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Hi, is it possible for customer to pay for listing using woocommerce plugin as payment getaway if using this theme?


romanbitca Author Team

FlatAds is Compatible with WooCommerce.

Hi, how the location thing work? I need Austria and Germany and all cities. How to import it? Is it easy?


romanbitca Author Team

Sorry for late reply.
Location is like a category in our theme, So, you will need to write every city by yourself.

So its not with Google Maps, like if you look for city xyz it will appear from google maps


romanbitca Author Team


Hi. Is your theme compatible with wordpress 4.7.4? Are .mo and .po files for Russian language included?

Thank you.

Perfect! Then correct the compatibility in the section “Software Version”. Because many potential buyers think that the theme is not compatible with the current wordpress version.

One more question: Why loading your web demo ( for 15 seconds the page is blank and then starts To load the content. Why does it take so long to start loading the content?

Thank you. Oleh.


romanbitca Author Team

I suppose there are 2 reasons why this is happening. Firstly, all information goes through theme forest servers, click close sign in topper bar. Secondly all demo comtent is imporing from this server, and when a lot of users import demo content, the server might become slow. On your server theme must work very well.


I would like to know that what pages link should i place in the general setting of theme in page section, such as profile page, Register, Edit ads etc as this need forms on those page and the theme page are not having any kind of form. If i link any page it just opens without any forms.

Kindly guide in this issues.

1 :-




when clicked on post you ad button, that also not opening any kind of section for posting of ads.


romanbitca Author Team

I think you did not setup the theme until the end. Go to theme settings>pages and paste there link to pages you created.


alex921 Purchased

I cannot log in into the demo website. The login details don’t work. I saw that the problem is 3 years old. Common, do something!

And today I’ve tried the “forgot password” button and now I cannot log in into the website anymore. I’m waiting for the email to arrive with the new password but is taking to long. is the website.

Also, how can I make the make to be used on a phone because when I cannot use it when I’m on a phone or on a tablet. I can use it only when I’m am on a computer.

And please, maybe you have a lot of things to do, but try to respond faster, hire more people.


romanbitca Author Team

What do you mean that you can not login in Demo site?
1. Did you mean our demo site?
2. Or did you mean that after demo importing? If after demo importing, then what error did you get?

Please, describe your problem with more details on our support forum, which is
As we do support only there.

I can’t log into the demo. I need to see if you have drag and drop for the images that go into the ad.


romanbitca Author Team

We disabled registration/login to our demo site.
No, we have not.
You can upload image in the boxes that are dynamically created, and the order can not be changed.

Good Morning I bought the theme today and need help, google map does not work for this error below:

This page did not load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for details Technicians.

This is the website


romanbitca Author Team

Sorry, we do not work in the weekend.
I see you fixed Google Maps API error.

Please, in future use our support forum for such questions, our support forum is As we do support only there.

–Roman Bitca
ThemesDojo Developer/Support Team

I have 4 problems with the plugin

1 customer registration screen opens 2 Client Registration screen does not open 3 google map screens do not work 4 Configuration system different from demo site.

understand: I need you to get support in 7 days,

After that I lose the right to purchase and I get the problem

Remembering that the cost of this site for nois here in Brazil and 4 times more expensive than for you.


romanbitca Author Team

Please, open a ticket in our support forum, and I will help to fix all of them.

ok, vou fazer isso

Does this theme support videos as well as pictures for each ad?


romanbitca Author Team

If you want to use video on your AD, you can do this by inserting the embed code from youtube or vimeo for example.

hello, i want to purchase your theme . I also want to know if your premium advert category support another payment gateway like Nigeria payment gateway. Can i be able to integrate any payment gateway of my choice in order to receive payment from premium advertisers? Do your theme premium advert category support bank payment and check payment? I need your kindly reply.


At the moment as payment getway our theme use PayPal.
I recommend you to hire a freelancer who can easily integrate another payment gateway.
Due to our huge among of work we do not do custom work.

This template supports Arabic?

Hi, its possible add ads with dates (from – to) for categories like events? Thank you