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Hi, Great Templates.One of the cleanest and responsive template. Am going to purchase this one.Just one small doubt. Is it possible to combine Multi column filtering, export options (csv excel pdf etc), column reordering, show/hide column features into the dynamic ajax loading tables for large data. I have tables with huge data and yours seems to be one of the most efficient designs to handle it. If you can confirm this, I am ready to buy as I will have to implement this across multiple pages of my website. Thanks for the great design and support in Advance Madhu

No support, no answers to questions and apparently now not bootstrap 3 updates.


Hello. How do you set the left siderbar as hidden by default please?

Nvm, found the answer in one of the comments. Great theme btw!

how can I add border-color in the ckeditor?


Why the top NAV can not fix? Like your ease template.

I would buy if an update to bootstrap 3 was made.

The bootstrap used is not supported. Many bugs were reported and seems to be still there.

It’s sad the author does not respond as it’s a nice template.

Any planned updates for bootstrap3?


I’ve purchased this template, I love it. Great job. But I am facing some problems.

1. I don’t want the left menu there, only top menu, but when I try to hide it, tables and forms are still placed like it was still there. If I try to remove the left-menu code, it looks wrong also.

2. When I want to make a template page with no content, the top menu suddenly is 800 pixels high.

Hope to receive some help.

Thanks and all the best.

Regards Chris

Hi there,

I was just looking demo site and found that it works differently in different OS, i.e (windows xp + chrome and windows 7 + chrome).

I observed that in windows xp with chrome browser, above top notification of email,settings,whether and languages are not appearing and also below 3 icons Balance,Calender date other 2 icons wont appear.

but if you open it in windows 7 all these appear correctly.

could you please tell me what could be the issue? is this specific to any OS or any specific graphic resolution required?

Thanks in advance.

how to make the list default uncollapsible.

Love this theme. I think there is a kind of error in Form “Add Task” in Dashboard. It’s not possible to search the icon name in ListBox

hi, im looking new version of template. when i look Extended form page (http://www.eakroko.de/flat/forms-extended.html) Same buttons haven’t got border as like SAVE! GO! Search! left, Right, check action. Is it a Bug ? Picture : https://www.dropbox.com/s/fnz7cghyix7t581/Screenshot%202014-04-14%2018.44.32.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/fnz7cghyix7t581/Screenshot%202014-04-14%2018.44.32.png?dl=1&token_hash=AAHI1I9YZndpGoOb3iIFTkw3jNBClCeZqVnCDims32TwOQ im look of Chrome on Mac, Chrome on Windows7 and Firefox on Windows7.

Indeed. I will fix this in the next update. Thank you :)

How do i install this theme on to a sub domain

Please explain your problem a bit more. There shouldn’t be a problem to use it on a sub domain. Contact me via email please! Thank you :)

Very bad code, poor code quality, missing docs, different codes stuck together, confused code blocks.

Only looks good but unusable without complete recoding


Your comment is actually not helping anyone here. Just writing down things without any clarification is useless. What do you mean with very bad code and bad code quality? There are several ratings and comments proving the opposite. Which codes are stuck together and which code blocks are confusing?

Actually the code is really easy to understand and written to provide a good and easy way to customize it for the customers. Classes and elements are named in an easy way for understanding and also explained in the documentation.

Sorry, if there are elements you don’t understand but you need to tell me what things you don’t understand.

Documentation is included in the download file. Of course there are many things like plugin options etc. which aren’t included in the documentation because the plugin site always has it’s own documentation which is in general way more complex and detailed. I always referred to the plugin site when needed. If there are other things you want to have included in the documentation – feel free to contact me via email.

Regarding the 5-star Rating I cannot agree with those things. The code is good and easy to understand – there shouldn’t be that much (of course there is always a bit of confusion at beginning after buying a new theme). The documentation is included.

Before writing those comments on theme please be sure to also clarify your points and problems with the theme. Otherwise the developer can’t help you. Thank you.

Hello, the “components-tiles.html” page contains an error in securities, in the borders. Can you correct the problem. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the bug report. I will fix it in the next update!


I need its Arabic version; RTL version of admin template as well. Any luck for that?

Below is example of RTL version: http://thevectorlab.net/adminlab-rtl/form_layout.html

Please suggest.

Hi, there are no plans for RTL version – I’m sorry.


i have user this design. nice work. i want to disable sorting of datatable on page load in dynamic tables filter column example. Thanks

Hi. That is possible, just add the class

to the table and add the attribute
... 0,1,2,3 are the indexes of columns which should not be sortable.


Hey, love the theme, how can i make the calendar close when you select a date, it currently stays open and i can’t find where to close it :(

Hey, thank you :).

Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t provide this function builtin. However I just implemented it this way:

change eakroko.js line ~170 from
    var $el = $(this);
    $el.on('changeDate', function(){

Afterwards be sure to include eakroko.js (normally eakroko.min.js is included in <head>)


  • I tried autocomplete in downloaded template and online preview and it’s not working well. Autocomplete items aren’t show up.
  • Multiple select placeholder is not display well and will appear if i remove padding style.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Could you check the issue ? I use newest chrome and mozilla version and i found same behaviour.

Thanks for the report I will investigate this (don’t have the multiple select bug) and try to fix it! Thank you!

Hi, I am trying to the use the wizard with required field validator specially on a select option. Unable to to do so. If I add required tag then it gives a red border while entering the data but does not stop from going to the next page.

Any clues on how to resolve this.


please send me an email via the contact form with the URL which shows that problem so i can inspect the code and try to find the error.


sorry but where can I find this contact form to send you the details

On my profile: http://themeforest.net/user/eakroko

bottom right corner :)