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Another nice template :)

Thanks :)

I noticed that if you open a Portfolio (click on Thumbnail), and if you scroll up, choose another Thumbnail, you get scrolled down too much! (looks like a bug) it goes to What we do? and it should go for the new portfolio! Can you fix this? Or am I wrong?

Alright Tdukim, The problem is fixed, the version 1.1 is in the review queue ;)

I notice the same thing as Tdukim. Otherwise, a great template! Also, in the Team area would it be possible to use just 1 person to the left with a larger text area (for About us) to the right? Thanks!

I just tested it in iOS Safari and it seems a bit buggy in mobile. Scrolling is not very smooth, and clicking a portfolio image does not scroll you down to the open portfolio item.

Hello Echiara, i will check this :)

On mobile, when you click a portfolio project, the page doesn’t scroll down to the open project. A bit confusing!

Yup, i’ll try to fix this ;)

Awesome! Thanks for the fast response!

The problem is fixed, the version 1.1 is in the review queue ;)

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thanks louiejie !

Now this is something I like! Great job. GLWS!

Glad to hear that ;-)

Hi. Great work! What about the background at header? Is just the image size? See…

And the layout in tablet view don`t show the menu… its all right?

Sorry my english ;)

Hello LTonet, yes it’s just the background-size, but you can also put it in 100%, anyway about the menu i disable it in portrait mode.

I love flat design! Good luck in sales ;)

Thanks, i also like your style !

Those issues don’t seem to be fixed in iOS Safari. :(

Also, the “What We Do” icons are very fuzzy and distorted in Chrome & FireFox on desktop. But they’re ok in IE.

Alright EChiara, the version 1.2 is in the review queue, thoses issues has been fixed :

- Fixed the Overflow Issue on Mobile Device - Fixed the Expander Preview on Mobile Device - Fixed the blurried img problem on Chrome&Firefox

Hi, awesome design first of all! Would it be possible to add some kind of pagination or a “load more button” (could be done with something like this: http://www.infinite-scroll.com/) to the portfolio section?

This would realy increase the page speed for people with several portfolio items!

Will think about it ;)

Hey man i really want to use this and make a website once i download the template and change some of the things around what do i do like can you explain to me how to get my website up and running on the internet please explain!

I can not help you at 100% and make your whole website, the principle of templates is that you have to learn a little bit of code. That’s why it is cheap.

yes ok but like i know how to code but once im finsihed what do i do can i just upload it to the internet through a hosting provider or

Of course, you have just to upload it ;)

Ok Just purchased the template! How do i change the images and were did u get them from?

Everything is on the HTML Main File remplaced by placehold.it Anyway the image from the Preview are mine.

Ok cool i really want to change the header bar or whatever you no were the picture of the mac is i want to my pic their cant find it at all!

Hi, I’d like to change the size of logo on the top left corner. I cant seem to find which code to edit for that. Could you please help me out?

Hello pyknic, Thanks for purchasing it ;) Anyway you can put any size of logo, but it depend to the height of the nav bar. Anyway you can change the size on the style.css line 367 & 374.

Thank you very much for your help! It is a great template! :)

Thanks ! Don’t hesitate to rate it ;)

Never mind found it!

On what line do we change the colour of the header thing wre it says we are flat studio or whatver mine is brown!

Once again it’s on the main stylesheet, you can also found solutions in the documentation. Anyway if you have still some trouble please contact me by e-mail intead of putting a new comment.

Dag Supview! Hoe gaat het me jou?

I just loved your theme… Thanks for that…

I’m facing two small issues tough…

1. In SAFARI, I see the two sets of three last works without padding between them on the bottom… In Chrome is fine… I thought I had messed something but not…Even this live preview I have the bug… I can send you a screenshot by email…

2. On iPhone, iPad (portrait when we click on the item at the top it sends to the portfolio# but doesn’t scroll…

Is there any fix?

Thank you and all the best from Copacabana!


Hello, Could you send me an e-mail on hello@iamsupview.be ?


Thank you for an awesome template. I love it!!

Just a few questions, I might be missing something here. Are these issues fixed? 1. “What We Do” icons are very fuzzy and distorted in Chrome & FireFox on desktop. 2. On mobile – clicking a portfolio image does not scroll you down to the open portfolio item.

I downloaded my template on Sunday 25th Aug and these issues seems to still exist. Thanks is advance :)

Could you give me your website by Mail ( hello@iamsupview.be ) seems strange about theses bug cauz they were fixed.