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Hey, great theme !

Had a question – What is the difference between dataTable and usertable, and how do I get advanced filtering to work. Did not get much information from the documentation. Help appreciated.



The usertable is actually just a dataTable but has it’s custom configurations and since it is only for demonstration (because those configurations could be totally different for a user) I moved it to demonstration.js file. Where is your problem with the filtering? Maybe the documentation for the plugin helps you :).


If not, please explain WHAT your problem is.


Hi eakroko,

There are some bugs on right side sidebar.


By clicking the toggle navigation button, you can see the resizing bug of content area.

I’ve a suggestion: Some people say some bugs and you fix them. But we have to wait until next version for bug fixed edition. can you write fixed bug list on a page? So we can follow them easily. And you can save time. People dont ask same questions again and again.

Hi and thank you for the bug replied. I also have this issue and will try to fix it asap!

Indeed, a kind of issue tracker would be great if it fits well. I will think about it and try to find a solution to it!

Regards and thanks again!

for the sidebar, is it possible to show it at the bottom of the page instead of hide it when display in smaller devices?

You can enable toggling (button/slide) for the sidebar on mobile devices. The sidebar won’t be displayed at the bottom of the page on smaller devices, therefore I created the toggle method :).


May i know how to enable toggling for the sidebar?


pre-purchase question:

is it possible to disable unused functions or plugins? Because I wonder will it affect the performance(negatively) that all the functions being installed..

or can I create a custom functions file which will contain only selected functions?

What do you think? is it possible? if possible will it be an efficient method?

thank you


ps. sorry for my english.

Hi, you can just not include those javascript plugins. The script won’t execute their functions / configurations then. The script also recognizes if the current page has specific elements and also only executes their plugins then.

Of course you could manipulate the javascript files but I won’t recommend it!


Any chance that a future release will support Bootstrap 3/RC1? :)

I’m not sure how long RC1 will last but I will definitely support bootstrap 3 in an upcoming release :)!


I’m having some issues with the toogle-nav, I copy the same code of the Blank Page, but this button don’t hide the side bar. When I resize the window, to test the responsivity, the side bar don’t disapear, like occurs on the blank page.

Still about the responsivity, when the window are smaller the top nav menu turn into a button, this also don’t work.

I’m working with ASP.Net, but so far I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the asp.

Best regards,

Renan Garcia de Oliveira.


I have made some revisions and the responsivity was not working because i forgot of some .js files in the header area. Now it’s ok. And I Made some little modifications on the .css files to work with an ASP.Net application. I have just changed the tags “form” on the CSS files into classes ”.form”, because the ASP.Net needs, generally, of a tag “form” involving all of the page. Furthermore I add a class ”.form-fix” with a “min-height: 100%” to expande the form what was involving all the page. This same min-height was put into ”#content” with value 100% and into ”#content.container-fluid” with value “inherit”. All of the other “forms” on the pages was changed into “ ”.

    ... content

Best regards,

Renan Garcia de Oliveira.

Hi again,

I’ve a problem and need your help.

My html is :
<div class="span8">
<div class="box box-small box-color satblue">
<div class="box box-small box-color satblue">
I didnt write all codes here. I’ve <i class="icon-remove" /> in first box. But when i clicked on it, it removes 2 boxes same time. I dont want to remove the second one. Is it a bug or my codes wrong ?

P.S. I didnt want to write all codes here. I hope I could tell what I mean :)

Thanks for your reply.

I solved the problem. Thx.

All right, glad to hear that. Sorry that I haven’t answered earlier, I had a lot to do.


two question for form input: 1. datepick isnt possible to pre show today date? 2. timepick isnt possible to pre-define a time, like 12:00pm

sorry, pls ignore. managed to solve using value tag

Side bar disappear in mobile device after upgrade to 2.0 ver

pls ignore it, i did the mistake, thanks

i also cant see the side bar or side button in the demo through mobile device

pls ignore it, i did the mistake, thanks

Any support for RTL

Hi Eakroko, How can I communicate with you over the email or skype?

Hi, I am very interested and looking to buy. Will you upgrade to Bootstrap 3, if so when.

  1. Do you have product tiles or image manger http://www.keenthemes.com/preview/metronic/extra_image_manager.html
  2. Can add nested listed manger http://www.keenthemes.com/preview/metronic/ui_nestable.html
  3. Can you add sliders that modify div like this bootstrap sample, under sliders link, this is a nice feature http://easy-themes.tk/themes/preview/ace/ [under sliders]
  4. Widgets/portlets with settings in the corner http://easy-themes.tk/themes/preview/ace/ or http://www.keenthemes.com/preview/metronic/portlet_draggable.html

    I also need to be able post back the layout in JSON (Ajax or other form to asp) when user changes /drags portlets around. :)

  5. I saw your font generator, really cool, how will i be able to change the background color of the page, and font/google font etc?


Hi there,

a few questions i wanted to ask … 1. how to i disabled the mutiselect ??? i have try the jquery disabled but it does not work.. 2. how do i change the display format of the date in the datepicker function ??? i have google the library and i change it but it still does not work … 3. how can i customized the jquery datatable loading from the a large data records, and display the data for example,

ID NAME AGES 1 Adam 12 2 Ryu 14

to Record No Description 1. ID : 1 Name : Adam Ages : 12

I hope you could provide solution for it, by the way great template.

Hi eakroko!

Do you know if this layout is compatible with bootstrap 3.0?

Another question, do you use LESS or SASS to do this CSS? If I buy, can you send for us too?

thanks a lot.

sorry if its obvious, but is there caching happening to the style.css file?

I thought i already had made some changes and they were updated on the site, but now i can’t seem to get them to work. i even loaded the /css/style.css file directly in the browser and i didn’t see the change.

any ideas? i know in the demo files for the left bar menu there is a “Cache Manager” link, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

I have tried clearing browser cache, etc. Can’t seem to find a folder on the server where the cache files would be.

how to increase size of icon and change color?

as in “Things you need to do” section suggeelson.com/themes/?theme=supr

Hello Tks for nice template, somebody can give me some help about making pdf, i need to create template PDF for the invoice, but give me lot of work, can someone tell if exist something like cristal report to do easier make template PDF or print preview from PHP.


GRID 1008PX wide x 24colums x 2 space. So there is not so much wasted space, especially in iPad mode, can you change the grid setting to 1008×24 columns x 2 spacing for better table charting design. THANKS

Hi, great template, really enjoying! How can I change the default template color? Trying to use red as default! Thank You!

figured out.. thanks