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Very Nice! have a great sales!

Congrats and Awesome Work :D

Thank you!

Awesome work buddy! Good luck with sales

Nice theme but I wasn’t expecting to see the javascript scroll bars in it, is there a way to remove it and let the content extend more than the buttons on the right? You have pictures of that in the screenshot and the pictures that are within the items details description.

@higgler For support, you first need to buy our template.

If this is a preseller question: - PSD and HTML Template are 2 different items. - We can´t add the hole content of a website in a psd file if we dont let the content extend more than the bottom. Preview images are just that “previews”. If you want to see how your website will looks like you should click on “Live Preview”.

Thanks for asking, let us know if you have any other question! :)

Great layout! Good luck! :)

Thank you!

Images do not re-scale/re-order in mobile/tablet view, in Portifolio filtered view.

Eg. Go to Portifolio, then click Web filter button, and rescale your browser window.

@torgrim We did an update improving the responsive layout. Try the blue color demo to test it. We also added step by step screenshots so you can adjust by yourself the elements that you want in the resolution that you need. Regards!


Hi, in item details page you mention “unlimited icons”. These are implemented using unicode chars. But in your demo, ie8 fails to display three of them (download, education and portfolio). Is it safe (by means of responsive functionality) to use the “classic” background technique?

If I’ll purchase would you provide some info with unicode chars table? So I could try ie compatible chars before the background solution.

@gneto thanks for asking. We just made an update with an easy way to add icons. We are using Font Awesome and Entypo from fontello. If you want to change an icon you just need to change a word. For example “icon-profile” for “icon-user” at the i class. You can make a test in our blue demo by using Firebug tool. We added more information at the documentation file with step by step screenshots. Hope this help you!


VERY Cool!! Different (I always respect that most ha), Clean, Bold, Modern and Grt on Mobile (LUV that repsonsive menu style!)

:)))))) Thank you so much!

Nice!! will you have a WP version of this coming out?

Thank you for your reply to my previous question.

I noticed that in resolutions of 1190px width and higher and 730px height and lower the theme does not display the very top line (Mike Smithson Doe) and also creates a horizontal scroll bar.

PS. for some reason the “purchased” badge is not shown next to my username.

please please, ask this at our forum!!! thanks

One more question, the plugins.js is 397 KB. Is any way for this to be minimized more? I believe it is too much in size.

please please, ask this at our forum! :)

A link for the forum pls

Hello @gneto, our forum is at our profile, support.mustachethemes dot com

Hi, great work ! For the WP version, do you have an approximative release date ? And there will be limitation in comparison of this HTML version ?

Best regards

By the way, the layout isn’t perfectly responsive on the ipad : some part seems to be cut (like the avatar picture) or are acting strangely (like the social network square that appear on the top of the screen)... And just a simple question : will the WP version (and the actual HTML one) allow for video from vimeo integration in the lightbox (in the portfolio) ?

At the stylesheet you will find all the styles for the different devices, you can customize it. They wp is going to be a bit different from the html version, let`s see… :)

Thanks, very impatient to see it live. Best regards.

The SocialShare button (”+”) does not re-collapse on iPad and in Chrome. The Portofolio images overlap in landscape mode on iPad. (Tested on iPad and Chrome for Windows)

@torgrim Ok, we will make an update soon, thanks for your question.

hi would appreciate a bit more detailed tutorial on the blog section.


We just added it, feel free to download the last version of this item. Regards!

hello, the theme is not displaying correctly on my ipad 2, please help.

thank you.

screen capture:

please add your question at the forum, thanks!

pre-sales question: Is it possible to keep the content on the screen? I like the psd-preview more instead of the boxed (scrollbar) version.

Is there some way to deactivate the scrollbar-plugin?

I bought the theme, registered succesfully in the forums to post a question but the question does not show up in Topics Started in my profile at the forum. I resent the question and it then tells me I already posted this question altough it is not visible. Can you help out? Thanks

We are at the forum, thanks!

Did you get my posting?

already answered


My social menu appears on the wrong spot. How can i fix it?


We will answer you at the forum, thanks!

hello i have a problem , i purchased the html files but how can i use your theme please ?

@wooodye Why not? It is a HTML Template. Read the Documentation file, we add steps, tutorials, videos there.