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The checkout button is missing a active class. css changes back to grey when clicked.

Also is there a one-page checkout option available on this?

Ah gotcha! Thanks for confirming.

you are welcome

Hi, I have a doubt about your theme. I want to make a little different type of e-commerce. The idea is the e-commerce works like a eBay, where the users can be posting your adverts to sell in my website. And the payment method is paypal, which is configurated to send the money to my account, because I wanna keep a 10% comission to me and transfer the rest to seller account.

So… my doubt is… Can I configurate your joomla theme to works like a mix of traditional e-commerce with a classifieds portal which the buyer don’t have any contact with the seller beyond the comments and doubts place?

Hi, do you mean that you want to create multi vendor site?

Hello, i hope you will provide the virtuemart 3.0.18 teamplate update soon :)


amlil71 Purchased

hello, it seems to be a difficult update

Hi, no. Update will be available shortly


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​Good evening Mad, I know my support has just expired but hopefully you will take pity on me as I am only getting round to using it properly now after a long illness and it may be a quick fix. My problem is the final payment total is not showing on the checkout page I have checked and unchecked different options in the pricing configuration all to no avail

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.


JimCal12 Purchased

Cheers for the quick reply, I have it working fine but I was getting confused the “Payment” line below the shipment is actually a payment charge line but doesnt give the overall total due. Is there a way to add text labels before the final totals (shown after the Cash on Delivery on your demo site)

Ie. Tax $51.46 Discount $-205.05 Payment Due: $296.54

Hope this makes sense.

Is it compatible with Breezing forms?

Hi, we didn’t test it

Hi mad, I;m just getting back to an issue i had a while ago. The addtocart position doesn’t seem to be showing in the template? If i switch to protostar it displays correctly, thus my custom fields are not showing. Can you advise?

Hi, what do you mean? Do you have such ticket via my ticket system?

is it compatible with other language? I need it work in portuguese.

Hi, sure

Hi, I would really love to see how a registered client can see his orders, see the layout for that, also, does the “track my order” option works out of the box? Thanks,