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Hi Alex, Great theme, well done.

Is there anyway of giving users credit for Featured ads. I’d like to be able to give certain users free featured adverts without having to go near Paypal.

Can this be done?

cheers G!


It is possible but you have to add them manually in mySql table.

Greetings, Preorder Question Please, I Love Your Theme and Thinks its going to work well on a Project am working on, but I read that some users are facing issue with posts going to default category. don’t know if its already fixed or the said update available for updating?


Yes, we fixed the default category issue.


mr alex.
plugin can work on wordpress.
but, plugin can not working this theme.
Can you not do text limit and time limit?
feature for example: Is that too hard? :) Please explain to me why you’re not doing.


We are sorry but we have our agenda. Follow us to get the latest updates and news about what we are working on.


I understand. I know. I want to learn other subjects. Are you going to add this feature? Are you aware? I say the most important needs for your theme. If you add the feature, I’ll wait. but. Feature is not to be added, let us know.
Because I tried very hard. I bought Plugin. but it is not compatible with your theme. does not work. Your registration page, knows no boundaries :).
feature for example: —
Is feature going to be? Is feature not going to be?
If your answer is no, I’ll use another theme. This version does not work for me.

No, we will not add this feature.

Hi, awesome theme!
Do you have the blog in this theme?

No, we don’t. The post were used for listing.

i paid your Theme, where are the psd/categories icons ??? i have no folder psd! greetings

<X class=”fa fa-tree”></X>

the i is change to X to post the tag here

You used icons from latest fontawesome update. We didn’t have it yet. It will be in next update.

How to set the latitude, longitude and zoom map manually?

What is the line to modify?

Have you bought the theme? I don’t see the buyers badge.


wow great theme project! sorry i don’t find a search/extended search with custom fields? siidebar widget with filters for each category? add currency on the ads detail page?

sorry and works the theme with buddypress?

Nope, it is not compatible with buddypress.

Sorry, I’m the same person, but different users. (predicol and maquino)

How to set the latitude, longitude and zoom map manually?

I know in template-homepage-v1 ? but What is the line to modify?

Go to line 254 and after

"draggable": true


,"center": [latitude,longitude]
,"zoom": 16

replace latitude and longitude with your data.

Thank :D

Hi! Can i ask you to rate the theme? You can do this in download page on themeforest. Thank you!

This FlatAds Theme is NOT compatible with WP 3.9.1! Envato did NOT send the Purchase Code so I could post a Support Ticket to Alex.

Not a happy camper, because I really wanted to use this theme, but can’t seem to get any help, for either tweaks or to get a refund if it won’t work.


How exactly it doesn’t work? We have it on wp 3.9.1 on our demo and it is working.


Hi Quick Question: don’t know if it’s because it’s wp 3.9.1 that it’s no working , however when I try to upload template , I get this message returned [the package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature ] if anyone could help that’d be great thanks :)!

Have you bought this theme? I dont see the purchase badge.

Thanks Themes-Dojo for replying and yes, I have two accounts one for my work and one for personal, however, it was an error with my database setup the problem is resolved :) but thanks for the quick reply!

Glad it works.

Question before purchasing: - Is it integrated with user registration enable? How does it work? Is it allowed to customize? - Registered user is allowed to post ad?

Appreciate the response.

I’m not I understood your wuestion. On registration the user can opt for facebook register, google+, twitter or wordpress default registration.

Okie, thanks for the response. So the registered user is allowed to post an ad or just only able to make purchase/subscribe?

He can upload ads too.

Hi I’m posting my query again, as I have not received feedback from Alex as Vlad responded to my ticket on ThemesDojo – which is still open.

Hi I opened a ticket on the support website on 31/05/2014 with the following contents, but no reply yet. Is it possible to guide me, please?

Echo valid input fields when error message displays

by LisaWedel / May 31, 2014, 03:42

Hi When a user posts an ad and all the required fields are not filled in, the form is cleared and even the valid fields are not displaying when the error message(s) appear. I’ve managed to ad the echo script to the various values – for example <?php echo $_POST[‘postTitle’] ?> in the Title field, but for the life of me can’t get the postContent (Description) field to be echoed… The <?php echo $_POST[‘video’] ?> field for Video also strips some of the embedded code and only displays </iframe>” >

Please update me on the status of this query. Regards Lisa

Hi Lisa,

I answered to your ticket. (We are working on it, it will be in next update.)

- Alex


In mobile devices, does the map can be dragged for touch devices?

Thank you.

hello, if you are running on the mobile, but does not work drag the screen, would you know how to activate the map on the screen slide mobile?

We are working on this.

Thank you.

Hello. I am having problems with the buttons of social networks registration page

App Not Setup: The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login.

What exactly is not working. We may contact the plugin author and report the bugs.

Hi, I have detected an other disturbing bug :

When you are on an ads page, instead of the seller profil it’s your own profil who is listed on the left of the page… It’s really disturbing because the “consult author profil button” is correct. Can you help me fixe it quickly or make a corrective patch ?

Thanks by advance

About the purchase code we don’t know what is wrong.

Ok so i just change it for the one of the last release 1.6.3 and it didn’t fixe the issue. Just to be perfectly clear about my problem, when you are on an ad page (like this one : ) posted by a member, it’s not the profil of the seller witch appear, it’s your own profile.

Does the file template-profile.php is linked to another file ? (functions.php or something ?)

Can we talk by email ? i have written on this one alex[at]themesdojo[dot]com but no one respond :(

Bug :

When custom-field writed in post ad page , post go to pending and then admin approve it , custom field gone …

Please take care of it …

Thank you for reporting this bug. We will take care of it.

hi, just installed it, all are well, but when I try to test paypal payment, click “buynow”, show as following: Array ( [TIMESTAMP] => 2014-06-09T02:02:10Z [CORRELATIONID] => 58ffa83d25202 [ACK] => Failure [VERSION] => 72.0 [BUILD] => 11307182 [L_ERRORCODE0] => 10002 [L_SHORTMESSAGE0] => Security error [L_LONGMESSAGE0] => Security header is not valid [L_SEVERITYCODE0] => Error )

Did you setup the paypal settings? You have to seleclt the currency you have on your paypal account. Also you need to select live not sandbox paypal option.

Sure, api name, password, signature… USD , live box, always get this error

First of all, I like your design/theme. I really like the map on the homepage.

My questions – I have question about WooCommerce tied in to your theme. I’m developing a ecommerce site for network of florists. For navigation, I would like to first “force” user to select delivery area first. i.e. New York, Chicago, LA. After selecting a city, it should bring user to woocommerce product catalog page specifically for that city. [i.e. a dozen of roses vase might be available only in NY, not in Chicago nor LA.]

On your theme, I notice that after clicking on one of the map icons on the home page, it takes user to post page like which is not a woocommerce product and it’s not purchasable.

since product catalog page looks like and detail is

Do you have any suggestion/recommendation on this? Does your theme fit my requirement?.


This is a listing theme. The woocommerce function is for admin only if he want’s to sell other things on his website.

- Alex

Hello, I need to create a child theme for this theme in my site because I want to edit some part of the theme. So that if I update the theme the changes I made will stay.

Please help me please in how to create a child theme for this, Thanks

4 days ago, no comment at all :(

Can you pleeeease make the theme ready for translation in future updates?

It’s killing me to find sooo many strings that don’t have a domain attached.

Am translating “manually” now making it a killer for me to even think of updating the theme to any future versions :-(

Have you bought the theme? I don’t see “purchased” badge.

Can you send me the words and files to attach domain to all. In the last update I added to some I missed but if there are more please let us know.

- Alex