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Hi, I like this template and want to buy item, but i see one issue. When you moving cursor to ‘shopping_button’(popup appears) then moving cursor to left(to closer element) popup starts vibrating. Can you fix it?

Hi, sure

Please let me know once you fixed so i can buy it. Thanks

Hello, There is a problem in the live preview I cant switch to wide screen layout type , and anther problems in style switcher

Hello, please try again. I just checked and it works.

Do you make a WP version of Flatastic? I bought your HTML version and love this template.

Hi, we are working now. I can’t tell you the date

Hello, I’m glad to inform you that the Flatastic WordPress theme is already available on Themeforest

Hello, I’m glad to inform you that the Flatastic WordPress theme is already available on Themeforest

Hi, I have purchase this template. I like it but I want to change main color theme( to blue color). How I can change it? Thank you.

Hi, please open a ticket on and we’ll help you.

Please provide less files so that I can modify color of buttons and header/footer.

Hello. The template doesn’t include the less files.

real nice!;

djakuju ;)

Hi, I have a problem with me, as seen in the picture When you click, Page is getting postback the

Hi, if you have any problem, open a ticket please

My reply comes too late when you opened tickets

open a ticket

How do I open a new ticket

Hello, I have bought the template now I have only one problem that header one is found only in box style which is the main index.html in variant 1 ,, variant 2 header 1 in box also and variant 3 , 4 with another header ,, in the live preview I can make it full screen with header one but after i bought it there is no full screen page with header one , can you add it please ?

Hi, Read documentation section headers and footers. About full-width layout, at HTML change to

Hello, I am interested in your template, but I have one question: - Do you provide all the documentation and pages to create and manage an online store with the html template? One other question, is there administration part included? thank you and very nice job !

Hello, HTML version is for people who know and want to convert HTML to any CMS by themselves. Usually they are programmers. For other people we prepared 2 CMS products: and

thanks for your answer. Is it possible to deactivate the store functions?

if you use Magento or Virtuemart – you can use catalogue mode

Hi! Very nice theme. Can you tell me please, how can i reset the home page slider height? I set in my css file: .revolution_slider{ height: 600px }

Its work, but have a visual bug.

Hi! Please submit a ticket on and we’ll help you.

F*cing great template and support! Thank you guys :)

Thank you for buying :)


how do i remove the red colour from the window scrollbar ?

Hi, open a ticket please

Would you please let me know what lines of code in the css files need to be changed so that my radio buttons and checkboxes appear correctly?

Trying to create a form with multiple inline checkboxes and they are not appearing how they should be with a bootstrap framework. I’ve tried every quick and easy solution and cannot get them to appear because something is preventing them from functioning like normal.

Hi, open a ticket please

I tried to register where your support links took me and this is the message I got:

“Sorry, we don’t have that email address in our system.”

So, not sure where I’m supposed to go to create a ticket.

Hello. First you need to register on and then, log in.

Hi, I have problem with Youtube video in revolution slider. The problem is when the video finished it doen’t go to the next slider. I have also data-nextslideatend=”true” but it’s not work. When I used it with other theme before it was work maybe something java script crash or… not sure… could you look in to this? also could you update revolution slider version? Thanks.

(also i tried youtube volume “mute” but also not working..)

<li class="f_left" data-transition="fade" data-slotamount="6"> <div class="tp-caption tp-fade fullscreenvideo rs-parallaxlevel-0 start" data-x="0" data-y="0" data-speed="500" data-start="500" data-easing="Power1.easeOut" data-elementdelay="0.1" data-endelementdelay="0.1" data-endspeed="300" data-autoplay="true" data-autoplayonlyfirsttime="false" data-nextslideatend="true" data-forcerewind="on" data-volume="mute"> <iframe src="$title=0&byline=0&portrait=0;&api=1&mute=1"></iframe> </div> </li>

Hi. Please submit a ticket on , we do not provide support via the comments page.

Hi i read many comments most of customer happy to purchase your theme. i want to purchase it but i just want to confirm that 1) Is it possible to use header style means menu item style of page in this page? 2) the Left column of category , Compare Porducts, wishlist etc are easily move to right side?

open a ticket please and describe in details the problem

already open a ticket few hours ago. help

okay. You can read on ticket system working time

there is bug in your theme. In index.html page on right side Facebook, Twitter, Contact Us and Location buttons you give. But when click on contact us button not showing whole form. same when click on Location button not showing whole detail which you display below the Map.

I can’t see your ticket in our system.

really? ohk i am going to regenerate it.

There seems to be an error. On iOS, vertical (eg iPad) the Menu button does not work. He appears, but the menu does not open. Reproduce: Open the Live Preview with iPad (Chrome or Safari). Turn the iPad vertical, the menu button will appear. Then tap on the button. No response.

Hello. Can you please open a ticket with this issue on and we’ll try to fix this. Thank you.

<select name=”country”> <? $sql=”select * from cpm_countries order by id asc”; $rs = mysql_query($sql); while ($row= mysql_fetch_array($rs)){ $id=$row[id]; $country_code=$row[country_code]; $country_name=$row[country_name]; ?> <option value=”id”><?=$country_name;?></option> <? } ?> </select>

How to use Selector? It cannot Show

Hi, open a ticket plese

Is it possible to have more than two level in the main navigation in the head?

Hello. Please check the 3rd menu level here The Features menu item

perfect. thanks for that

Please open a ticket on and I’ll provide you the code for 3rd level menu.