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i thank you :)


Mobile file upload not working. Select image please give suggestions


I will investigate this and try to fix it in the next release.

Thank you for the bug report. Much appreciated!

Regards, Ernst

I recently purchased the “CLOUD” admin template from FameTaxi, but there has been no support for 4 months now. I love the look and feel of your Flat template and I willing to change and port all of the work I already did on Cloud to yours. I need the answer first to 3 questions. 1) Can I link to a page with tabs and activate a specific tab from the URL, or programtically via JQuery? 2) Will I be able to post all the data from a wizard to a back end ColdFusion program for processing? and last 3) Is a server-side data source for Data Tables supported … I need to display 9000 records?

Your response is appreciated very much … I should have looked further into FameTaxi before purchasing. :crying.


1) That is possible, but not builtin. There needs to be some javascript written (if you need help here just contact me via email!).

2) The data can be post via JSON what is probably the easiest way to be independent (I don’t have CF experience)

3) Server-Side data is supported in DataTables. See manual here: http://datatables.net/manual/server-side (But FLAT currently uses an old DataTables version which will be updated in next release – which will be in about 2 weeks )). If the 9000 records are static or doesn’t change that often you could generate a json file and DataTables will do all other magic (lazy loading etc)

Hope I could help you :).

If you have any other questions or you need help just contact me via email (contact formular on my profile).

Regards, Ernst

After update to 2.1, datepicker is missing arrows for “next >” and “previous <”

I presume this is because the old fontawesome classes are used: .icon-arrow-right.

Also, for icons with text, the icon is too close to the text (for example here: http://www.eakroko.de/flat/components-icons.html)

The fix is easy, just needs to adjust the markup in bootstrap-datepicker.js. Here’s a diff: https://gist.github.com/mtarnovan/91d01599b306bd7d7cd2

Thank you for the bug report. I will fix it in the next release!

Hi there,

I just bought the FLAT theme and i gotta say, i love this admin theme. There was a thing that i have noticed. When i hover over some of the buttons. For example: the gears and the globe at the top of the page (not in the top menu bar). The border that it creates is not the full width and height of the element. I cannot send an image to further explain this issue but i hope you know what i mean. I have tested this in google chrome. And edited some css. Maybe you can try if this works and put this in a future update: .minitiles > li > a:hover:before { content: ’’; position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; width: 61px; height: 61px; background: none; pointer-events: none; border: 3px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5); z-index: 99; }

P.S. as i was typing this i noticed that this is also the case at the entire “Tiles” page. I have not tried to fix this myself.

Kind regards, Kevin Walter

Hi, thank you for the bug report. This is already on the list and will be fixed soon.


hi. Does your template support right to left lagnuages and right to left layout.

I’m a programmer from iran. and we need such template. and your one is very great. I’m just worried that for example your dashboard can get right to left, tables right to left as well as other elements.

Hi, this template does not support RTL languages. Sorry!

Regards :)

Hi, When website in mobile screen, top menu is fine, but how about left menu? I see it disappear and no where to click on. Do I missing something? Thanks,


on default there is no sidebar for mobile layouts but there are layouts for mobile sidebar. You can enable the sidebar with a button or with a slide.

Slide from left to right to see sidebar: http://www.eakroko.de/flat/layouts-mobile-slide.html

Button on the left side to show/hide the sidebar: http://www.eakroko.de/flat/layouts-mobile-button.html

Regards :)

Hi, how can i use Jquery to set\change the checked state of the styled checkboxes?



the styled checkboxes use the plugin iCheck. There are multiple ways to check/uncheck the checkbox.

If you are doing it the jQuery way:
$("#checkbox").prop('checked', true);
// Need to update/refresh the plugin
Or simply use builtin methods from iCheck plugin:
$("#checkbox").iCheck('check'); // to set checked to true
$("#checkbox").iCheck('uncheck'); // to set checked to false

Hope this helps :). If you have further questions feel free to contact me via contact form through my profile.

Regards Ernst

Hi, I want to know how to choose a columa why sort the table, or sort by a particular value of the table, ID for example. Thanks


it’s not that clear to me what you want to achieve. Do you want a column filter for numbers (IDs)? I guess with sort the table you mean filter the table?

Why don’t you use the table search?


Pleaseupgrade PLUPLOAD Version 1.5 To Version 2.xxx


It is on my list for the next update. I don’t have a specific date for it but I’m trying my best to publish it asap.


Hello Im traying to edit the dymanic table , but doesnt matter what I do I cant modify the sort for tables, it seems there is other file that I need to edit outside the HTML. could you help me please!


please send me an URL which shows the problem. I can’t predict and solve the problem here without any information.


When I upgraded to Wordpress v 3.9, the whole website formatting and layout got destroyed. We were unable to get full width back and it seems the only solution was to roll back to an older installation, but this keeps being compromised by security breaches into the theme that means my hosting takes the site down.

What can you suggest. This has been a real mess for all of us.


please send me an URL which shows the problem. Never integrated this template in wordpress so I need to see it. The security issue is likely not caused by this template. Probably from a wordpress plugin which has problems with 3.9 or a bad theme integration of this template.

Contact me via email through my profile form: http://themeforest.net/user/eakroko (last right section).


Been a long time since last update. Anything coming soon.

Yes, I know – sorry for that! Trying my best to find time to update it asap. Stay tuned!


The FLAT template is impressive – thank you.

I have two questions:
  1. How may I introduce a separator line in drop-down navbar menus?
  2. On Tables|Advanced Filtering, how do I configure the types of controls in the table header and how do I populate the desired drop-down values?


I will publish a new update probably today or tomorrow (though will take at least 1 day for the review). It will be easier to adjust the columnFilters. You will only need to write something like: data-column_filter_types=„null,select,daterange,text,null“ for example.

Also it includes many bugfixes and it doesn’t use the old dataTables like the current version of FLAT. It uses the current version of dataTables which has many important bugfixes.

Stay tuned.


Many thanks for your excellent support. It’s a joy to work with you.

Thank you really much. I appreciate it!

I have noticed that standard input fields (type=”text” or type=”password”) on forms have a pale grey background whereas other input types have a white background (textarea and select). This may also be seen in the template demo screens. The pale grey can be confused with readonly/disabled fields (I have these on my form hence the confusion). Can the background be forced to white on standard and password input boxes so that all input fields look the same?



Thanks for the report! This is also fixed in the upcoming version. Was some bug from the validation plugin.

Regards :)

Thanks for the update – was there meant to be some text in the README.txt file? I am curious top quickly see what components have changed. Thanks.

Yeah actually there should be some text, seems like something went wrong, I will update that. Thanks!

Is there a way to have data in tables in the order in which it is populated? By default, the tables seem to be sorted on the first column and I can’t see a way of turning this off – adding dataTable-nosort does nothing.



What do you want to get? Disable sorting on a column or change the default sorting/sorted column?


Simply have the table in the order I populate it from my database.

Open up eakroko.js and in line 391 you will find the dataTables options object:

dataTable_options = { dom: 'lfrtip', }, change this to: dataTable_options = { dom: 'lfrtip', order: [] },

This will remove the initial sorting. And be sure to include eakroko.js afterwards (on default eakroko.min.js is included)


how could i put one of the icons from the glyphicons in front of each header on the left menu?

While testing this I found a bug. The bootstrap glyphicon font is not correctly loaded and the icon was hidden. I fixed this in the demo. Please copy the style.css and bootstrap.min.css from there since I don’t want to publish an update for this bug:

style.css: http://www.eakroko.de/flat/css/style.css bootstrap.min.css: http://www.eakroko.de/flat/css/bootstrap.min.css

Now navigate to the header where you want to add the icon and use this markup:

<div class="subnav-title"> <a href="#" class="toggle-subnav"> <i class="fa fa-angle-down" /> <span><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-cog" />Settings</span> </a> </div>

Use any icon which bootstrap provides there :).


excellent thank you

one last question – how can i keep subnav-title background a different color whilst you are on the sub menu – you have to arrow pointing down always on but i also want the background color darker

Do you mean when the current page is a sub menu item -> the subnav-title should get a darker background?

Sorry for so many questions but as I build up a site with FLAT, I find areas where my understanding is a little fuzzy. This is a 2-part question.

Firstly, my site doesn’t have a sidebar so I need everything to be the full window width. How is this controlled? I seem to have this working by accident rather than by design but when I drop a CKEditor control in to replace a textarea, the bordered box becomes resized as if there is a sidebar present.

Secondly, I can’t see any documentation for CKEditor beyond a brief mention. Is there a source you can point me to? I want to remove some of the buttons in the ribbon bar and implement a means of uploading images to a folder and let the user select images from that folder to embed in the text.



To correctly align the content elements when the sidebar is hidden by default you have to use (this is found in documentation in the first sentences..): <div class="container-fluid nav-hidden" id="content">

For CKEditor please use the original documentation of the plugin. It would simply be way to much to include it within my documentation.

Here is the link for some developer guides: http://docs.ckeditor.com/#!/guide

I think this site will be helpful to you regarding your button configuration: http://docs.ckeditor.com/#!/guide/dev_toolbar

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the links – I am experimenting with linking in CKFinder to work with CKEditor for the image upload.

I already have <div class="container-fluid nav-hidden" id="content"> in my page.

My page uses the full width but when I replace

<textarea name="description" id="description" class="form-control" data-rule-required="true"<>/textarea>


<textarea name="description" id="description" name="ck" class='ckeditor' rows="5"></textarea>

it no longer uses the full page and sizes to an invisible sidebar.

I know that the CKEditor control can stretch across the window as this may be seen in the FLAT demo simply by toggling the visibility of the sidebar. So, I am wondering if there is something else I should be doing.

Thanks again.


Please send me an URL showing the problem.



I have probe at ”#flot-hdd” in .js file I set tickSize: [1, “hour”] then graph display from 17:00 to 17:00 on next day. I want start 0:00 to 0:00 on next day. how i can do?

Thank you. Yoky


I just tested this and this depends on your timezone. On my timezone it goes from 23:00 to 23:00. To fix this simply remove the min and max from the xaxis options:

xaxis: { //min: (new Date("2013/03/30")).getTime(), //max: (new Date("2013/03/31")).getTime(), mode: "time", tickSize: [1, "hour"], },

If now your data goes from 0:00 to 0:00 the graph should display this properly and will be automatically adjusted to your data times.

You could also use the min/max options if you really want to but then you need to calculate the correct dates -> Useful for this is (of course set the date properly) console.log((new Date(2013,02,30,0,0,0,0)).getTimezoneOffset());

This is in my case -60 which results to 23:00 instead of 0:00 which was set in Date parameters.

If you work a lot with dates in javascript I would suggest to take a look at this library: http://momentjs.com/

Hope this helps :).


Thank yok that very helpfull.

Glad that I could help :)!