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Hi there. I can’t install the theme?? When I upload from wordpress it fails and when I upload via FTP it dosen’t show in wordpress admin? Any suggestions on what to do?

Hello nekjam, it’s not an Wordpress Template, it’s an HTML Template. Anyway the Flat Studio Will be soon release in Wordpress Theme.

First of all i wanna say that i love the template! I have an issue with the email form, though. When i recieve an email sent using the form only the comment and email adress shows up, ik can’t see the name of the sender or the phone number. Can you help me with that?

Hello sophia, of course, could you send me your sender.php by mail ?

I will, thanks in advange!

Great template! Im having trouble getting a vimeo video into my portfolio, Im currently using this code <iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/29181114?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0” width=”100%” height=”100%” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

But the video displays at about 150pixels high. If I specify the size then it is ignored by the responsive element of the site.

If you could provide a way for the video to run at the same width of the images and only as high as it needs to be to do this?


Hello apklement, i have set a iframe video from vimeo, please refer to this one ;)

I have had a look around for a setting but cant find one for iframes :( If you could point me where to look.

Hep ! You have to put a height, it cannot take a 100%. So use : width=”100%” height=”300px” for exemple ;)


The template design looks great but I can’t see the live preview. The browser keeps saying page not found and I would like to see it working.

Thanks in advance.

You are maybe talking about the Flat Studio Wordpress Version. There was a hosting problem, it’s resolved ;)

That´s right, thank you!

It looks beautifully simple!

What font did you use for the logo?

It’s a custom made :)

There seems to be a bug in Safari. The ‘latest work’ section cubes are vertically joined together.

Hi! I’ve answered to your email regarding the bugs on the 26th August and still didn’t hear from you… Would you answer me soon?

Cheers, Stucky

Hello, just did! Cheers, Stu

After 3 months … Still waiting for your answer…

Hello graphiarium, i didn’t recieve any mail…

I have also look into my junk folder, but there is nothing

Also, the theme doesn’t seem to have any code for the mobile menu, although the demo does. Any reason why?

The Mobile Navigation is available, just download in your donwload page the template ;)

Thanks for the quick work. Could you advice me on what lines of the css/index needs updating? I’ve modified both files and don’t really want to sift through it all.

No worries. Figured it out

It seems a bit strange that a theme that is “Fully” responsive doesn’t come with the primary navigation working on mobile. Call me crazy but it’s a pretty important part of the site.

You also advertise that it does have a mobile menu by putting a picture of a phone with the menu on the sale page, so I would consider making the menu available to your customers who are paying money to get a template that is missing one of the most important parts.

Alright, The version 1.4 with the Mobile Navigation is in the review queue ;)

Excellent.. Good work dude.. When will it be available for download? or is it already? I’m not sure what the “review queue” is lol

Probably Tomorrow, The review queue mean that a reviewver from the ThemeForest team need to check if everything is ok ;)

Do you have any similar blog layouts I could use with this theme?

Hello johmbsch, No sorry, we have developped the blog layout with the wordpress template.

Hi – thanks for your reply. I also purchased the wordpress version of this same theme – but I can’t see how to make this wordpress theme look like a traditional blog. Have I bought the wrong theme?

Hello. What a great template!

I have a question…

I would like the <section id="header"> (Dark blue) to fill the browser window. height: 100%;

I was able to do it with position:absolute but the “WORKS” section flows to the top.

Can you help me have just the nav at the top and a full browser window of the header background image?

Thank you

you can see my custom work here… http://orangesodapop.com

Hello designslave, Thanks for purchasing it ! Anyway you could do it with a position absolute of course :

body, html { 
    height: 100%;
    min-height: 100%;

In gumby.css you have imported the google-font without the prefix http://, which in some cases makes the site load in 16 sec!

You can delete it, cauz it’s the Lato Font used there, anyway i didn’t change anything on the gumby framework so it’s a problem from the framework. I’ll notice this one.

In styles.css you have several classes named .interblock_footer, but there is no elements in index.html with a class named interblock_footer. I reckon you should switch .interblock_footer over to #interblock_footer.

If I were to want to incorporate my blogger blog, would I be able to add it in via and RSS feed? thank you!

Please reply my mail.


I have been developing the Wordpress version of your theme which has now “disappeared” from themeforest. I was told that I could email the developers ‘Chocolathemes’ for support but have had no response. I would really appreciate some help with the contact form which doesn’t work and which I was told “was being worked on”. Thanks.

Hello Adam, we were both working on the wordpress but it´s Playne who did the conversion of the html version. I cannot provide support for this one. Maybe try to contact playne ;-)

First off, great theme and nice code to work with so far.

Just one problem so far, I’ve added a row to my “works” section and added correlating “portfolio details” sections to match per your documentation. But now, when you click on one of the works, it doesn’t show the details section correctly.

Is there an adjustment that needs to be made to the offsets? Or? I’ve tinkered with it but can’t seem to make it work correctly. Any documentation or advice would be helpful.

My staging site: http://www.theroyalwedesign.com/staging/trw/

Never heard back on this. A little help?

Hi Supview. I emailed you about the WP theme. Tx!

Just answered back ;)

Love this template. I have a question for header in IE. Text “WE ARE FLAT DIGITAL STUDIO” is disappear, which ff ,safari, chrome is fine. Please kind advise on this issue.

Love this template. I have a question for header in IE. Text “WE ARE FLAT DIGITAL STUDIO” is disappear, which ff ,safari, chrome is fine. Please kind advise on this issue.

Hello, work well for me on IE9 :/ could you provide me a screenshot or on wich version of IE are you working on ?

IE 9 in window 7. May I have your email so I can share the screenshot to you. thanks supview!