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Hi Tien, I’d like to make two changes on your theme, can you help me telling me where is the right file to make this edits?

1- I’d like to center the alignment of thumbnail images, when these are vertical. 2- I’d like to disable the_excerpt(), but only for post in a specific category.

Many thanks!


It’s very sorry but the theme not support your requirements at this time but I will consider it in the next versions.

Thank you very much

I found a little css bug with AddThis Facebook box. When you like a post, the box appearing is partially invisible. How can I solve this problem? Thank you?

Dear. Thank you for the feedback. I will fix soon.

hi, i’m installing woocommerce on my wordpress site, since this theme is not compatible with woocommerce, i’m using the suggested method by woocommerce here: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/

but i’m unsure of which classes or ID’s to use, could you kindly advise, thank you.

Dear. I did not say that the theme support woo but thank you very much about the suggestion. I will consider in next updates.

hi, i’m not asking to include this in your theme, i’m seeking advice which classes or ID to use when i put the add-on code, please kindly take a look the link i attached, the page is short and just takes you few seconds to read, thank you.


You mean the “Using hooks” code right? If yes, the start code is:
<article id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>
And the end code is

You can see more detail in page.php of your theme.

Hi. I can’t see the Header Ad content, and I noticed that it’s hidden by the CSS:

header-ads .widget, #break-section .widget, #bottom-ads .widget {

display: none;

Why is that? And how can I fix the problem?


Hello. I have purchased your theme and when i trying to upload it to my WordPress i get this kind of error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/content/77/2056177/html/wp-content/themes/TheStyle/epanel/custom_functions.php on line 781

Please help me. this is not right, i purchased a theme and i deserve to get the theme when i download it :( . THANK YOU

Dear. Did you extract the download package? After extract (unzip) the download file, you will see folder: flatnews-theme-install, access it and you will see the version you want to install (all are .zip)

Can you add images on your server to the ADs sections?

The theme not support image widget, but you can use plugin to do that or just add code into text widget and that add the widget to the ads sections.

Hello, I have purchased this theme and have just one question. On the contact form, I would like to change the ‘website’ field to ‘phone’ as I think this would be far more useful. Please could you advise which file I should change for this? Thank you!

Dear. Just find in: \includes\shortcodes\sc-contact.php

Perfect, thank you!


Related post is not working on my site. related post widget on Post Footer area , but still is not working. Please check this . http://www.gercekportal.com

are you find a solution? what can I do in workaround?

If two posts have a same tag, related will show on them. Mean related will show in story stream.

Dear. I just updated a new version that fix related bug. Hope you like it.

This theme is very nice but I don’t have in the widget area the HEADER ADS (there isn’t this sidebar). And I don’t know why. Even the Bottom ADS sidebar is missing. I had to modify with the editor some lines and add a plugin to create an arbitrary sidebar, but I guess the problem will come again when I will update the theme. How can I solve the problem?

Ciao, I was wrong…. here are the examples (i remove the maintenance mode for 1 hour): this is an article: http://www.verbaniamilleventi.org/test/?p=55048 (the ads you see between “leggi anche” and “archivi”are in the post footer section sidebar, but appear before the post footer); and this is a page: http://www.verbaniamilleventi.org/test/?page_id=37366 (the ads are in the footer section sidebar and they correctly appear in the footer section); the ads in the footer section don’t appear in the front page.


As I said, the Post Footer section is only for post (article), not available for page. Thanks.

A static page (front page) is usually used to show contact, about, tos, policy so most of cases not need that section. If you want to show ads on a specific page, just paste ads code direct in page content.

Dear Sir,

i want to buy this theme, but pls confirm, is it possible to convert this theme in urdu language?

Dear. Yes, I confirm that you can change this theme to any language. Thanks.

how to remove the WEBSITE and EMAIL field from Comment form in theme?

Dear. Sorry sir but the theme not support that feature at this time.

How can I change only the theme language?

Dear. I wrote very clearly in theme documentation. Just read it. Thanks.


hi there .. i saw your template and i think for me can be ok, please what about Review system?


Dear. The theme not has rating system, but of course I will add soon.

Hello. I have a problem with break section. The widget appears only on homepage. I want it to appear on all pages. As shown in demo theme. Thanks. http://itradar.ro

Dear. The theme not support that feature, my demo also has break section on home page only.

hi tiennguyenvan. great theme.

im almost done configuring/optimizing my intall based on fla news (great theme btw)

my client is asking to slow the featured slider, i havent searched for it so, where can i change the speed of the slides?

thanks carlos.

nevermind, already found where :)

Hi, can I use this theme for a blog on wordpress.com?

As I know, wordpress.com not allow upload custom theme so you can not use this theme for wordpress.com

Hi There, great theme!

How can I make the social media buttons at the top appear in color instead of black and white?



If you find in style.css (Appearance / Editor), you will see a line like this:
ul.social-link-list li a.item-facebook:hover{background-position:-250px -0px}

Just remove :hover and the icon will become colorful. Do the same with other items and then save style.css


Thank you for the quick reply! One more quesiton: How can I add the tabs to the sidebar like you have in the theme example? The ones that say Popular / Recent / Comments? Thank you!


You can read in theme documentation, I wrote in it. I will explain again here: access “Appearance / Widgets”, then drag and drop widgets into “? Right Side TAB” section. Thanks.

Just want to thank the autor. Great theme, and great support!

How come my adsense wont work on the banner ? And or on my article post I write ?

www.thebittrade.com theres an url which i really didnt want to post

I ordered a gig on fiver to sort the adsense out, hopefully it does. Great design of theme

Dear. If you have some private information that don’t want public, just send ticket direct to my profile: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

Great theme and really great support!