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Hi there

Post installation questions:

1- I have imported layer slider demo content & it shows fine in preview mode, but when I add the shortcode [layerslider id=”2”] on home-v1-layerslider/ page the loader graphic shows but does not display the slider.

In edit page I also tried using shortcode & left the layerslider shortcode field blank as stated but id=1 or id=2 slider b[layerslider id=”2”]oth does not display on front.

2- Where do we add slider images that appears on listing main page as shown in your demo here

3- For Permalinks I want to select either Post Name or Custom Structure but every time I select either these it forcedfully changes back to Month & Name.


I am trying to open a new ticket at your support website I am trying to verify my item purchase code which I got from themeforest after I hit verify button it says x Not Verified. Pls assist.


Hi there,

I have a support issue, but can’t create a support ticket in your designated forum, as it says “not verified” to the purchase code, I have downloaded.

Well, appart from that, my problem is, that I can’t get the maps/geolocation to function properly.

In your demo, the results from a search show up on the map. I can not get this to work in spite of having added addresses to the adds. Markers for the adds show up on the front page, but not when doing a search.

Also a map appears on the add listing in your demo in between the images and the user/add details. This does also not appear on my page.

Hope you can help and thanks for the nice theme :-)

It’s because they updated the font. To fix it open functions.php and go to line 978 and replace:

wp_enqueue_style( 'awesomefont-style', '//', array(), '4.0.3' );


wp_enqueue_style( 'awesomefont-style', '//', array(), '4.0.3' );

Muuuch better! Thanks a lot :-)

...aaaaaand another small thing:

The “flipping images” that are activated on mouseover only show the featured image. It flips ..but it’s the same featured image that flips back and forth even though several images are added

I really love the theme. One problem, I can’t change the category when I edit the ad from front-end. Please Help

My friend bought it for me (because I didn’t have credit card). Let me ask him. I’ve already tried “template-edit-post.php” page to find the bug, I was wondering if you could give me a hint or so. Anyway thanks for your reply.

I need a link and login info to take a look.

Sent you login details in PM.

Kindly Check this ticket id and reply as soon as possible FLATADS TICKET ID: 92 You are replying for all the people but you wont respond us for last 5days. We also paid for your theme. don’t think like we bought your theme for free.

Very Bad customer support we are not asking you to fix any issue . we ask you to reply for the ticket.

Moin, can you Insert Simple Lightbox Plugin or a Lighbox feature in the next Update? Greetings

Ok, we will consider this.

Is there anyway to see the back end of this? Even screen shots? Does anybody know if this is front end submission/edit for the user? Or does theme put them into wordpress….?


We can send you the print screens by email. Yes, it is front end submission/edit.

- Alex


When editing a post, in spite of the address being written in the designadted field, the Google map is not updated, and the location is not saved.

Unless the address is typed again AND selected from the dropdown, it is “wiped” upon editing a post…

Cancel that! The bug was caused by me!

Ok. Glad it fixed out.

Thanks for the reply. I will be veeery greatful, if you would reply on my other comment also ..and i’ll buy you a beer if you come up with a solution to my problem! :-)

Hi guys,

is there aaany other way of uploading multiple files without using the “wordpress library thingy”?

Am asking because this may be smart when using a laptop ..but trying to create an add and upload images using a smartphone is almost impossible :-(

Something like pressing “upload” and only opening the “upload files” tab and NOT having the “media library” tab and then having the selected image automaticaly chosen.

The problem is, that I can’t hit the “choose image” button in the bottom like 80% of the time + the media editing otions block 50% of the screen :-(

My users and I “just” need: “upload” -> “choose image” -> take picture or choose from phone library = images attached.

Hope this makes sense :-)

Hi again. I “fixed” this one myself during the weekend. Have implemented several simple file upload buttons to upload a picture one at a time. Not as “shiny” as the media uploader function in WP ..but much easier to use from the smartphone…

Hi, Is there any way to create featured ads without passing through the payment system. Because the country i am from, it can not work with paypal so help me out please

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Sorry its working great now. Thanks

Hello all!

Did anyone actualy used WPML and worked? A query to author: I need to translate the theme in russian – what would be a good idea as solution to that?


Can you say what will be the limit of spots? And will the theme slow down loading when added 500+ spots?


There are no limits. 500+ is a small number for FlatAds.

- Alex

Social Login/registration problem:

Hi fellas,

the Nextend FB login HAS worked on my page, but it doesn’t any more. Don’t know, what has changed exept, tat I can no longer register/login using the social login options.

Clicking it redirects me to a blank page with URL:

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: I got this working myself by tweaking a bit back and forth.

I found the culprit to be the “SEO Facebook Comments” plugin. When disabling this, everything is fine. I have instead installed the plugin “Facebook Comments”. Does more or less the same in regards to comments, but it does not conflict with the Nextend FB login.

Now you know this if others have similar problems…

Hi, i have a question.

I bought your theme and i want to create 2 pages.

1. Asked companies 2. Searched companies

How can i show on that page only the asked companies or the searched companies? Something like two different categories.

Best regards,


I have an other question. How does the premium featured ads works? I have added 4 items in the backend at the pricing plans department. But i can’t see them on the frontend.

Also when i use the search function and i only use a keyword then it would not find the ad.

The keyword i used is the title from the ad i was looking for… How does this works? It’s not what i expected.

Merhaba Benim Tema ilan çok olacak CPU limit yetmiyor index.php ?u an view-source: line 10990 ben index.php sonuç azaltmak istiyorum latLng: [40.83735301081561,29.29608464241028], options: { icon: “”, shadow: “”, }, data: ‘ Rampet Petrol – Tuzla Bp Details ‘ } ,

latLng: [41.06020543620242,28.845965840197778],
    options: {
        icon: "http://",
        shadow: "",
    data: '       D Yap?m | D Productions    Details        '

Very Bad customer support we are not asking you to fix any issue . we ask you to reply for the ticket. i dono wats wrong with you people.

Hi, just a pre-sales question. Does the theme has provisions for banner advertising? Thanks!

when this will theme will have ajax?????

This theme will not have ajax.


I have Pin Map Icons problem, the Pin Icons image not changing even I have upload / replace the Pin Image with related category.

the Pin image result that always shows :

do I miss something here ?

- The POST appears on the PAGE menu and the PAGES was missing..I need a help on this, all installations are fresh install..

Please refer to this link to see the image: – seems like there’s a problem on your query

- Categories Custom fields not working


I found an error and fixed it on my self but you need to know it for the future updates:

- registration email notification shows the php code. line 94: template-contact.php $body = ”<?php _e( ‘Name’, ‘agrg’ ); ?>: $name \n\nEmail: $email \n\nComments: $comments”;

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks, Deck

Please reply..

people from themes-dojo..please reply..other newer questions got a reply but you skip me..