click). It needs some extra click to be found, maybe. If you want to have a deeper look at it I’d be very happy.

Thank you!!

Few question before buying:

1.) Can one single image be set as overall background? 2.) Will this background reload everytime a user clicks a new menu entry or can only the background be fixed? 3.) Can this Play / Pause / FFWD Menu down left be globally disabled?

1.) Yes

2.) Not exactly sure what you mean. If a user clicks a link the page will need to reload, if that is the question, no dynamic reloading with ajax or similar scripts possible

3.) Yes

I have purchased this theme. Just one request for a bit of help if you don’t mind.

Is there a way to add to the footer or somewhere, to check that if the background slideshow is playing – the play button should be swapped to the “pause” button

And if the background slide show is paused – then the button should be swapped for the “play” button.

This seems a little confusing to have the “play” button available when it is playing.

If it is playing, the “pause” button should be available. If it is paused- the “play” button should be available.

So, do you have the javascript that would check to see if the background slideshow is playing or not?

Many thanks.

Actually I wouldnt change anything to the javascript, just switcht the names of the images in the minimal-skin.css :) Will add this to the next update, thanks for the notice

Cheers Kriesi

Usually, I can figure this stuff out on my own. But I must not have had enough coffee today.

The sidebar is listing Home and then a list of other pagers. The Home link brings you to the Welcome page (as that’s the page selected in the Theme options as being the “home page.”) This is pretty confusing as the Home link and Welcome link go to the same place, so to a user it appears that the pages are the same or one of them are broken, etc. Where can I remove the Home link so it’s just a list of pages?

Another little bug: when you have a gallery page with a right sidebar, the tooltip that comes out when rolling over the photos, falls behind the right sidebar and it’s not visible.

Thanks for help.

One more: If a background transition is in progress and you are scrolling down a gallery (mouse wheel), menu and sidebar disappear. They only come back when the background slide changes.

It would be nice and very intuitive to click everywhere on the background to hide the menu bar. Is it difficult to implement?

Hey! Great Theme!

Is it possible that the images at portfolio subpage (background slider) automatically starts?

ATM it isn’t possible :/ I have to push the “paused-button” to start the slideshow.

Greetz from Germany Marcus

hey, How come the embed video’s dont show up nomore in the blog unless you open that specific post? if i’m correct it used to be that way at 1st?

Also is it possible to alway display the little thumbnail next to your blog post? Would be usefull!

Thanks in advance cheers!

Need Support?

Hey Guys, since I am in the process of creating my next theme, as well as updates for this one please refer to my support forum in case you got any questions, so my team can take care of your problems:

If you got any pre-sales questions feel free to use my profiles contact form ;)

Will you be adding better support for video?

Great theme by the way.


I am already tinkering :) I have read some tutorials which might make it possible to enhance the wordpress gallery function…

Nice one Kriesi

You have a great theme here. Hope you are able to add background video too.

PS. Would love to use your Flashlight Styleswitcher , to test fonts. Is this something you knocked up yourself or is it part of the theme?

Thanks again Ben

The style switcher is a code snippet I have added to my theme demo. unfortunately its nothing that I would really pass to a customers since configuration and usage is quite hard. Sorry :)


I reallyn love the theme its fantastic.

some questions before I buy

1. Can I display self hosted videos ? on a page ? like quicktime time MP4 videos using jwplayer etc,,,

2. Can i change different backgrounds for different pages and a static background on the homepage ?

Many Thanks


Hi, I am interested in buying this theme and I have a couple of questions.

As mentioned by previous user can I host self videos?

Can I change color on the box at bottom?

Can I add more than one mini box on the mini box templates (I will need that cause i will add some code or flsh for online booking system and newsletter subscription)

Will it work with wp translation plugin? will it have probs with a newsletter plugin and different contact form?

and also… will i be able to move all columns of it to the center ?

:) I am sorry for asking a lot of questions.

thank you in advance.

Hi Kriesi!

Just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful theme and for providing great support.

I customized my version a bit, and your clean code made it much easier to do that than other templates. I also posted a question in your Support forum and though I figured out the answer myself 5 minutes after I posted it, I think it’s really great that your team responded in 1 business day.

Here’s the site I developed:

Thanks again, Kriesi! I’m a huge fan of your work and definitely for good reason. :)

Hello, great job, congratulations! A question: in the blog section can I enlarge the preview image who is displayed on mouse over the title? Or, can I display the image under the title as the most classic of the blog?


Hi There, Love the theme. Can you go directly from the flexible masonry layout to fullscreen slide show?

thanks!! T