Discussion on Flatastic Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme

Discussion on Flatastic Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme

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Is anyone else having any trouble going from PHP 7.4.33 to 8.1.14? I am getting:

error_reporting(): Argument #1 ($error_level) must be of type ?int, string given

It could be my hosting setup of course so I have raised a ticket there first of all but was just curious

It’s a great VM theme so looking to invest the time and effort to get it updated and hopefully going forward will be great when there is a Joomla 4 version in the future

Hi there, I will make official update next week. VM4 is ready and we are testing now. I have to notice that VM4 is a new version and you can’t just update it. You have to install a new fullpackage and after makemigration

Hi Monkeysan thanks for the quick response on this. Look forward to the coming weeks announcement, its a really good template this one

hi, are you going to release either an update for the flatastic virtuemart for joomla 4 or a new template that can be updated? when is this going to get released? please advise.​ thanks.

Hi there. It will be a new template version with j4. It’s not possible to make update from 3 to 4. Currently we prepare update for the new templates and after Flatastic and Reviver


amlil71 Purchased

Hello, do you will update theme fort virtuemart 4.0.2 please ? There is some changes with mod_virtuemart_product_tf. Thank’s :)


amlil71 Purchased

Ok thank you for your answer. I hope theme will be compatible with PHP8 because it’s not possible now to switch the template to php8 since php errors. Regards.

My demo uses php8


amlil71 Purchased

Ok thank you. Regards.

your demo link has been compromised or hacked

Thanks a lot for your notice. Fixed

No problem im interested in the theme

Been like the for a few months i should have massaged sooner, sorry.


I open you the ticket Public Ticket #2777990 Please, I need your reply as soon as possible


Hi there, today is weekend and I’m out of office. I replied you via your ticket, but I can check all data on Monday. Thanks for understaning

I understand. Do not worry. We’ll follow the conversation via ticket. Thank you very much. Best regards :-)

Stay in touch

Hi Author, about Muti image upload plugin, when i try to create a new item I click “new” item in virtuemart, the plugin disappear in the page. And the plugin is still there when i open the sample items or the old items i created months ago.

how could i fix this problem? Please help.


Hi there, difficult to say. Maybe latest cm doesn’t support it.

У вас проблема сейчас с новой версией Virtuemart. Товары не отображаются как нужно. В файле products_horizon.php где-то ошибка.

А можете кинуть скриншот на мыло

Да без проблем. Я опишу ситуацию и пришлю. только какая почта?

Hi, We have 2.3.0 installed. How do I go about updating the theme without loosing our existing changes?

Hi, I guess you say about T3 framework version. It’s not template version. You can find template version using date

Sorry yes Im trying to update the theme as its now broke since updating Joomla and Virtuemart. How do I find which version Im running and how do I safely update? Thanks

Hi, contact me via my support area please https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com

Question to @Monkeysan: Is it only the flatastic template or is the flexibles Template also included in purchase, as shown in the picture?

Flatastic template includes 2 fullpackages: original Flatastic and extra FlexibleStore

Hi Author, i love your template. Flexible templates is awesome!

now I need a template for Language school. Do you have any JOOMLA template for that theme that i can buy?


As I understand you have to find and install learn plugin after

hi Author, i can’t import the pre-build web page from SP page builder, it says “invalid email address”。。。

Hi there, here is not support area

Hi, how do i remove the social media icons at the bottom of the page?


Hi there, our support area is here https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com/

​Hi, I’m trying to install the latest quick start full package to my site, but it got a lot of error reported. my questions are: 1. is the full package the latest version? 2. how can i avoid the uploading errors issue? 3. i found in source folder, there are some updates there. do i need to install the latest update about plugins?


Hi mate, my support area is here https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com

Hi Author,

I followed your document and finally know how to install it and activate the theme.

when i register my purchase code through plugin vmvendor, it was denied. Since i still can use it now, don’t know why it was denied? i checked my purchase code information, it was bought in year 2015, i used it in aaa.com, later i stopped use in that domain. now i’m planning apply it in my another domain. maybe this is the reason?

I didn’t deregister it from the 1st domain, because i just deleted all files from server and made a new site. if necessary, i will send you my 2 domains please help me to deregister the 1st one.


Contact me via contact form on my profile page please

Hi Author, I bought this template years ago, and stop using it 3 years ago. My questions are: 1. can i use this template again with latest update? 2. I have 2 websites now, can i use it in 2 websites or more?


Hi mate, you can use template now. If you use template for 2 sites at once, you have to buy the second license

Hi, my purchase code doesnt work with vmVendor plugin. My support for this item has expired. What should I do?

Hi. Write me via contact form on my profile page please

Hello, great template!, I’ve been using it in two of my websites for a couple of years and Im very happy with it but since the last update I have a problem that is also in your demo site … in the form of Create an Account link altough Brazil and Mexico have a list of states they are not displaying when I select that countries so users can not continue with the registration. As always I really appreciate your help. Greetings. Jorge :)

I have just extended my support and sent you a ticket. You can check my two licenses if you wish …. I bought one on Aug 6th 2016 and the other one Mar 12 2018.

No problem. I will check your ticket in the morning

Thank you :)

Hello, I purchased your flatastic template and use flexiblestore. Is there a way to remove the bar with 0% .... 100% during the site decay? thank you Davide

Turn off Newletter popup module

in modules looking “new” I find this: - Newsletter sign up - Recent News

searching for “pop” I find: - Popular Products

even if you disregard them, the pop up remains. Can you send me a screenshot of the form to be removed? thank you David

My support area is here https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com I’m on vacation now and can reply with delay

Hello Team, it is posisble to provide a link to donwload mod_virtuemart_cart_tf.zip module please ? I have to reinstall it and it’s not présent in the files. Thank you. regards.

Hi mate, have you resolved the problem?

Hello, yes i have resolved it, i change the name of class css in the file language. Thank you. regards.

Sounds great!

Can flatastic be updated to Joomla 3.9.18 or is it best to wait for an updated release?

Hi mate, you can try to update, but make backup before

Привет! Регулярно качаю варезы этого шаблона)

У меня вопрос: после включения less нет возможности редактировать цветовой шаблон. При сохранении новых цветов выдает ошибку. Как отключить less, чтобы можно было дальше редактировать цвета?

Привет, я рад за вас. Все вопросы отвечаю тут https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com

​Hi, i like your Flatastic VirtueMart Theme, but have one question: If i can’t install it myself or something will go wrong can i have a refund money?

К сожалению нет. Я могу вам сделать демо доступ, вы посмотрите всё изнутри и решите – покупать или нет

Было бы здорово…

Пошлите запрос через форму тут https://themeforest.net/user/monkeysan и я вам обратным письмом пришлю вечером доступ. Вас интересует flexiblestore или flatastic?


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