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hi, i need to know if this template brings unencrypted source code for easy modification. I also want to know if I have the right to modify the style sheets and javascript?


This template is fantastic and has taught me a lot about front-end best practice.

I was wondering if there was anymore news on the timescale for a Bootstrap 3.0 based variant ?



Hi, the template looks great and we are strongly considering buying it, however we use tables a lot in our app.

When scrolling down your large table (2500 entries ) using the mouse wheel in chrome after not very long the header columns misalign with the data columns, can this be fixed as it could be a deal breaker for us.



I am starting to use this with angularjs. Angularjs has this thing call directives, which in my usage are html attributes. Here is a simple example(ng-hide) <ul ng-hide=’data.showMenu’>... </ul> “data.showMenu” would be a boolean, which either shows or hides the ul.

Unfortunately the mobile-nav section is getting cloned from the main nav in the application.js file you provided and angularjs attributes are lost which results in menu’s showing that shouldn’t be.

What is you thoughts on how to change the application.js to avoid this cloning process?


Could you please tell me how I can set a content box to be hidden by default on load and then press the arrow to show content.


Form Validation! Persisting problem when submit button is clicked with form validation, please go to http://eakroko.de/flat/forms-validation.html To reproduce error, leave only one input field for validation and click submit button. That first click creates something like padding or margin under the bottom of the input field that is validated, only after second click on the submit button – form gets validated. Looks like remove class or add class is making this space, and forcing you to click twice in order to submit form. Looking forward for fast solution, thanks in advance.

Of course, first you have to type something in the input field, and then all above is happening.


Was trying to use class=”sidebar-right”, but it’s seems some bugs here, can you fix it please?


1) When window resizing 2) When Toggle button pressed


Awesome job on this admin theme. It includes everything I would typically build with. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it.

Great choice of plugins. Nice design. Clean code. Nice work!!!

First off the theme looks great and I’m looking forward to using it. I have noticed an issue with responsive tables. When I browse to http://www.eakroko.de/flat/tables-dynamic.html using iOS 7 on an iPhone 5 I see the following layout defects:

Vertical: http://www.dev.footprintsmd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/flat_responsive_table_issue_1.png

Horizontal: http://www.dev.footprintsmd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/flat_responsive_table_issue_2.png

Are these known issues and are there workarounds?


hi, i really liked this theme. I want to integrate it with my backend (php + mysql) is it possible (and not that hard?)

thanks in advance

Any updates coming? Bootstrap 3?

hi there,

love your work! is there already a way to make the tables editable? I see datatable plugin is already included, but i see no editable plugin for the tables.


this one here uses your theme, is this allowed? just want to check before maybe buying his script :-)


Great template! What is the expected time to complete the bootstrap 3 version?

Hi. Do you have any recommendations on how best i can implement support for drag-n-drop image re-ordering of gallery images?

Great Job – Thank you!

Any updates coming? Bootstrap 3?

Hello, Am trying to implement datatable to load records in a table using php/mysql. Pls how can i use the datatable in flat to load records in a table. If possible , pls show me how to initiase the table and load record from a table in the Db.

hi there. in your demo in large table. Column Line not aligned well with header and row data. What happen in there?

I’m counting on the the bootstrap 3 support, I’ll definitely stay tuned…

Any plans for an RTL version?