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Great template. But How can I do RTL ?

RTL is not yet supported. Maybe in an upcoming release if there is more interest in it! Thanks :)

Great job, now I can only worry about the code behind, and I have no more limitations for my web applications, thank you very much.

Thank you very much :)

Hi , I am very new to using these admin templates. Can I use this with WordPress admin ? I am interested in buying this one but have no idea of using it.

Well admin templates are more for your custom made applications or custom created CMS which need a backend. WordPress is probably not the best use for an admin template.

Good job on the template, building a new intranet off it. Is it possible on the Address Book feature, to have an “All” on the alphabetical popup, or a “close” feature. The problem is, if you click on a letter, you can’t close it without going to a set letter.

I will implement that and even some more functions in the next update. Thank you :)

How can i have the sidebar hidden by default and only show when they click the button?

Add the class “nav-hidden” to the #content element.

<div class="container-fluid nav-hidden" id="content">

works like a champ. one more question.. <body data-layout=”fixed”> what element will i set the width on. and after i set the width will it kill the responsive layout? i’m looking to set a min width. so it will fill the full browser until the window is re-sized to less than 960px then have it stay at 960px if the browser goes any smaller.

It adds a class from the bootstrap framework (it doesn’t set a width). So basically you want to remove all media queries from the theme and from bootstrap which are above 960px. Of course this will kill the responsive layout because you let the layout stay at 960px. I would start with removing the media queries for the grid until it won’t change below 960px. Hope I could help :)

Hi, Is there any documentation for graphs?

Hi, I just saw that they are missing in the documentation. I will add them. Until then you can read the docs (which are way more important) from the plugin itself. https://github.com/flot/flot/blob/master/API.md

Hope I could help. Regards


Would be great if there was a SSL version of web fonts etc, since it shows alerts on browsers when I upload it to my secure server. Obviously admin panels should be secured with SSL. I am re-writing the css to include fonts by HTTPS but its pretty messy.

You mean the google webfont? Yeah, that’s true. But it’s only that one @import right?

yeah, it was that only one @import ! I figured it out thanks.

Great :) nice to hear

Thanks for the great template.

When using Fixed Top Nav and Fixed Side Nav, the nice scroll shows up on the side navigation when scrolling the main content even when there is no need for side navigation scrolling. Any thoughts?


Hi, yes I think I fixed it in the upcoming version. Until then you can simply fix this manually in application.js around line 53:

if($nav.hasClass("navbar-fixed-top") || $w.scrollTop() == 0) height -= 40;

Change to ”||” to “&&” like so:

if($nav.hasClass("navbar-fixed-top") && $w.scrollTop() == 0) height -= 40;

Hope that fixes your problem :)!

Thank you! Downloading the update now.

hi, this is excellent template. how change the language for plugins jquery, in special for datepicker?

Thanks! I think the datepicker plugin doesn’t support any other languages. However there is a fork of that plugin which has that feature. You can read more about this here:


Hope I could help you a bit!


I’m bumping my head all day with one specific layout :mad::)

I try to put on one page one chart and one dynamic table (with tools) but when I try to do this chart is not showing.

When I try layout with one basic table and chart everything is working OK

Do you have any idea/advice?

Ok, add the CSS+JS for the “Chosen” plugin. Also add the CSS from tableTools plugin. Afterwards it will work :)

It’s working :) sleepless night made this task dificult :) thx again

Feel free to contact me again before you get those sleepless nights ;)


There are a probleme in the dynamic tables page. The table ‘Hide/show columns’ it’s good idea but if you clic change columns adn you desactivate one our many columns and you clic in the hideNav(), this tables is not correctly formatted there an offset column at the end. Have you a soluce for this problem please ?


ok, i have find a soluce.

Add : “bAutoWidth”: false in function datatble for exemple : var opt = { “sPaginationType”: “full_numbers”, oLanguage “sSearch”: “ Recherche: ”, “sInfo”: “Affichage de START à END sur TOTAL résultat(s)”, “sLengthMenu”: “MENU résultats par page ” }, };

Solude : var opt = { “sPaginationType”: “full_numbers”, oLanguage “sSearch”: “ Recherche: ”, “sInfo”: “Affichage de START à END sur TOTAL résultat(s)”, “sLengthMenu”: “MENU résultats par page ” }, “bAutoWidth”: false };


Nice to hear :)

We want to buy this theme, but the theme in the CKEditor, file uploader here?

I guess you mean the plugin CKFinder. It is not included but you can simply download and add it yourself. It will integrate in the CKEditor instantly.

Amazing template, terrific work! I noticed a problem with second+ level sub-menus. They are going below the hovered menu item instead of going sideways (tried Chrome and Firefox). It might confuse some users.

Well I want to keep the -2px;. This is causing the problem :

#navigation .main-nav>li.open.active .dropdown-menu {
left: -2px;
Should be:
#navigation .main-nav>li.open.active > .dropdown-menu {
left: -2px;

But thank you very much :) !

Yeah, it’s all about the little details! :) I am seriously considering to buy this template, just need to convince my boss we should go for Metro style for this project. Once again, fantastic work, you must be proud to be the creator of all this!

Wow that’s so great from you. Thank you so much :)

Hi, eakroko, I bought the template :) Very happy with it!

Noticed one minor inconsistency in the form elements: The active date on a datepicker on the Forms Extended page looks not so flat http://i.imgur.com/rsa5j7D.jpg Not that this is a big issue, but just thought you would want to know and maybe fix it in an update some time.

Otherwise, once again, it is an amazing template. Great job!

Hi, I’m glad you like it :). I already fixed that bug/issue in the upcoming version! I think it will be published next week. Stay tuned and thank you for the bug report!

I can’t POST a form using the wizard w/validation. I see the mockjax was set to simulate a POST when posted to “post.php” But since my form’s “action” uses something different, the “Submit” button changes color for a few seconds then goes back to normal color.

Can you help?

The form is submitted via AJAX. You will not get redirected to the “action” URL. You can also disable the AJAX than you will redirected normally.

In eakroko.js line 319:
formPluginEnabled: true,
You need to set this to false to disable ajax in the wizard. And afterwards don’t forget to include eakroko.js (normally eakroko.min.js is included).

Hope I could help a bit. Maybe the plugin documentation provides a bit better help: http://thecodemine.org/.

Thank you! Worked perfectly.

Hi Eakroko, very good template.

Can you help to configure eakroko script for DataTables Editor?


Could you send me the URL to your page? I need to know where your problem is. Did you try the initialisation code from the editor examples?

I figured it out, thanks Eakroko. (missing include editor script)

Ok that’s great :)

Terrific work m8!! The last version is not opening multilevel menus in fixed sidebar. Regards, Cora

Thanks for the bug report :) I will fix that asap!

Hi, nice work, but if I open index.html and I delete everything betwen a there is en error in javascript. I thing empty page should not has error.

I included a blank page so you don’t need to delete everything manually. The error comes from demonstration.js which shouldn’t even be included in your development files. It’s just for demonstration purpose! Hope I could clear things up :)

It’s been working great so far, I had a few questions or requests. At the moment I havent seen much documentation as to what does what ..etc. For instance, “datatables” plugin. You have the datatables working great based on the class name. However, you can not tell it which column to sort by default, if you change it in the JS, you’ll change it globally to every datatable across the site. The request would be, if inside the column you put a class that said something like “datatable-sort-desc”. (something like that would make this easier), I guess I could also attempt to create a JS to override the sorting, but looking for easier options to keep everything clean and structure of the main JS in tact. I may end up creating the mod myself, but just wanted to inform you.

I know what you mean and totally agree you. You will find a lot of those discussions in the datatables forum and there is no real solution to it. I think most of the time you have identically tables just with different data and therefore it’s not wrong to just write it in the JS. Of course I could implement the the class or data-* attribute for default sorting. However there are so many options that I won’t and can’t implement them all, that would result in a total overkill. So the question is what attributes/classes need to be added which will be used quite often so it’s worth to add that feature to JS and prevent bloating.