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Hi , i purchased the theme put when i tried to register to your support system its sent verification email to me , but until now i dednt receives any emails > So i just want to ask how I can turn RTL on ?

im waiting confirmation link !!

Hi! I’m making a website to list various player guilds and organisations in an online game. I tried buying a different theme, but it is buggy and doesn’t do as I was promised. I’m thus asking straight away if this theme can do the following:

- Listing by both custom regions (EU, NA and OCE) and custom categories (guild, kingdom, association, noble house etc). – No maps. Nowhere. – Customisable fields for the different categories. – A way for others to easily register and plot in the info of their guild without the admins needing to further customise listing pages to look good. – Remove redundant fields etc.

I’d also like to know if this can be achieved with the theme on itself, or if I need some of those extra plugins. And if the latter, which ones. Also, will I get the help I need to get the above in order after buyng the theme if needed? Or will some of it be “out of your scope”?


1. You can have different regions with custom categories but you can’t have custom fields for different categories.

2. It is possible.

We don’t do custom work.

Regards, Alex

I bought this theme and I’m very disappointed about it. This Theme contains serious bugs. Even some of the basic functionality was not working. Ex: 1. No error messages appear on the screen. Instead, all the form elements’ values will disappear 2. When a user contact the ad owner, the email was going to the admin instead of the ad owner. I think it was solved in the recent fix but it took several months (i think more than a year) to solve this one. This is a basic basic functionality needed and not sure how come they release this kind of product by having a serious communication related bug. 3. I’m still unable to launch my website and its been 2 years I bought this theme. Issues after issues and I give up now.


mano96 Purchased


Since nobody replies on this theme’s own support system, I’ll post my question here. Hopefully I’ll get a quick reply :)

Here is the problem I’m facing on FlatAds theme I bought 2 weeks ago: The geolocalisation support doesn’t work, if I put any adress, it itsn’t recognised: On WooCommerce, I get an error: “The MaxMind GeoIP Database does not exist – Geolocation will not function. You can download and install it manually from to the path: /home/dreamtagba/www/wp-content/uploads/GeoIP.dat”

And then if I load the home page of the website and inspect it, there are multiple error codes :

“key=AIzaSyD5oMOq3XPDiMv3Cn4ZDPloR3G2o0t1dU0&callback=initPBSMaps&language=fr&ver=2.16.1:96 You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.Zg js?key=AIzaSyD5oMOq3XPDiMv3Cn4ZDPloR3G2o0t1dU0&callback=initPBSMaps&language=fr&ver=2.16.1:96(anonymous function) js?key=AIzaSyD5oMOq3XPDiMv3Cn4ZDPloR3G2o0t1dU0&callback=initPBSMaps&language=fr&ver=2.16.1:129google.maps.Load js?key=AIzaSyD5oMOq3XPDiMv3Cn4ZDPloR3G2o0t1dU0&callback=initPBSMaps&language=fr&ver=2.16.1:21(anonymous function) js?key=AIzaSyD5oMOq3XPDiMv3Cn4ZDPloR3G2o0t1dU0&callback=initPBSMaps&language=fr&ver=2.16.1:129(anonymous function) @ js?key=AIzaSyD5oMOq3XPDiMv3Cn4ZDPloR3G2o0t1dU0&callback=initPBSMaps&language=fr&ver=2.16.1:130 util.js:212 Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired util.js:212 Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys”

Waiting for some help to solve this issue, Regards


mano96 Purchased

any reply? I think I’m gonna ask for a full refund for this theme…. No support at all!


I have a pre-sale question. Could it be possible to have the premium featured ads in 2-3 rows instead of as a slider?

Thank you!

With a small change in php files it can be achieved.

How can I add a location to filter a category, for example I click on Real Estate, all the ads are displayed but no filter to know where they are located? thank you

I can not help you, if you did not buy the theme.

yes you can, but you don’t want. it is quite normal to have enquiries before buying a product.

I’m sorry if my answer was rude to you. I future we will try to implement this.

Hi guys i would like to buy your script but i would like to now if you can help customize the design and to add some different feauters in the script if you offer this service can you please contact me on skype ? Mi skype id is – chr1x-a – Thank you

Sorry Tomy, we can not provide any custom work.

Hello – I am receiving this error on the template-add-post.php page:

jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2 Uncaught Error: no such method ‘instance’ for menu widget instance

I have no plugins installed except the ones that are bundled with the theme

Did you buy the theme? I don’t see the purchase badge.

A client of mine actually purchased this theme with their account; I’m just trying to get things sorted for them

Login with his accound, or create/search a ticket on the support forum, witch is

I’ve tried twice to get into the support site and haven’t gotten an activation email. Username is earthgirlllc – help?

First of all, check please junk folder, if its empty, send me an email at, and we will investigate the problem.

Hi there – I wonder if there is a way to let the users post their items for free – no need to go through a plan choosing process or payment … I want to offer this listing service for free to my users! Thanks

Yes, with FlatAds users can post theri items for free.

“when users put their address before placing the ad nothing happens on the map …” why?

Please, open a ticket on our support forum, witch is
and add some more detalies to your question please, as site or screenshot to it.


can u update it to support everything !

over 1 year ago Hi, this theme looks awesome. Will it be able to be set so that users can already ad their Ad’s details without being logged in, and do the Ad details and registration in one?

Like on

Hi Please have a look my site please..have lot of Issues