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Hello tiennguyenvan! Thanks for theme. I have problem. Doesn`t well with ipad, smartphones. Is not responsible ( Could you help me please? The site:(Wordpress)


Also i can to create for you login and password. I will write you personally

Can you describe more? I also replied your email, please check.

Sorry for my english..

Ok, i`d like to see the site on iPad and on others tablets in the same viewe on computers and on notebooks..(With not menu “touch for open”) Also on Ipad i dont see left sidebar (right sidebar top) I dont think that the dispaly of ipad is so small that couldnt to show the right sidebar.

Here you can to see how looks the site on Ipad http://quirktools.com/screenfly/

You can to enter in admin panel of my site and to see that. Password and login i have written you personally.

Sorry when late reply. Because the screenshot http://quirktools.com/screenfly/ you send is not available, so please double check the link. Thank you.

Hi, i’m interested in your template. I would like to know, is the template available in Italian? Thanks.

Yes. The theme follows translation standard of Wordpress.org so you can translate it to any language.

Hey autor where is answer on my question? Do you support this theme or no?

Hi tiennguyenvan, May i ask how to use the single page.php with wordpress?

sorry i had solve my problem, thanks a lot


pti150 Purchased

Hello. pre-purchase question: this theme will be updated in the future? i am asking because i see that are 10 mounths without update. i need a light theme for a very busy news site and i am having problems with the old theme. thank you ps is it possible to add a view count (eye icon with number) in every posts in homepage and in the article?


pti150 Purchased

ok just purchased: 1) how can i set the featured image in full size (720) in the posts instead of 300px? 2)is possible to have the comments count of facebook in homepage instead the wp ones? 3)is it possible to add a view count (eye icon with number) in every posts in homepage and in the article? 4)in home page how to set css to put an adrotate banner widget to the side of news_article_box Design type:one left column instead of the one right column? thank you


pti150 Purchased

5) to have video instead of featured image in the articles there are a tag, a function, or i have just to embed the code in the text?

1. Flatnews Wordpress has no any special css for feature image size. Please show your URL.

2. Flatnews has no facebook comment system, so if you integrate it, you must control the code by yourself.

3. It has custom meta “post_views_count” but the layout not support, we must change a lot of code include style to display count. May be in next version.

4. No. The left can be followed only the right one at this time.

5. Yes, just put the video code in the text.

Hi, Could you please have a look why my website http://www.polkiwuk.co.uk not responsive on mobile devices / iPads? I cannot see the sidebars in iPad or any other mobile devices. I have checked this in iPhones and adroid phones.

Also texts formats doesn’t look right especially on titles. Once again this is on all mobile devices and also on McBooks.

Could you please urgently let me know how to get this fixed as mobile devices very important for my website.

Please see attachments below

Text Formats not right  photo IMG_0163_zps2sybsc87.jpg

Not responsive Not mobile responsive photo IMG_0162_zpsjj9pcea1.jpg


1. The font you are using is Oswald seem not support with your language. Please change to another font please.

2. It’s already responsive. You can scroll down to see the sidebar.

Thanks for the reply Tiennguyenvan. I have now resolved the issue with the text format.

Hi tiennguyenvan, May i ask the thumbnail of the post will it scale and autofit to the box? Is there any limitation for thumbnail size?

Hello Bmi. That’s widget is from an AD plugin. You must contact plugin author to request support.

If you have ads code, just simple paste it into a Text widget, you will see it on all pages.

hi, i just tried with the text widget with code, it only appear text on the home page, i will try to contact the plugin author, thanks for your help

Ok Bmi.

If you can not get answer from plugin author, just send login information to: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

I will take a look the plugin.

Hi Tien, As of a few days ago it appears the theme doesn’t support Google AdSense Plugin? Ad Manager won’t let me preview and place ads. We’re at www.themanatee.net

Please make sure you did not use any AdBlock extension on your browser.

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme but can’t load custumizer. Please help. Thanks,

Hello. Just send your login information to http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

I will login and take a look. Thank you.

Hey, i just want small thing. i want to hide the website url option in the comment section. Plz suggest. Thanks

Sorry, i have to explain clearly. Both Name & Email fields are available in comment section. Now enter some name & email address in these fields for checking purpose then you can get it. Also i am not logged in. Thanks

Sorry. Now, I understood your mean. You can see but can not input, right? I fixed it now, thanks.

Thanks for the help. Great Support. Job done.

Hey, Just bought this theme but it is not installing on wordpress. What could be the problem?

Hello. Thanks for purchasing.

Please provide more information about your problem. You can not install the theme? May be I will need some private information to support you better, so please send a message to me to: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

Thank you.

Fixed it. Thank you for the advice

Hi, I’ve just copied the unpacked files of flatnews-main.zip to my domain’s server, but the joomla installation hasn’t started -> 403 Forbidden. Please help, what could I do…

Many thnx!

Hello. You are commenting on WordPress version. So for better support, just submit a ticket to http://support.sneeit.com and my team will resolve it shortly.


Thanks for the great theme.

I want to increase the related articles appearing on the single posts. Default is 1 Row 1 Column with 3 posts. Now i want to add another 3 posts with another extra row.

Please Help.


Can you give me the download link for Visual composer? The old version stopped working after a wordpress update

Hello. Please send your site URL to http://support.sneeit.com

Hi Tiennguyenvan. Great theme – been using it for 3 years now – and great update on version 2.0. I’m only missing the option to make a special category-frontpage, that can be adjusted the same way as the frontpage. Btw: Can I just delete version 1, install 2.0 and activate it – and the everything will be up and running?

Hello. The version 2.0 using Page Builder system instead of Widget system. So our widget layout will be removed and we need to use page builder to build the new home page layout. You can install it for a test website, work with it before decide to update the whole website to version 2.0

Hello. How do I hide the comment bubble and counter?

Please purchase the theme before requesting support. Thank you.