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Hi There, Love the theme. Can you go directly from the flexible masonry layout to fullscreen slide show?

thanks!! T

Is there any future plans to make this theme compatible with mobile devices? I checked the preview of it on an iPhone and tried to zoom in but the left sidebar always moves into the way. Seems like if there is a way to fix that it would work great for mobile devices. WOuld be an awesome feature is you so chooses to offer it. Awesome theme either way.

Can the horizontal width of the blog page be extended so that it’s larger and can I be provided with these instructions when I purchase the theme ?

Can I control the duration of each image on the homepage and can I also only make it display one image?

Many thanks :)

awesome theme! it was very easy to customize and works very well.

a great way to show my pictures!

good work from austria!!


you can control the duration very easy. you can even set different duration for every gallery.

also one image is no problem.

i think the witdh will be exdenable … somewhere in the css.

I’m trying to set up your theme and your videos in the instructions are not loading. I can see the page and all the text but the videos themselves keep giving me the “spinning clock” Do you have another link to share with me, so I can continue setting up?


Maybe somebody knows about this:!prettyPhoto – nice friendly algorithm of scrolling down and a good example of it, but, in case if a visitor opens the first photo quickly before scrolling down, there is only a few pictures in the light-box. Only after previously scrolling down the whole gallery, the visitor can now see all the pictures of the gallery in the light-box. Why are the visitors unable to see the whole quantity of pictures in the lightbox without previously scrolling down the gallery in the main window? This way there is a serious possibility that some pictures remain unseen for the visitors of the gallery, who use the lightbox first. Maybe it is possible to make an adjustment in the admin-panel?

Also how does this theme work with iPAD/iPhone – is it compatible?

Thanks in advance!

(sorry for possible repeating, but I didn’t find the answer in the previous discussion)

Does it include a quick install (wp + theme), with sample data (like joomla templates)?

This is a beautiful theme and I am really considering purchasing it! Quick question, though.

The template page which includes the mini content box off to the bottom right… would it be possible for me to display a vimeo video in that box? So in other words, I would like to use this page as my home page, with a background slideshow and a video in the mini content box that the visitor could click to play. Would this be possible?

Thank you!

The EXIF doesn’t work? it only stores the IPTC data, like the date and the copyright notice. But not the EXIF data?

Hi Chris, what about the integration of commercial plugin (woocommerce) in your Flashlight theme?

Hi. If we go down the pages with fading slider, menu jumps in the time of change of images

Hi. If we go down the pages with fading slider, menu jumps in the time of change of images

I’m looking for a way to add footer credit text somewhere on the website. How would I go about adding it to the bottom of the page or replacing it with where the current copyright sentence is at?

Hi! Splendid theme. Great work… I’m tweaking a few things – want to know if these are possible:

1. Any way to make the background image of a gallery page be something that’s not in the gallery itself, nor the default gallery? (i.e., a standalone single image)

2. Is there a way to toggle off the date stamp/comments upper-right tab on the wordpress default gallery?

3. I’ve done it in my own way by tweaking code, but is there a good way to make the content box semitransparent?


I’m really enjoying the theme.

Another thing I’m trying to do, that I haven’t thought is possible:

Can I make the content box itself be a different background color per page?


Hello! Great theme! I have a problem when trying to view my site using iPad. Fullscreen background, masonry porfolio and slideshows don’t work. Is there a fix for that?

I love the result of your theme.

However, may I know the default color code for the menu? I made a logo using black as the background in photoshop, but the color does not match your default menu black.

Thank you very much

I have switched from Drupal to Wordpress and although the designs here at Theme Forest are beautiful, I could not find one that met my artistic needs… Until now. Great layout and function. I just started loading my content and I love what you have done.

After purchasing and working the back end on 5 other themes, I have a pretty good understanding of what should work and what is just crap. I will definitely consider purchasing more of your themes for my clients.

Great job!

- Dzmond

I am looking at buying this theme, can you tell me if I can use a video instead of image for the home page background?