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Hi Guys

I was looking around your theme and somethings got me stumped, where is the image in the about us page being pulled from, is it in one of the block things on is it set in a page someware.

Hi, which about us page do you mean?


Hi before buying this i wanted to ask a question is something like this form achievable in this theme https://www.willsregister.co.uk/questionnaire/introduction.php?qaid=238513 and what skills would i need for this, i appreciate i haven’t bought it but if this can be achieved im certainly buying this from you guys.


could you please send me an screenshot via email/the support tab? On the URL I only see a login-form.

Regards, eakroko

Hi There,

I currently run http://guysandgirls.directory

I was wondering if it’s possible for this template to become a theme.

I have multiple authors and was wondering if they all each get their own profile, address book etc, also is it possible to display “latest posts” in the dashboard visually ( images etc)



I don’t really know what you mean. This is an HTML template, not a wordpress theme!


The design is fantastic. All the buttons etc seem to work.

How do I just incorporate this into my wordpress. So users can login etc.

Is it possible to email you to discuss further?

Hi, just bought the template, it just looks and feels amazing. I need to have a collapsible section tied to a checkbox but I can’t seem to make the collapsible section work outside of a straight link (or on a button). Do you have any suggestion? Thanks!

Excellent work, works great with Visual 2010. great support too. very good contribution to the web


I used this theme in my asp.net application and it looks great. Thank you for creating such a beautiful theme.

Currently i am facing a situation with responsive mode. Initially responsive mode was working fine but due to one change in style.css the responsive mode is not coming properly. We have a invoice screen which has 3/4 and 1/4 section.. This 1/4 section on right hand side appears below the 3/4 section in default 100% zoom mode in chrome and firefox browser but if we zoom to 90% it appears correctly. In order to fix this we made a change in style.css file to adjust width after which normal mode is perfectly working fine and completely visible in single screen without scroll in browser at default 100% zoom state. But responsive mode appearance is completely collapsed and appears very uneven.

Request you to help me resolve this issue. If you want i can email you the live link for your verification. Request your email id for the same.


Hi , I used this theme , but there is a small problem ;

If use Datepicker , not show date next or previous image , Are you share to release a fix

Hi there

The theme source code is developed by html totally or PHP ?


Guys, where is Flat Plus? I really need to buy it.


I have added data-layout-sidebar=”fixed” to the body tag but it is still collapsing. Is there anything else I missed ?


Hi, I just purchased this template and hopefully it would work well with my application. I would like to confirm if the top menu can be freezed when I scroll down? From the demo it doesn’t.

Thank you!

Hi Guys, any one know how to permanently not show the side bar? thanks!

Hi .The template is not working IE 10.Can you advice urgently

Hi I am currently looking for a product where clients can update the website without editing the codes. can this admin template do this. please advise

timepicker didnt see toggle button for increment and decrement time

Just purchased hoping to start a new ASP.NET MVC project with this theme. Anyone care to share any advice or assistance on how to use this within Visual Studio?

Quick question, can i buy your admin panel, build an application using it and sell that application? Also i noticed on the right menu layout page the menu doesn’t load on mobile device using Chrome.

Hello…. I need really narrow top horizontal navigation (no left side bar) – can your template do this?

I also need a fully dark theme…you have it?

Doe your template also offer to open a popup window on click – which will contain an IFRAME?

I need to add a search bar (I have it, it is itself responsive) which is ALWAYS visible (should stay right next to the logo). Can you show me an example of an element which is ALWAYS visible near the logo in the top horizontal navbar?

Did you upgrade this bootstrap 4?