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i added the classes to the sidebar

but it still does a regular scrollbar when the content is too long and not the one like in your demo. is there something else i should have put?

Could you send me an URL please?

im having some difficulty working out the styled checkboxes.

        <div class="check-demo-col">
            <div class="check-line ">
                <input type="checkbox" class='inline icheck-me ' data-skin="square" data-color="blue">
                <label class='inline'>test</label>

how does check-demo-col make the checkboxes work? i cant seem to get them styled without using it. Also check-demo-col really throws out the layout if i use it in the sidebar

Yes, there seems to be a problem. You shouldn’t use check-demo-col because it has a set width (which causes the problem in the sidebar).

In the upcoming version this bug is solved. Until then please use this CSS:

    position: relative;
    margin-bottom: 10px;

        position: absolute;

And don’t use the check-demo-col. That should work! If not just contact me via email and send me an URL please :)!

Regards, Ernst

nice! thanks worked ( slight typo in solution with the ‘}’ but all good )

Oh sorry, I copied it from my .scss file (which supports nested selectors) :)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1kr91od3dsol4wg/setting-layout.png When I delete the button parameter setting display, my code ”<body class=”theme-darkblue” data-layout-topbar=”fixed” data-layout=”fixed” data-layout-sidebar=”fixed”> “are not considered, can you help me? Thank you very much.

I see and yes you are right. I will fix that bug in the upcoming version! Stay tuned

ok, thank you

Hello.. Can you tell me how can I add two input required field that collect an starting date and ending date… I think would be in next update..

What’s your problem exactly? Just create a form with 2 required inputs and make them with a datepicker (and maybe a input mask if you want).

Hi there, thanx again for a great work … is it possible to add Language selection to login page ?

Thanks, great work!

Hi and thank you :) I really appreciate it!

I don’t think I will include it by default but you can make it easily yourself! The code is very easy to understand and to customize.

If you need some help contact me via email please!


Hello, Currently, the checkbox comes with a tick. Can you also provide checkbox that comes with a cross?


Hi, I guess you mean the iCheck plugin. You can easily create your own skins for that plugin e.g. with a cross.

You can read more about it here: http://damirfoy.com/iCheck/

Regards :) Ernst

I think it would be good if you as the author of this template to implement it so that it matches the theme that you are trying to advertise for, dont you think so? :)

If there is more interest and more requests in a checkbox skin which comes with a cross instead of a tick I will implement it for sure. I can’t implement every single request especially not if they are kind of unique.

Maybe I will check the skins and add one with a cross I will think about it!


I love the template, congratulations! Is it possible to have rounded corners on the template? (boxes and some other elements)


Hi, of course you can edit elements to have rounded corners. However I don’t think that I will implement it in the template because it main ideas/structure/design is to not have rounded corners and keep everything flat. I hope you understand this.

If you need help to implement the rounded corners, just contact me via email!

Hope I can/could help you a bit :)!

Regards, Ernst

This template gets more and more awesome with each update! Thank you for all your work, eakroko!

Thank you so much :). There are so many awesome upcoming features … Stay tuned!

Can you provide a slider that can handle more than one range?

From 0-10, a range for 5-10, 25-55, 60-95

Hm okay. The template uses the jQuery UI Slider. I don’t think that it has such a functionality and haven’t seen any slider with that feature before. Do you have any examples?

Ok thank you. I will think about it :)!

Great template. When the layout is resized to one column, the left side navigation menu is not accessible. Any method you can think of to make the left column navigation options accessible for mobile.

Did you see the “mobile pages”? In those is the side navigation enabled. You can choose between a toggle with a button or a left-to-right slide. The one with the button: http://www.eakroko.de/flat/more-mobile-button.html


I see, OK great thank you

problems with angular.js

Hi, not sure if this is the theme or a jquery/bootstrap/angular incompatibility.

just about all of the controls that rely on js/jquery dont work. (eg popups, tooltips, advanced forms (sorting etc))

They work great without angular, but once put into an angular ng-include or ng-view, it seems like the js never gets run.

yes, it is dynamic element inserting. the fix was a bit more complicated. i’ll post it here in case anyone else is using angular.

eakroko.js contains a $(document).ready that contains all the setup code for all the gui components. this code needs to be moved into its own function. i called mine setupEakroko().

now under angular you need to create a directive.

app.directive(‘setupEakroko’, function () { return { link: function (scope, elm, attrs) { setupEakroko(); } } });

and in your html you need to use the directive in the html element. eg code for a custom table

(note angular changes ‘setup-Eakroko’ into camel case ‘setupEakroko’

i’ve actually split up all the setup code from the original document ready so that i am not calling unnecessary code in the directives, but the above solution works as a way to get things going.

damn, the form filtered out the html for the custom table. the outside ( and ) are meant to be the lessthan and greaterthan symbols

(table class=”table table-hover dataTable-fixedcolumn dataTable dataTable-columnfilter ” datatable-setup=”“)

Yes you can’t post html in here, you need to remove entities. I’m doing this with this tool: http://htmlentities.net/.

I didn’t get everything with the setup and directives – probably because I haven’t looked much into angularjs.

The javascript will be done completly from scratch when I have time for it. It’s just not that maintainable as I can see at your example and I already knew before. I know I should split everything in functions (e.g. initDataTable) etc.. Afterwards it would be way easier to implement angularjs and other js frameworks…

However haven’t had enough time for that yet but I hope I will have soon.

So everything is now working for you right?

Hi, i see that application.js uses functions from jquery-ui plugin. This makes the inclusion of this plugin mandatory. Can you make a short list of the mandatory plugins? I just want to define the page template I don’t need in this stage any functionality other than navbar and dropdown. 2. I want to use knockoutjs instead of backbone. Do you know any incompatibilities with your theme?

I will create a section for mandatory includes in the documentation in the next version :). I don’t know any incompatibilities!

hello, just bought this template, marvelous :-) when can we expect the next release you think?

thanks for the good work, Martin

Thank you :) I appreciate it! I will try my best to release it next week so stay tuned ;)

sounds just great :-) another question, how do i get those little icons to stay, not disappear when resizing the browser? if i see the template in fullscreen i get the dropdown menus and the menu to the right, but when resizing the dropdown disappear (which is fine) but the icons (message, settings etc) also and the only thing left is the user-icon menu?

rgds Martin

It is in the style.css a media-query. There is simply not enough space to display everything. You have to edit those media-queries in order to show/hide specific elements on a specific width.

If you need help with it you need to say what elements should stay at which width..


hola… como puedo hacer para poder quitar el bloqueo del firebug, mientras estoy desarrollando mi proyecto, para poder depurar los errores ?

Could you speak english please?

already resolved

In demo with flat theme if you change color from top right menu, sub-menus in Pages menu (Shop, Mobile Sidebar) have same default blue top border.

Indeed.. thanks for the bug report. I will fix that in the next version!

Hi, is it possible to make the search on the sidebar filter the items in the sidebar? Can you add the javascript to make this happen? Thanks.

Hi, of course this is possible. I will think about implementing it. Thanks

Thanks. Hope to see it soon.

Also, possible to add http://danpalmer.me/jquery-complexify/ for forms/validations? If not some other password strength checker?

Can you add CRUD sample. Basic form for create/update and table list. Thanks.

Hi thanks for the idea. I will think about implementing it in the next version! Thank you :)

Hi, I have problem using the Form-Wizard. How can i reset the form-Wizard so every thing on Form gets removed?

Also what can i jump between steps in Form-Wizard. Lets say i have 10 Steps and i want to jump to Step 5 from Step 1 or opposite.

Please Help. Thanks

You want a button to reset the form? You will need to create a button with a click event in JS. That button should trigger the following command:


Jumping between steps is not supported with that wizard plugin which is used., sorry.

If you need help just contact me via email :)

It seems there is a problem in FF20 with layout of message’s dropdown box with small preview. The messages into it for first and third entry displayed under the image of sender. For chrome the widget displayed correctly. PS: This is true for your original package, I didn’t change anything yet.

That’s true, thanks for the bug report. I will fix it in the next update, stay tuned :)

... and, I forgot to say thank you for your work. It’s realy nice template it’s exactly what I looked for. Looking forward for Upcoming Features! Good Luck

Thank you :)