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I would like to purchase this theme but I have read comments its like we have issues have they been sorted out any one to answer I will appreciate

Its a pre-purchase question

You can allow access to the backend/admin to see the features?


i have a problem with map geolocalisation in home page and add annonce.

Can you fix this?

i have a problem with geolocalisation can you fix for me? Do you want access my FTP access and admin access? Thanks.

hello i envoy 2 mails !!! and post in forum for my problem !!! Answer me please. and fix this problem of geolocalisation please. I paid this template. why no answer for my problem? it’s very URGENT !!!!!!! Please answer and fix the problem please. I envoy myFTP access and admin access on your mail !!!

got your email, working on it.

Alex, ive changed to a new domain and i have installed again FlatAds but i have a problem with MAP (publishing new add), at the Address field when i start typping an address nothing happens and the dropdown doesnt appear. At inespect i have the following errors: util.js:210 Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys @ util.js:210 util.js:210 Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired @ util.js:210



Pre-purchase question:

(1) how can I make money with my site after installing this theme?

(2) If someone creates the acount on my site, we can integrate OTP parameters

(3) we can manage all ads published by customers

(4) and one more important thing is that give some direct URLs where this theme is actually running on the market

Announcements are expired automatically removed from the system? Can I place free ads without buying a package? Can I change or delete my ad at any time? I would like the ad categories to appear as a grid on the home page, where I show, an entertaining bright image for each category. I see that your Premade Disposition Solic has this function. Will come with the theme if I buy it? Is every ad to be screened by admin before it gets? Or can the ads go live immediately? But is it optional? Can I choose if ads are sorted before going live? Maybe I want them to live right away. Do I have a choice? I’ve watched your demo but I’m not clear on how ads appear featured on the theme. Do the ads appear above each category as a cursor? – So if I pay for an ad selected to appear in category X, then it will appear in a cursor over all other ads in the X category? Or do they just go to the top of the categories? – So they do not appear in a cursor, do they appear first in this category? Now I want to buy your theme. But I have to know exactly whether will payu will certainly payout or WooCommerce future updates to your theme? Is it possible to integrate into other Classiads payment systems eg bank transfer and check. Can I make a single page with only sellers so that the costumer can see what each seller has to offer?

Is it possible to organize (the choice that filed is displayed first) and the group of fields created in a category Is it possible to separate each group of fields created in a specific category by a line break, or a separator When I create a new field for a specific category, it is possible to have field display on published ads only if the user to insert information on that particular domain? In other words, the fields filled in by the user will be displayed when the ads are published … Is this need for customization or is it already implemented? For example: I would like when users select the category “car” and the option “brand” appears that they can then select the “model” as on leboncoin

It is possible to have as verified the user? And its posible to display the facebook page they use ?? So that people know that the seller is legitimate?

Sorry, a lot of questions I will just try to make sure that I use something that will meet as many of my needs as possible before buying anything and start customization.

Thank you