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Great theme!

Only one question, I cannot see the logo on top left on iPad in portrait view and on mobile devices its not appeared at all? Can you please fix this?

Thanks a million. aq

Dear Supview – I have posted one question about 3 days ago, looking forward your kind answer and support asap. Thanks

Hello aqueelawan, it’s not displayed at all on mobile device. The design is like that ;)

Hi, thank you for the great Template! There seems to be a bug in the Navigation. If I insert a new Item that points to an external Website, the Link doesn’t seem to work – i.e the external link isn’t opened. Is there a fix for this?


Hello gekus, for that you have to modify the main.js and add a class.

Something like this :

$('nav .goto a, .buttongo a').click(function(e){

and put the class ( class=”goto” ) into each link that you want a scrollto.

Works – thanks!

With pleasure !

It would be nice, if you would create a theme with a portfolio having a “load more” option!

How to get the Contact form to work? Do I have to correct the .php-kode? I can not find anywere where I can correct the e-mail adress to my own. Hope you can help me soon. Thank you :-)

Hello graphida, it’s noticed into the documentation file.


I bought the Wordpress theme. Now the URL of this theme is changed (404) and I still have no answer on my question how to fix the non-sending of the contact form. I asked for this September 10th.

Can you please let me know?

Kind regards, Niki

Hello Niki, I just provide the Design, not the code of the Template. We have deleted it because Playne could not more provide a support for the template. Maybe contact him :/

Can you give me his contact details? Someone called “Chocolathemes” responded they would fix it “next week”. Now everything is deleted, Chocolathemes site does not exist anymore and I still have a broken theme.

Total rip-off.

I would like to know if there is a CSS version for wordpress cause I’ve found some posts on Internet talking about it but the link to the theme doesn’t work.

I’m really interested in buying the wordpress version.



Great template, but there’s just one problem I’m having. Would you be able to add a simple verification code in order to submit the contact form? Like, 2+2=4 or something simple. I love the template, but I’m starting get spam emails through the form and I think a captcha system would help. Thanks!

Never mind, I was able to figure out how to write one on my own. :)

Hey there. Great template! I am noting some issues when using it with Safari on Mac as well as on iOS. Images look fuzzy, like this: http://note.io/IckzF9

Any hint on what I could do? Thank you!

Hey. Not sure what I’m not looking at but I can’t seem to see or find the code for the main top 1600×700 placed picture?!

Can you please direct me to where this is within code.

Everything else is fine, great template :)

Hep Thanks ! You’ll found it into your main stylesheet. Line 394 #header balise ;)

Hello, template looks great. im having a problem with embedding a video from vimeo in the portfolio detail container. i tried the old embed code which isn’t working right either. It’s not the vimeo settings.

there is just a gray box that says “the file or directory could not be found”. any thoughts on how to get this to function?

thank you

Hello there ! Seems strange, did you uploaded your website into your FTP? Cauz maybe it’s because you’re in local mode ?

Hello, Great Template… Just want to know is there any way to change the size of the example image in work detail section from 700×700 to some bigger size like 1100×700. Thanks :)

Hello :-) Thanks first! Anyway yes you could use a bigger image but it Will always fit with the columns. If you want to have a bigger width just change the columns value for twelve columns instead of ten ;-)

Hey thanks for quick reply…its seven columns and i tried it with twelve columns and it worked. Thank you so much for help :)

Perfect :) Don’t hesitate to rate the templare ;)

Hello, I have written to you on hello@iamsupview.be about my “links” issues in the navigation (not appearing in pink when clicked) and the fact that the portfolio items are divided in two colums by a huge gap between them in IE instead of three colums in firefox.

Could I have a reply please ? Thank you !

Hello Supview, and thank you for a great template.

I have the same issue as gekus above here, and I followed your directions and put the following code in main.js:

$('nav .goto a, .buttongo a').click(function(e){

and then I’ve tried to make my link work in a lot of ways in the navigation, but it doesn’t. Now it looks sort of like:

<div class="cbp-af-header">
    <nav class="row"> 
        <ul id="nav">
            <li><a href="#contact">Contact</a></li>
            <li><a href="#team">About</a></li>
            <li><a href="#whatwedo">Services</a></li>
            <li><a class="selected" href="#works">Works</a></li>
            <li><a class="goto" href="http://www.myexternallink.com">Link</a></li>

What am I doing wrong?

Alright :)

Although… now that I’ve messed around, I somehow messed up the smooth scrolling from the navigation menu… I have no idea why, I don’t think I made any changes. What file do you think I messed up and should replace? Could you please have a look at klashjelm.se and klashjelm.se/en/ for the version with the external links?

@samcox89 – I finally figured it out. Put the class=”goto” on the

  • that has the internal links, not on the and not at the external links at all. Then it works!
  • I’m trying to do the same as klashjelm and similarly, it’s not doing much. I’ve put the code in the main.js section and added the class=”goto”, just like klashjelm.

    Does the code in the main.js have to go anywhere particular?

    @klashjelm, I was just looking at your main.js.

    It seems you’ve commented out the smooth scrolling. I tried commenting out the scrolling and the external link worked (see code below), but the scrolling was obviously not smooth anymore.

    @Supview, how do we keep both the scrolling and the external link?

    /* 03. SMOOTH SCROLLING /-----------------/

    /*$(‘nav a, .buttongo a’).click(function(e){ $(‘html,body’).scrollTo(this.hash,this.hash); e.preventDefault(); }); */

    $(‘nav .goto a, .buttongo a’).click(function(e){ $(‘html,body’).scrollTo(this.hash,this.hash); e.preventDefault(); });


    Ah cool. Got it! Thanks.

    Hello Supview I have written to you 13 days ago about my issues. You know I purchased your script you should have a minimum of respect and answer me…..

    Hep, As it show on the Template description ( Compatible Browsers ), it’s not tested for IE8, but you can sent it on hello@iamsupview.be

    I have just sent you an email, please tell me if you received it

    I have just sent you an email, please tell me if you received it

    Hi, can I get this template in joomla?

    Hello alsingsso, this template is only developped on HTML/CSS, there’s no CMS Running behind this

    Hi, can I get this template in joomla?

    Hello, I love your template, but i have a problem with the e-mail form. Only mail address and message is delivered. I also would like to add two radio buttons and a dropdown selection.

    This is very urgent. Thanks for your help!

    Thank you very much for your quick reply! I didn’t have any problems to insert the radio buttons nor the dropdown selection into the html file. However I don’t know how to edit the php file. It didn’t work fine before i inserted the new elements, nor does it now. Moreover it looks different form the one you linked to above.

    I figured it out!

    Hello, Perfect, anyway it was also explain on the link, on the next page ;)

    Hi, could you please tell me what font you have used for your logo “Flat”? Thanks!