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Great theme if I get it to work paypal API.

I set FlatAds Options> Paypal Setting> API Username (required) + API Password (required) + API Signature (required) with my API credentials Classic.

I created a princing Plans, and have created a new user.

Activity with the new user and try to buy a Pricing Plans, the browser is a good time waiting and then gives me the following error: Array ()

I have read all the manuals and all the comments, I have not seen any similar topic. Please can you help me.

Thank you.

We will need login info to take a look. You can send it by email at alex[at]themesdojo[dot]com.


Hello, I would apologize, the problem was hosting it had hired. The hosting already been solved. Longer works and you can proceed to payment. Now I’m going to enjoy this great theme. Forgive and mucuhas thanks.

Thank you! Can I ask you to rate the theme? You can do it in your download page.

some categories of icons does not work. When we enter the sub-category looks at others.

You need to add the whole line of code:

<i class="fa fa-behance" />

yes I know. I add here the text did not appear. I erased its end. University icon, paw icon does not appear in work etc.. Please try to please.

Only the main categories can have icon pins. The subcategories take the pin from parent category.

I cannot change label all page. I want to use in their own zone. You do not need to do any language translation. Give me permission to change. Whether Kutucular. Change boxes so I can help myself. Category, Added, Location, Views, Rationg, Contact Owner, name, Email, Subject, Post Your Ad!, Send Message, Human Test, Related Ads, Most Ads, Last Ads, Comments, Login, register, Favorite, Share, Be the first to comment…. vs vs vs.. and more words. ALL ENGLISH…

We are sorry but this is how the theme was build and it was described properly.

Dear alex.
Ad button, “level 0” How can I hide members. Can you give me a code?
And, I already Turkish my website. Your theme is turning into English. You do not need to add the Turkish language. Please give me the space to change the text. Theme will be updated. I do not want to deal with again.

I don’t know ho to hide subscribers and why exactly you want this.

Frontpage support more than 8 categories?

Hi I opened a ticket on the support website on 31/05/2014 with the following contents, but no reply yet. Is it possible to guide me, please?

Echo valid input fields when error message displays

by LisaWedel / May 31, 2014, 03:42

Hi When a user posts an ad and all the required fields are not filled in, the form is cleared and even the valid fields are not displaying when the error message(s) appear. I’ve managed to ad the echo script to the various values – for example <?php echo $_POST[‘postTitle’] ?> in the Title field, but for the life of me can’t get the postContent (Description) field to be echoed… The <?php echo $_POST[‘video’] ?> field for Video also strips some of the embedded code and only displays </iframe>” >

Can you please guide me in the right direction??

Hi! Any feedback regarding this matter? Regards Lisa

Please Alex! Any feedback??

I answered to your ticket.

Hi if we purchased this theme would there be a way to add a buy button to the Ads?

We have the idea to make the listing so that we can sell directly from the listing would this be possible?

Say we wanted to substitute ad for a digital entity to buy. Would this work with your theme?

We didn’t test it in this way so we don’t know if it will work.


I have to launch my site soon and I asked questions but not getting any response from you, I even tired to register to your forum but it says the purchase code is not valid, can you please help me regarding the new user registration: 1- when some one registers, no email verification will be send to user with his login info nor admin gets an email stating that some one registered on the site 2- if some one registers without entering email address, it will register them, I want email address to be mandatory. 3- if the user name is already taken it wont give an error just screen gets refreshed.



We are working on this. It will be next updates.


How long its going to take?would you please give me a time frame. I supposed to launch my site tomorrow but I cant since the user registration is the main functionality of the theme and its not working at the moment

The next update will be in a couple of weeks.


Can you please stop undoing some of the patches that fixed issues in previous updated …? The avatar functionality is not working anymore..


I can’t post in the official support forum due to an invalid registration code. That’s why i post here. Can you please give me your email or contact me on mine : By the way i report an other bug : the reset password fonctionality doesn’t work. If you can look at that too :)

My email is: alex[at]themesdojo[dot]com

I have sent you a mail, if you check it :)

Is there the ability of “depended” subcategories? i.e. when having a list (cats, subcats) with more than 60 items to chose catA to see subcatA1,A2,A3… or catB to see subcatB1,B2, ….etc And if so, how many levels? Can this be present (specially) to the front end?

and a second theme: is this theme compatible (frontend/backend) with custom taxonomies plugins (like types)?

On frontpage the main categories are shown as blocks with subcategories in it. Yes, you can have as many subcategories you want. On category page on right sidebar you have the list of al subcategories.

About the custom taxonomies plugin, we don't know. We didn't test it.

hi. More features are needed. for example: .. Very very good system. Members are sending a message to the pool. Companies are calling member’s phone

Thank you for suggestion. We will think about it.

One pre-salle question:

Can i use this theme for business directory? TY

Yes, sure you can.

You have option for switch to business directory?

No, we don’t.

1. i cant find the psd icon folder to upload the icon image

2. there is no MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) for currency

3. how to only display certain pricing plan and enable others, do i need to delete?

please help me’

thank you

very beautiful theme by the way, i love it especially with interactive map


1. In PSD folder you have map-categories-pin.psd file.

2. We will include it in next update.

3. Yes, you have to delete theme.

Regards, Alex

Hi, how can i disable free ad post?

I found a function: but you’ll need to modify it to take the creation post as starting time and current date as ending and if it’s bigger that for example 30 days delete the post.


Is it possible to set the free ad radio button to hidden and asks the user to check necessarily the featured radio button? please is very important, i need to find a solution. Thank you in advance!


Yes, it is possible.

- Alex

The Ads offeror to send a message, you need to log in to the site. But now, visitors can send messages in the ad owner.

To send a message to advertiser please Login or Register.

Ad button, “level 0” How can I hide members (subscriber). Can you give me a code?

Very well. I’m glad you found a solution.

Wow. I found a great plugin. Join groups no longer limited term and paid.
Pages and articles; According to the group members to view limited.
Paid Memberships Pro

I find plugins did not work. Text limit unavailable. Paid Memberships Pro is receiving the payment. In itself, members are rising to the group. but in WordPress, membership does not create the group. WordPress does not increase in the membership of the group… :’(

Bought the theme, love it! However, it is full of glitches… I’m about to regret I bought it… Here are my issues:

1. Category icons ( not showing (one cat succeeded, rest doesn’t work).

2. Profile avatar cannot upload (fails everytime).

3. And something always go wrong with the google map interface.

4. I wanted to remove frontpage google map interface, followed instructions from themedojo, but it doesn’t work.

I hope some fix updates will be made ASAP…


1. It works only for main categories. The subcategories take the pin from parent category.

2. Do you have the latest version (1.6.3)? It works on it.

3. What exactly?

4. We will add this option in admin in next update.


an auto update feature on this theme would be pretty cool.

keep up the great work Alex

Ok, we will consider this.

Please, type Create Ad Categories. Users sharing, you select the type of Company or Adsense. !!!
Alex, you’re no help. Except the home page, features very weak. We are trying to find solutions ourselves..

Because: Company ads are not add to price..

The price is optional.

For this theme is there any video tutorial to install

Mr. Alex Empower your theme, please. I’m looking for a solution for a week. Membership types, you get limited time. Membership types, Allow limited number of write. We let you decide. I was late for work. your site, at first glance the absence of these features do not understand. After watching the demo features are not fully understood. Other guides have all the features in the theme. I bought them all. I’ve tried and I’m using. I’ve never been so tired. I’m not a programmer. I wish I was a programmer. I would not send you requests .. I read in other reviews. Too many people want these features. You still can not do. It’s my last request. I will not ask again. I’m tired. Goodbye.

As I said above, we have our agenda and our features to include. Next update will be in a couple of weeks.

Mr. alex
without showing bug for you do not believe me. Category icons do not work.
Please watch videos.

I know. You used the new icons from fontawesome. We will update it.