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can i get installation from your paid installation from your support and experts, you dont angry if sir


romanbitca Author Team

replied to your email too.
Waiting for your respone.

Let’s continue to talk only there.

it doesn’t work as it promised and has an awful and worthless support system. I want a full refund. You can see all the complaints about in the item’s support forum

romanbitca Author Team

Good Moring!

What is your forum username.
Usually we reply to a customer less then in 48 hour, or you can contact me anytime via email, that is

Hello! Sorry for disturbing. I want to open Classifieds board for tech and looking something for this. I’ve heard about plugins but other users told me that theme is the best decision. I want to ask some questions:

1. Is this theme full Classifieds board? I mean that after i install it, all this will work. I don’t need any special plugins or something.

2. I just need that users on my site on WordPress can post ads. Can register via this theme in wordpress and post ads (like post) and i just approve them.

3. If i’ll delete ad or it’s closed all media data which user upload is deleted?

4. Can i do some redesign of this theme for my site (header and footer). And what if after that i update theme, all changes will be deleted?

5. Does this theme work on russian and with rubles?

I think that’s all. Hope for understanding. Thx.


1. Yes, it works out of the box, not extra plugins needed.

2. Yes, sure you can do this.

3. No, media is not deleted only the post.

4. We provide a changelog so you can update only the files we updated.

5. Yes, it works on russian and with rubles.

Regards, Alex

Does this have a control panel so I can change the categories and delete some? I want to make this a directory for dog breeders.

Yes, sure it does.

Would Classyads or FlatAds be the better one for what I want to do? Also do they both have paypal and google maps?

ClassyAds is based on WP Job Manager, FlatAds has everything built in. They both have google maps and paypal.

Dear, What is the change for this ugrapde ? i don’t see in your resume. And sorry but the last version bug bug bug bug bug i hope the upgrade good


romanbitca Author Team

Some bugs was fixed, like errors in header after installation.
Also now, Google Maps API can be added and edited via theme setting.

Hi. Does your theme provide messaging. (i don’t want contact form, where the messages goes to author’s email).

It not, then are you fully compatible (tested with no coding required) with any other Private messaging plugin (such as buddypress, front end PM or Ultimate Member Private messaging plugin) ?

I can’t buy the theme if it doesn’t even have this features, which is most important for a classified website.



No, the theme doesn’t have messaging but you can use plugins for it.

It is compatible with Ultimate Member Private messaging plugin).

Regards, Alex

Thanks for your reply. is there any way I can get a demo link.

Also Can you pls tell me if it is possible that ultimate member users can select categories (through their account page), for which they want to get email notifications (in case a new ad is listed by any other user in the selected category)


Sio_80 Purchased

Hi I bought this theme was doing too many problems, and now tried his inauguration, but I have a problem in the allowed limit in the file exceeded ” .php.ini ”.


romanbitca Author Team

What problem?
Do you know how to increase the limit?
Better contact me at with your username.

is there any sms facility added or email check facility added so that we can know that the ads provided are original from the owner email verification and sms verificaltion for mobile can we add these features

is there any private chat system we can use so that the advrtisers can chat with their clients

is there any private chat system we can use so that the advrtisers can chat with their clients


romanbitca Author Team

1. Users can register and use site without mail verification. But you can review what ads user post, and not make them live. 2. No

is any indian debit card payment system added is payu debit card system supported


romanbitca Author Team

FlatAds work only with paypal

Hello Very good Is this the theme of RTL languages are supported? Is RTL be added in the next update?

It does support RTL language.

Already fixed!


romanbitca Author Team

Good to hear it!

Hi, is there any feature to Charge for featured ads or display adsense/banner ads?

Yes, you can charge for featured ads.

can the slider on home page be placed anywhere on the home page? can its size me reduced

Yes, you can copy/paste the slider code from actual place to another. We can assist you.

can we have locations index on home page (like NYC, SFC) like tag index

Yes, it can be added on homepage.

I got a freelancing work on this project where ,

Map isnt working,

Sorry! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Please reply asap..

As I mentioned its a freelancing work, I got a work through my client, he had already purchased this theme dude, I have files on the server..

Sorry, but we can not help you until we do not see the purchase badge.
Contact us via the buyer account, or better open a ticket on our support forum, which is as we do support only there.

Hi support we had installed flatads theme in our site it shows us error as “Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given in /hermes/bosnaweb19a/b2385/ipg.bienetech/wp-content/themes/flatads/inc/colors.php on line 7 Warning: max(): When only one parameter is given, it must be an array in /hermes/bosnaweb19a/b2385/ipg.bienetech/wp-content/themes/flatads/inc/colors.php on line 7” at the top can you clear this our mail id is

I don’t see purchased badge. From where did you get the theme? Btw, latest version has this bug fixed. If you purchased it from themeforest just re-download it.

Hello, I’m interested in your FlatAds theme for a classified Ads site. The main content source for the site will be from members posting Ads and main monetization source will be Adsense.

So it is important to me that members are able to easily register to the site. Just going through the Live Demo when I clicked ‘Register’ nothing comes up so that worries me. Also although there is a Social Account Login I see nothing there to login too. So is this just a problem with the demo and everything works in the theme or is it something wrong with the theme?

Also I see no place for Ad banners/Adsense so how do I display Adsense in strategic places on the site?


On our demo we disabled the registration and login due to security reasons.

For adsense you can add them in sidebar using text widget.

Regards, Alex


alex921 Purchased

Hi, I try to translate the language, but when I open the Wp-config.php file, wp-lang is missing. What can I do to resolve it? I want to translate it in romanian.


romanbitca Author Team

You do not have to change anything in wp-config.php.
Just download any translation plugin, like and begin to translate it. POT PO file is included with the theme.