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Very cool! Good luck!

Thanks – I can wait until it is approved as I have to finish some other stuff first – Quick question: I am assuming without yet looking properly at the code that the subscribe panel is set out so i can modify the CSS and add a basic contact form? [I know it will obscure the page a little but I can work with that and i’m only thinking name email message so no massive content]. Thanks

Awesome that’s no issue – Look forward to more stuff from you. Good luck with this one.

Thanks a lot Charlie! Just contact me via email if you have any issues whatsoever.

Yes. The subscribe form can be removed and a contact form put in place. All you’d have to do is implement the contact form code within the slide out DIV and you’re good to go. May have to update the height of a few things, but that’s it! :)

Again, nice work. Keep at it. I’d like to purchase but notice that it is not displaying well on the iPhone. The main panel is not centered – it’s to the left.

Let me know a fix around this, i’d love to get started on it.

It was not centered on my iPhone version. I’m not sure how to get a screenshot of that. I’ll check out the theme and if I have any problems with it, i’ll let you know.

Sounds good! I’ll assist you with any help needed fixing the issue.

Sorry about that issue earlier. It should be resolved as of now. There was a problem with one of the files uploaded.

Nice portfolio you got going on here beetlesales!

Thanks a lot my friend! :)

haha, you’ve gone and done it again! Great looking landing page. I really like the background you used for the body, kinda reminds me of couch cushions. Good job bro!

Thanks a lot my friend :) It was definitely a challenge to fit the correct background with the concept! That padded background does sort of remind me of couch cushions!

This is how a landing page should be – Well done! Good luck Thomas

Thanks dorbens! :)

Hello, I have purchased your beautiful landing page, but there seems to be some issues with the circle buttons on the left in the jingle version. When I click on the third button it slips onto the fourth button. Can you help me to solve the problem? Thank you!

That simply means your elements are spaced too closely together. I suggest adding some top or bottom padding to that section in order to space it properly.

In other words, the third section connected to the nav slider is to close to the fourth section.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much!! Yes, it was the padding!

Sorry to bother you again, how can I switch your MailChimp list to mine?Thanks!


No problem whatsoever.

Find this line: “”

And replace it with your own personal code from MailChimp. You can find that by creating a new list, copying the HTML code for it into DreamWeaver or Notepad, then retrieving the link.

Let me know if you don’t understand or need additional help.



Thank you so much! Now everything works fine!

No problem :)

Great landing page! I have a stupid question as I’m not that versed with css. How can I add links to the buttons so something happens when I click on them??? Thanks!!!

What buttons are you referring to?

The two buttons at the bottom of the page, the gray and blue ones. I see all the coding for it in the different css files but not sure where to put the link that opens up.

Just add something like this for each of the buttons:

< - a - href="#"><button class="grey">BUY NOW</button><--/a>

Of course, remove the ”—” from the above code.

i love it, what font is that on the logo

Thanks! The font used for the logo is “Harlow Solid Italic.”

hi, I just purchased and when trying to upload the zip file, it says the style.css file is missing…how do I upload this template into wordpress?


This is a landing page, not a wordpress theme.



Hi, the page it doesn’t look good on iPad… (the header it’s wider than body) any tip for that?

Also, I would like to ask if there’s any of documentation available.



This landing pages was not optimized for mobile devices, and since it’s not a wordpress theme, there isn’t much documentation I can provide.

What are you looking for or need exactly regarding documentation? :)



No matter about documentation, you’ve already solved my trouble on the post below. (thanks!)

Anyway I think the iPad-iPhone issue it’s really a big mess… I mean, to have website that doesn’t shows properly on mobile devices is like throwing stones to your own window. Moreover, it seem to be no very difficult to update that bug ( I mean for you… for me it is) so I hope you can fix it soon, cause it is a really outstanding design but worthless if it doesn’t work on mobile.

My Best!!


I’m extremely satisfied you’ve figured out how to add to the landing page.

Please note my landing pages are specifically designed for Desktop environments, as I’m a firm believer in people utilizing the internet on a desktop or laptop PC.

I will, however, definitely consider implementing some sort or responsiveness for my future designs.

Please contact me via email if you require any further assistance by visiting my profile page and using the form on the bottom right of the page.



A tip to be able to add a third image (actually the first one is repeated) will be very appreciated. Thanks


First off, thank you for purchasing Flasky! Your business is greatly appreciated.

In order to add a new image, please locate one of these two lines in your HTML editor: ”<-Container 3 that holds Iphones -> and copy it all the way out to the second comment.

If you need additional help, add me via Skype “avalanchemannn”



Done & working. Thanks a lot..!

Also, if the header is larger than the body, try putting a “max width” to the element “ContainerLarge”