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Love this template! It is very light and works great! One question however. What is the easiest way to change the default color? I have looked at the documentation and the style sheets and can’t figure out how to change the default color. I don’t want to use a color picker; I just need to set another color as the default and go. Thanks!

Hi, you can set the default color by adding the class “theme-COLORNAME” to the tag. E.g. <body class=”theme-red”> will make the color to red :) Glad you like the theme !

Very good looking! Congrats!

You just have some problems with the font-family of the iconic top-right menu bar.


Take a look at the .icon-nav

I don’t have any problem there. What browser are you using? A screenshot would be good to reproduce the problem.

Ah, I think I got it!

This is HOT! Just bought it.

Very very well done! Congrats on the great theme and thank you!

Now I just need a developer to hook up our stats, payments, and everything in between to integrate our API’s? Got anyone you can refer?


Thanks! I appreciate it :). Don’t have anyone I could refer sorry!

Looks great, I like it too. :)

Thank you :)

good template, can add 3 level navigation menu?

Yep, will be included in next update! Thanks

Hello Eakroko,

First at all, great interface, clean, easy to fill and adapt and full of usefull controls.

And I’ve a question: How do I change the default sorted column or if it’s ASC or DESC in the dataTables?

Thanks in advance, David.

Hi and thank you :) you have to edit the eakroko.js. Around line 343 is the object “opt” which is for the settings for datatables. You have to add “aaSorting”: [[ 4, “desc” ]], which would made the 5th column sorting desc by default (5th because it starts at 0, so the first column would be 0). Don’t forget to include eakroko.js then because normally eakroko.min.js is included! Hope I could help :) regards

OK done!, Thanks alot! And really, one of the most beatyfull html/js codes I ever seen!

Thank you very much :) Glad you like it!

Very nice template. When you add a page to the tasks (or todo list)? :)

And on mobile devices with Windows phone OS a few serious bug (not open menus and icons do not appear – shows only small squares).

Ok, tasks sortable is very good idea! That’s what I need ;)

- Add double click Task – Edit Task text

- Completed Tasks move down (bottom box)

- Long task of text is displayed incorrectly


I don’t see any question there … You want that to be added? I will think about it… The long text part will be fixed in the next version! Stay tuned

Great template, but I’m experiencing glitches on the top bar. When I resize window, sometimes the top bar becomes into 2 lines and thats not so cool. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4jm6yawa01r02s2/screencapture%202013-04-02%2016.15.51.png

Yes, I think that happens if you resize the window too fast (there is a script behind the resize which shows/hides the icons). I will include a little timeout which should fix that problem in the next update! Thanks

Where are the uncompressed css styles?

Disregard previous comments I see the answer now :)

All right :)

i am having an issue with the top bar. the messages icon was gone in the template files you supplied. i copied the html from your demo site and its on there now but the css isnt right. i noticed the color selector and lock screen fonts are not right like they are in the demo. did you change the files for your demo? and can i have them lol.

you can see what i have http://www.featurenation.com/dashboard/

Could you please download the files again and check it? I just did and there are definitely other files than you included

i just downloaded it again, it gave me different files in the zip this time. not sure what the first one was about but its all good now. thanks for your help. just an idea for the future. you should break the files up into structure. make a universal header.php/footer.php/menu.php/sidebar.php that get included on each page. then when we use your template for our site we dont have to re-break it up every time you make an update :) i wish everyone made their themes that way lol. i know its a little extra work but would definitely be worth it.

I’m glad that it works now. Yes, I already thought about providing PHP files. Will think about it again :) thanks

I love it! But Error occurs When I try to modify the source. The Error Message is ” There is syntax error on line 5 of jquery.ui.sortable.min.js. Codehinting may not work until you fix this error”

Is there a way I can fix this?

Hm, could you please provide an URL so I can look at this directly? Thanks

Unfortunately, the web page there is no problem. Error message appears when I modify the source in Dreamweaver. Please provide us with your e-mail address and I will send a screenshot


Great theme, thank you!

Is it easy to make the widgets drag and drop similar to this?



Drag&Drop widgets AMAZING!!!!

Thanks :) Glad you like it!


How to hide sidebar by default ?

Great theme !

Ok I updated the login in the demonstration. See the markup here: http://www.eakroko.de/flat/more-login.html

I have “This field is required” always visible

what? where, which field? I really can’t help you without an URL… If you can’t upload it to your server just send me the folder via email.

I just want you to know: this is the best admin template I’ve found on ThemeForest and possibly ever! Every update makes it even more better.

One little, little thing: it would be nice to have a ‘remember me’ option on the login page.

Wow thank you :) I appreciate this. Yeah good idea I wrote it on the list for the next update (probably next week).

Ah that’s awesome! I have more clients who would be happy to use such a nice template, so I’m definitely going to buy your template again a few times. This template has just everything I need already built-in. While you’re at it; would it be possible to have multi-navigation for the menu on the left as well? Would be even more awesome :).

Of course, I will write it on the list :)


I am running into an issue with responsiveness of the basic form->column form. At about 1083 px width, the labels of the right column overlaps with the text input of the left column. But on further reducing the width it goes to single column layout as expected.

Also there are times when the input boxes are not resizing – is that a default Bootstrap feature or is there a js code to change the size of textboxes when the browser is resized?

Your efforts are much appreciated.

Thanks RM

I will fix that bug with column form. What do you exactly mean with the resizing and input boxes?

Thank you for taking a look at it.

Here is what I meant with resizing input boxes – If you reduce the size of browser with any form, only the input boxes with style =”input-large” are responsive. They correctly shrink when the browser size is reduced. However input-medium and others are not responsive and do not change size. They overlap the box.

Ah ok now I got it. Well that is more Bootstrap related. That are probably fixed sizes which doesn’t have media queries. The overlap is the same behavior like in bootstrap documentation, that’s just because that e.g. “input-xxlarge” has a fixed width. Hope I could clear things up :)

Wonderful! I love you so much!

Thanks :)

Looks wonderful. Definitely buy for my next project :)

Thank you :)

In <meta charset=”utf8”>, the utf8 should be changed to utf-8.

I will fix that. Thank you!


I’m interested in buying this template. Can you please tell me about export feature for tables (csv, pdf, excel), is it included in this template or it should be implemented externally?

Hi, that feature is included in the template (jQuery plugin). It will simply export your table to the file you selected (csv, pdf, excel).

Thanks, I bought it. Good work :)

Thank you :)