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thank you :)

Theme colors doesn’t seems to be changing in Demo.

Yes, sorry for that and thanks for the information! It is fixed now!

theme colors are not working in demo mode.

Thanks for the bug information. I fixed it.

very nice, i love it!

Thanks man :) I really appreciate it

bro, I am looking for model popup, where is it?

You find modals on Components -> UI Elements

I’ve really been anti-flat design lately, but this one I like. Very nice job!

Thank you :). Glad to hear that!

Great Design , Good luck with Sales Bro :)

Thank you :)

In IE9, within Large Tables section where you have an example for Horizontal scrollable grid with pagination there is an issue – just by hovering over a row, it keeps pushing the pagination buttons down and adds whitespace in between. Please suggest a fix.

Thanks for the information, I will check that now

Ok, I had to remove the hover color from the row. I guess it is some kind of IE bug.. However the other tables still have the hover!

Hi there,

Really great theme! Is it possible to get the .CSS files not minimized?(I would like to be able to make a few style changes)

Thank you!

Hi, I will include a non minified version in the next update. Until then go here: http://procssor.com/ paste the CSS and let it work. It will “unminify” it and make it readable again. Thank you, I’m glad you like it :)

Thank you so much! Keep up the amazing work!

You did one hell of a job on this one, I love it ! This is probably the best admin theme I’ve seen here so far!

I love it enough that I’m customizing it to make it my main website design! Haha

Best of luck with the sales…I’ll spread the word ;)

Oh thats nice to hear! Thank you really much I appreciate it! If you have any questions feel free to contact me :)

Sure buddy, keep up the great work ! I’ll be contacting you soon for freelance jobs too :)

I’m looking forward to it :)

I’ve purchased over 10 admin templates in the past couple months, this one is by far the best. I’m going out of my way to incorporate it with a project just because it’s so damn beautiful.

Wow, thank you so much and happy customizing :)

Good job! Is it possible to change the Header size to include Logo ? and add more Form Layout styles and sidebar scroll in next update.

Thanks. You can change the header size, of course. What form layouts you would like to have? The sidebar will be scrollable in the next update – that was already on the list :)

Thanks eakroko!

good themes! only a question: How I can upload image in forms-extended.html? I try to press upload button but nothig..


Do you mean the multi file uploader? You have to set a .php file which handles the upload. You can use the file which is provided by the plugin. You find the plugin site here: http://plupload.com/. Download the package and use the upload.php which is in there and copy it to js/plugins/plupload/ folder. In the upload.php is a variable for the folder where the uploads should be placed. Please read the documentation on the plugins page. Hope I could help

Beautiful Theme. Thanks. :) I purchased the theme now but its v1.1 , by when will 1.2 Update available for download.

It is currently in the update queue. I don’t know how long the review process will take. Thank you :)

Very nice Theme!

Thank you :)

One little problem: in Google Chrome, calendar in the sidebar widgets is overflowing.

Ok, thanks – I will check that asap.

Superb work bro. Too good. I will definitely purchase this :)

Thank you :)

... and yes I have purchased it :)

I would let you know in case I come across any difficulty or suggestion… Awaiting for more fabulous work from ur side :D:D

Thanks :) I will give my best ;)

Love this theme. I’m using it for an in-house web app. Issues:
  • Visual Studio 2010 is complaining about missing FontAwesome (FA) classes, even though the icons will show in the browser. Could you separate the FA stuff from the rest of style.css? I think something got mungled, because I don’t have this problem with other templates that just include the downloaded package from their site.
  • I think you should include not-minified versions of style.css and themes.css.

Thank you in advance.

Hm I don’t know why there is an error. I working with SASS so I didn’t copy it manually into style.css and made a mistake there. I just imported the SASS file which is provided by FA in my style.scss file. However I will include a non-minified version of style.css and themes.css and ALSO include the SASS files in the next update. Until then go here and use this service if you need to make the style.css readable and unminified : http://procssor.com/. Thanks :)

Hi there, Really great theme! Is it possible to get the .CSS files not minimized?(I would like to be able to make a few style changes)

*i posted this as support for non min files as i would like them in the pack also *

Thank you!

Hi, thank you :). There will be a non minified version of the CSS files in the next update. Until then go here: http://procssor.com/ and paste the style.css. It will undo the minify and make it readable/editable for you. Hope I helped :)

Whoa this is amazing! I spent the WHOLE day testing admin templates and when I was about to buy a bloated and heavy one I found this (by searching on Google not on Theme Forest).


Thank you so much :)