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Hello, is-it possible to integrate google rich snippets in this template ? Thank’s.

Hi, sure

it will be very great if you can put then on flatastic template because there is’nt extension which makes this now. regards

I will find some extension at the nearest future

Hello, I am using PHP 7. I don’t understand, I don’t get the pretty theme as the preview template.

I don’t see the solution. In my case, it caused by the theme. I don’t see any errors. but the layout is not in order.

VM developers don’t recommend to use php7


Hi Follow up on my ticket support Ticket #812611 thank you

Hi, I just came back from Wordpress conference. I will reply today

Hola, descargue los 400mb del paquete, pero al instalar el quick star no está el template, donde lo encuentro, ni por separado lo puedo ubicar en las carpetas. No esta el theme flatastic

Hi, you have to UNZIP you ZIP and you will find folders with documentation, OSD and flatastic.zip – this is your theme. Watch the video installation at the documentation

Hello, I have installed using the quickstart method several times for testing purposes since I first nought this item. Trying to install the latest update using the quickstart, it does not install the virtuemart modules and the rest modules as well but the joomla package only. Can you please check your latest uploaded files – update to ensure that it works properly? I have installed it 3-4 times and I’m facing the same issue. Thank’s Pascal

This is not a very kind of you forcing to open a payable ticket instead of providing a proper update. Please advise in the matter of my purchase or provide an earlier version of your product as I do not have one stored. Please kindly provide me a proper solution. Thank’s in advance.

The problem is that I already tested current fullpackage and it works fine. I need to see your problem and you have to open a ticket. Here is not a support area

ok my friend. I’ll check it out as well. Your job is great! Just I faced this issue. I’ll get back to you for your convinience as well as the’re is no need to have issues either you or your customers.

Hi, how can I change copyright please? Thank’s

Can I translate to Spanish language, how can I do it?

Is it possible to remove the “Username” field from the registration form? How to allow users to login with email address not username? pls help me

Hi, have you bought the template?

when will you release joomla 3.6 version of the template?

Hi, sure. Sooner.

I am trying to change the Position & Responsive Configuration but it says “The layout cannot be loaded. There might be some errors in the layout file.”. It shows the dropdown box next to the Sub Layout and lets me choose Boxed or Responsive.

I think you have to make the update. Download here http://themeforest.net/downloads the latest version and read the documentation how to make the update in the section Changelog

You forgot about documentation for ver. 4.1

Sorry, you are right. i will make an update shortly

you also forget extension .sql of /installation/sql/sample_velikorodnov.sql

thanks a lot. I will re-upload the pack

Dear Mr mad_velikorodnov. Please answer my tickets

Hi, I will reply asap

Can you use hikashop with this instead of virtuemart with same functions? If it is possible, would it be difficult?

Hi, it’s not possible.

Hello. Yesterday I bought your template and also the Genius Virtuemart Search Ajax extension following the link on your item description. I paid through PayPal and I was very carefull when I complete my payment and clicked the Return to Genius WebDesign button as they indicate in the instructions. After that I clicked the My Downloads option but it was empty. I sent a message to the developers using the contact form on the webpage but I have not receive any answer. I have just checked the MyDownloads link on the web page again but is still empty. Just want to ask if you know when the download will be available. I also sent them messages through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ but not receive any answer.

Thank you :) ... I will let you know.

Hi … they contacted me today to let me know my download is ready and my domain verified to use the extension. Thank you.

Sounds good


When you create a new product, there is a box with layout options. How can I hide this box for sellers? It have to be a default setting. So the seller must not uncheck the setting in de Screen Option area.

I have the theme installed with your sample data with additional language successfully, but why the logo and language switcher links lead to different link when I click on the home button in the main menu. logo and language switcher lead to name.com/en/ main menu – home button leade to name.com/en/home-page those pages are different the first link come without virtuemart module, there is only a sample article. Unliked the second link come with pretty data and module as same as your sample.

what would be the solution for this ?

Hi, you adjusted wrong multilanguage Read https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com/article/1654/

Hi, how can I stop please random of sliders. Sometimes I have the slide 3 in the first position, sometimes I have slide2. I always want to have the slide1 in first position. How to do? Thank you.

I would like to hide the stock quantity and leave the “in stock” as is. I found a solution in joomla forum, it worked ok, the quantity is hidden in the product page, but when I clicked “Quick View” in the product/category layout (I’m not sure what’s page name) and the popup detail still display the stock quantity. Where should I fix this issue?


Hi mate. Open a ticket please

Hi I reported a problem in RTL version and you said you sent it to the developer, but after 12 days, you didn’t answer and my support got expired. can you please answer me and solve my problem ? http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1552726/7e1acd2a557a8b09ab61b99cf841b0bc

Hi, have you seen the latest update?