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Can we purchase these themes by paying one time charges or we have to renew it for every month/ year?

Dear. Only one time paying. But please read the license and understand it clearly: http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular

Can you let me know how to remove the WEBSITE field from Comment form in theme?

Please let me know the code that I need to change in comments.php.

I used your code in theme functions.php , it removed the website field as desired but created another problem.

The NAME and EMAILED field were grayed out means I am unable to fill name and email when I am trying to post comment. However I can enter message in comment field. Can you please check?

Dear. Please add below css into style.css:
.comment-form-comment {
    clear: both;

Thanks it worked :)


I am in charge of developing a web page but I am very new at this.

I’ve watched hundreds of templates and one that I liked is this, but before buying it I want to know (and I apologize in advance for my likely naive) if you meet any of these characteristics:

- If it’s flexible when resizing columns, etc … - If I would introduce a form for membership in an organization. - If it’s possible to create menus like this: http://www.csi-f.es/es/content/legislacion-practica-docente-en-castilla-la-mancha - If it enables e-commerce. - If it is accessible for people with disabilities.

thank you very much

Dear. I think you better find another theme. Thanks.

Hello, I am new to Wordpress, I wonder if it is possible to swap the red for blue easy way? Or will I have to edit code?

Dear, you can swap to any color with only 1 click. This theme support Customizer, so you can change with live preview also.

Hi, Can you help me set up theme on this site: http://www.gardenpulse.com/. I tried to follow the instructions on the document but I cannot make it to work.


Dear. I emailed to ask remote your desktop again but not see your reply. Best regards, Tien.

Login sent.

I am connecting. Thanks your fast response.

I have a question related to banner ad.

When I put adsense banner ad of size 468X60 or 728X90 next to logo in header then it shows fine in desktop but when I check in mobile, the banner does not fits within design. Like 50% banner remains outside the design.

Does it does not auto re-size the adsense banner ad?

Any solution for this?

I am using firefox 25.0.1 and vista on laptop.

Dear, thank you very much for this feedback. I will fix it soon in next version. Best regards.


I just released version 1.3.1 yesterday, that fixed your bug. Please help me check it out.

Thank you very much and wish best to your site.


1) Are the sections in home page short code, means can I repeat any section again and again, example; if I need to repeat the Business section so the first one will be Business and the second one will be Health or repeat the Technology section like in demo the Technology and Fashion is next to each other and after that I want to put Business and Health next to each other the same design like Technology and Fashion.

2) Can all the 4 sections of the footer be like Custom Links so they will only be links in the footer instead of images or flicker.

3)Can the Science section have excerpt(short description) as in the demo it only have the title.

4) Where is the link for the login page, is it the same as the theme or it is the basic wordpress one.



Sorry when late reply, my timezone is different with yours. My answers are below:

1. Yes. You can add unlimited any article box again and again. You can easy change position of them just by drag and drop. Total control them.

2. Yes. You can add any widgets into footer section.

3. No. The Science section not support display description.

4. The link for login page is http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin.

Best regards, Tien

Thanks for your response.

3. It would be good to have description for the Science section.

4. I am not asking for my domain login page url. I am asking login page url for the demo to see if it is designed as the theme, means with the theme header and footer etc. or it is just a basic wordpress login page.



3. I will consider this.

4. It’s just a login page.

Thanks, Tien

I bought the Theme, but does not appear in wp-admin panel to edit all … See how this wrong: www.linkquente.com.br

How to change the categories that will appear below the header?

Como traduzir o arquivo SINGLE? “POSTED BY”, “LIKE TO SHARE?”, “OLDER POST”


To translate your site, please read the documentation at “Translating Your Site” section.

About “How to change the categories that will appear below the header?”, can you give more detail?

Best regards, Tien

Hey Tien, i would like to know how the sidebar can appear in all pages i create . and also is there a way i could use the widgets in other pages . thanks

Dear Tien , Am now using the account used to purchase the theme . 1.]How do i make the sidebar appear in all pages i create 2.]Specific widgets in the pages i create . regards you can post here or this two emails [andrew.muriithi.kariuki@gmail.com | andrew.muriithi@yellowpageskenya.com]


in your demo, under the ‘break news’ section, the title of each post can be fully shown, however, in my theme (by default with any changes on it), all the titles are squeezed and not aligned, below is the example for your reference:



Dear. This css code can help your site, just add it into end of style.css (Theme Stylesheet in Appearance / Editor)
.news-box.break li h3.title {
    float: left;
    line-height: 30px;


hi, i have NextGEN Gallery installed in my wordpress (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/read-this-before-you-open-a-new-thread-14?replies=2), and i find out that it’s not compatible with the theme, here is the example: http://www.oddchitect.com/slush-mug/, the ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons are not working with this theme, when i roll back to wordpress standard theme, they work properly.

Dear. The plugin also work well on my theme. Just because the Page counter (1 of 3) was over front of Next / Prev button, so you can not click.

You can add this css into style.css of theme (or plugin) to fix:
.ngg-imagebrowser-nav .counter {
    width: 50%;
    margin: auto;

thanks! :)

hi, one more thing, i have added “related post widget” at the right side tab, with 3 posts in the widget, however, the top item is not aligned with the other two, here’s the reference: http://www.oddchitect.com/a-slice-of-time/

Dear the related post widget support on Post Footer area only (I wrote in document). Thanks.

oh, ok, thanks.

I want to add a featured image to single posts, how do I do so. No featured images show above single posts.

Dear. Just upload feature image when you create a post (or edit it). You can see feature image box on right side of post editor (if not, expand “Screen Options” in your post editor and check into Feature image to show Feature image box)


How can I disable responsive function? Help pls.

Thanks, After i delete responsive code, the navigation button (small bar) still shows both top menu and main menu. How can i stop them? Pls, help.

Dear, you can add this css into the style:
.selectnav {display:none;}
Sorry when late reply, my timezone is different with yours. Thanks.


Hi, I installed the theme (1.3.1 version) but is no option to modify the theme? Where are the settings? Is only an cutomize buton and is not working.

But if you remove the script, then email, print and sharing buttons will not work.

Hi, 1. Live customize is not working, is frozen. 2. I had W3 Total Cache before installing this theme and now I have error: every time I post an article after publish is tell me is out of memorry. What can I do? 3. Yes, I now but this js are bloking my page and I need to remove. If you can make this assynchornus ore defered :)

Dear. I will support you direct via remote desktop. You can download Teamviewer (http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows.aspx), install it and then send me ID + Pass into http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact. Thanks.

Is there any way to show a different banner for mobile/tablet/small resolution users? In this way I could show them specific banners for this kind of devices.

Dear. I will consider for responsive ads space in next version. Thanks.

When I am using 6 related post sometimes I am getting some kind of error:


However, If I continue reloading it I can get the normal version:

Dear. I will fix this in next version. When waiting the version, you can add the below css code into style.css to fix your problem:
#post-footer-section .widget.widget_related_post_widget ul li.item-0,
#post-footer-section .widget.widget_related_post_widget ul li.item-3{
    clear: left;


I can’t use post-feature-image in the single pages.

What can i do?

Dear. Did you check “hide feature image” in Customizer (at Post Content Settings sections)?

If you did not check it but your feature image still not work, I will support you direct via remote desktop. You can download Teamviewer (http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows.aspx), install it and then send me ID + Pass into http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact. Thanks.

I see it now :) Thanks;)

Hi. Supported Google fonts with Cyrillic?

It support 80+ Google Font and have no Cyrillic. But it’s easy to add Cyrillic into the theme, thank for you feedback, I will add it in next version.