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Demo page is down:


“The service is not available. Please try again later.”

I’m not sure it that’s really temporary or server issue. :)

Yeah, had a little downtime. Thanks for the report :). It was temporary

Hi eakroko,

Nice Themes, i’m intend to used this theme.

Do you have documentation?

- If I want to implement the “Wizard Form” what dependency files it’s need to embed, This because in the example of the flat themes it’s shown plenty of dependency files (css, js).

Hi and thank you :). Yes, there is a documentation included which gives you an overview of all elements and the markup for them. All plugins with links to their homepage/documentation are also included.

For the wizard you will need : jquery form plugin (for ajax stuff) and the jquery form wizard plugin. If you want to have the wizard validated you also need the jquery validation plugin included.

If you have any questions just contact me

Hi and thank you for this great work. Note: “Hide/show columns” section, in IE 10, when I finish choosing the columns, the list still there and I can not hide it even when I click outside.

I have two questions: 1. Is there a way to add a logo on the generated PDF file (Table with tools). 2. In the Dynamic Table section, is it possible to use the “Table with tools” and “the Hide/show columns” in the same table?

Hi and thank you! Yes, I also noticed that and will try to fix that bug in the next version. 1. I don’t believe but maybe you find something about it on the documentation: http://www.datatables.net/extras/tabletools/ 2. I will add that in the next version, so stay tuned :) (probably in 2-3 days)

Hey man, first of all, solid job on the template, looks clean. One thing that kind of confuses me though, is it possible that mobile users can’t see the sidebar? And if so, what would be the point in having pages in there? Or would you treat it as some sort of “quick access” list for often used pages?

It just provides some more possibilites for the user. You could use it as some sort of quick access and also often used pages. But you can also have normal pages in there. Actually you don’t always need full access from mobile. – specially in backends. However I also thought about a sidebar toggle in mobile version. Will think about it again! Thanks :)

One more thing, I notice you have icons in your navigation, but they aren’t showing. Why are they there? I’m talking about i class=”icon-home”> in front of the dashboard link for example.

Oh wow, that was an experimental thing and it seems that I forgot to take them out again. Thank you very much for this “bug”. I will fix that of course asap!

Hi eakroko, can you make top menu dropdown on hover rather than click?

Hi, I will add the option to enable hover trigger in the upcoming version so stay tuned :)

Hi eakroko,

Thanks for your great theme. I really like it. For the email part, can you add a theme page to show a single email content?

Best regards, Jeffrey

I will add more Email templates in the upcoming version. Stay tuned ! :)

Do you plan on add autocomplete jquery in form ?

For example in page you add town + zip code and in your form when you tape zip code, town come automatically ?

I think in about 2-3 days. Will give my best to publish it asap!

Do you think it’s possible in validation form to turn input from red to blue or green when input it’s ok ?

For example if i’ve email input and i write good email, input is red like wrong input.

What browser are you using? Actually the input field should turn RED as long as the input is invalid but if you change the invalid input to a valid input it should automatically change to green!

Aha i’m little colour-blind so i don’t see difference between red and green :)

Ok, you can also test this with the error hint. For example if the email is wrong than below the email input should be : “Please enter a valid email address.” If you change the email to a valid one, that text should disappear.

Trying to hide the sidebar but failing. My content displays fine inside this:

But there is still about 2 inches of white space where the sidebar should be on the left. What am I doing wrong?

Could you send me an URL or screenshot?

thanks for the update and keeping it maintained !

Hi. Sorry about my English. Great job, I’m testing it for a new project and I found some odd behavior in Android (ver 2.3.7).

If I resize the PC web browser to a cell phone width it works great, but in Android, the sidebar is visible, or it appears and disappears with no evident reason, sometimes overlapping, sometimes squezzing the main content.

I don’t know how to do a screen capture in Android, but I could try if you can’t reproduce it.

Thanks in advance Carlos

Hi, I guess there are some problems with the sidebar which you can toggle/active with slide left/right. Overlapping should happen when you slide right. Squeezing should actually not happen once (only when page loads until fully loaded). However I guess all those problems come from the slide plugin. I don’t have any problems with Android 4.X. I will try to fix those issues as soon as possible! Stay tuned

Hi. Thanks for your reply. Yes, it seems that there is some problem with the sidebar. When the page loads for the first time, it’s visible, the main content is squeezed and the menu button at the header is not shown. If I slide in/out the sidebar, it appears/disappears but the main content doesn’t expand. If I rotate the phone, it seems that everything take their place, the sidebar dissapears and the menu button appears. I found another issue, the graphs doesn’t appear in the dashboard, but they work fine in the graphs page. Regards

That actually sounds like a javascript problem (because of graph error) which stops all other functions/scripts and that would result in layout errors but in the demonstration are no errors. There seems to be some incompatibility with a plugin which causes a javascript error. Will try my best to solve it.

Hi there. Cool template!

I am considering purchasing however would like to confirm whether there is an evaluation to download? The reason I want to simply use it as a “static webpage”. By that I mean it’ll simply be used as a dashboard to display charts (hard-coded values) and a few links (either using the sidebar or top menu). I’d also like to experiment with the calendar feature on the dashboard which I really like as well.

I’m not overly confident with coding so it’d be great to give it a trial run to ensure it meets my needs. Not sure if this is possible though.

Any thoughts? Is what I want to do pretty easy?

It is pretty easy, yes. The charts can be quite hard to understand and getting them to work but there are many example pages and a good documentation for it. The calendar is easy to understand and to use. Of course there is no “trial download” because that’s simply not possible with such a template. However you can just look at the JS files or go to the plugins pages and read their documentations (charts: https://github.com/flot/flot/blob/master/API.md and calendar: http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/docs/)

Hope I could help you :) regards


I am planning to buy this awesome template only if you can add one thing. Can you please add images gallery like Pinterest? The Gallery in which images are of variable height and the page is responsive.

Thanks in Advance.

I will add this in the upcoming version :-). Stay tuned!

thanks really great of you.


I really like this theme. I’ve used many themes in the past but Flat is by far and away the best one yet. It’s really well put together. I can see that is is heavily influenced by the Metro theme as used in outlook.com. As we will probably want to use this with the extended license in a SaaS application I just wanted to check if copyright is or could be a potential issue in relation to this?


PS. A simple footer which could contain a few text links would be a really nice addition

Hi, I’m glad you like it :).

Indeed some elements and structure got inspired by outlook.com. However I think there shouldn’t be problems because it’s just basic structure – nothing real special/unique.

Yes, I also thought about a footer and will implement a page with a footer on the next version. Thanks!

Thanks for clarifying. Footer would be great.

Hi there, dynamic Table Section with multi searching, my question is: is there a way to make one cologne’s header/title of the dynamic table empty (no searching, no sorting…) thank you!

Please send me an URL

It works. Thanks for your help!

Glad I could help

How can I download the updates? Thank you.

I will try my best to publish it next week!

Thank you for your reply. Relative to the compatibility with IE7, 8, 9? Can you do something?

I don’t think I will include IE7 and IE8 compatibility. Thanks

Dear Eakroko, this template is really great. I have purchased this for my control panel. May I give a recommendation for one of your next releases: It would be quite useful if you could provide an option to place a top logo – a horizontal banner above the main menu… I am trying to make some modifications to enable that myself but struggling to do it with data-layout-topbar=”fixed” and data-layout-sidebar=”fixed”. Could you please guide me how I can do this.

Many thanks.

Ok, first you need to change the class “navbar-fixed-top”

#navigation.navbar-fixed-top {
top: 75px;

You also need to change sidebar offset:

#content.nav-fixed #left {
top: 115px;
application.js line:706
$("#left").css("top", 115);
application.js line:711
 if($("#left").css("top") == "115px" && !$('#left').hasClass("sidebar-fixed")){
application.js line:733
if($(window).scrollTop() == 0 ) $("#left").css("top", 115);
application.js line:748
$("#left").css("top", 115);

Oh and don’t forget to include application.js afterwards. (normally application.min.js is included) I think that’s it. Tell me if it worked :)

Dear Eakroko, many thanks for the valuable help. It worked like a charm!

That’s great :) Glad I could help out

Dear Eakroko, this template is really great.Will it support Chinese?

It should but I have no experience in chinese-support..

Ha ha, we may have the opportunity to cooperate

Hey, This says it supports IE9 but none of the place holders for inputs work in IE9??

It supports IE9, however IE9 does not support the placeholder attribute. Maybe I will add a plugin for IE lower 10 to support placeholder tag in the next version! Thanks for the information and stay tuned :)


I love this theme and just purchase it but can anybody help me understand how to install it into wordpress?

Thanks Jozef

It is an template for administration/backends. You cannot install it directly into wordpress. If you want to use it besides backends you will have to adopt it to wordpress.

Hope I could clear things up! Regards