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I bought Flatastic Virtuemart theme, how can I add a new module between Logo and user7-11 in the t3_bs3_blank – Default layout.

Also I need Simplified Chinese language package for both Joomla and Virtuemart, I download one for Joomla but doesn’t work properly. Please advise, thanks.

Hi, read and watch the video https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com/article/1654/ If you want to edit our positions you have customize tpl files

Thanks for your reply, do you have documentation of how to edit template layout to add a new positions please, many thanks.

Hello, do you will provide an update for virtuemart soon ? Thank you.

Hi, now we prepared update for 3.0.19 and I planed to upload it today

Ok it’s great, thank you very much :)

why did you delete v4.5 version?

0 bites it’s ok

and where do I have to take this Add from VM2_Flatastic_theme_Joomla3\fullpackage.zip\templates\t3_bs3_blank\css\custom.css new styles from the end of file /*up 3.5 */

SEE Mate. I have support area. Extend support, open a ticket and ask anything

​Hi! I am trying to install your theme into an existing (and outdated) joomla+virtuemart. How would you recommend me to do it? 1.- Upgrade joomla and virtuemart to last versions and then install just the theme files? 2.- Install the theme and joomla using the quickstart installation you provide and then migrate the old content to the new version (however I don´’t know very well how to do this last step) Thanks in advance

Hi, I advice to install the new fullpackage, because updade process is too long and difficult. After move your current data, users, orders from old to new site As I know you can use special plugin

Hi, Does this theme use the [Recommend to a friend] link? I’ve enabled it in the Virtuemart admin but the layout screws up?

Hi, I don’t understand you

Hi, I’m referring to the [Show the Recommend to a friend link] option under > Configuration > Shopfront.

Oh, I see. Open a ticket please https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com/

search link dont work in mobile version

What position for the menu module to choose? All the time is not where it should be.Please write in your answer the name of the position for menu module. (I create the multilanguage menu)

No, there is no positions

Quote from the documentation: “To create a new menu or edit an existing one go to the admin panel and choose Menus – Menu Manager form the top menu. When you have made and set up your menus, go to Extensions – Module Manager and click create new (on the top right menu). Now you just have to give your menu a title, select the menu you created from the list and give it a position. ”. Does it mean that I can’t make the bilingual main menu if it hasn’t the position?

How do you clear the cache for T3? I currently have Joomla Cache turned off and the template is is development mode, but I can’t seem to get the custom.css to update and I can’t get the Module Class Suffix to display the updated css. Everything is cached in T3 and I can’t seem to find any info on this anywhere. Help.

I used Admin Tools to check permissions of files and folders and everything looks good. Ultimately what I’m trying to do is create a custom css file and adding it to the T3 Custom Code Before </head> for development. But T3 is caching the .css file and I can’t seem to clear it. Any thoughts?

I can advice to ask at T3 framework forum. http://www.t3-framework.org/discussions.html

Hello team, do you will provide a template update for virtuemart 3.2.1 soon ? Thank’s :)

Hi, sure

Thank you very much for VM 3.2.1 updates :)

you are welcome

+1 for interested in VM 3.2.1 update

Many customers complain on Genius support developer

ah, not good. I will consider alternative options then

This looks promising https://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/extension-specific/virtuemart-extensions/virtuemart-search-autocomplete/

Version history shows regularity in updates. Maybe look for a deal with developer as substitute for Genius ….

As I remember we also have auto-complete module, but it’s not massive like Genius


jpbl Purchased

V.4.6: The buy by steps and the prices recalculate don´t work, any solutions?

Hi, open a ticket please

Hello! I write by means of the translator therefore I apologize for mistakes. Already long I use your template, and there was a need to switch off an option of rotation of pictures at guidance of the cursor in categories and in modules, but for settings of a template there is no such option. Prompt, please, where it is switched off?

Добрый день, смотрите нашу статью https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com/article/2423

Hello :) ... just to let you know … according to the documentation instructions to update to version 4.6.1 we should re-upload files from \VM2_Flatastic_theme_Joomla3\sources\up_4.6.1\re-upload but the folder contained in the zip is empty.

Hi, thanks a lot. I will reupload zip

You’re wellcome :D

Hello … I have already updated to the last version 4.6.1 … everything seems to be working well :D … except there’s a bug with the Recommend to a friend link … before the update the link open a form in a modal window but not anymore.

Im really sorry … My mistake … I deactivate something I shouldn’t in the configuration panel.

sounds good)


lyvy Purchased

​Hi, the home page of my web can not open, i checked this problem by ticket in your support web, and got reply that i have to set the php version as 5.6.

Now my support license is expired. but my web still can not open… can you please help me? Warning: Illegal string offset ‘framework’ in /home/unifinec/public_html/libraries/cms/html/html.php on line 693

I change my php version to 5.6,  but the home page still can not be opened, it shows info below: -------------

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘relative’ in /home/unifinec/public_html/libraries/cms/html/html.php on line 694



​Then i set php version as 7.0, the home page can open now, but it sill get problem, please open my web uni-fine.com and check.

Please help for my problem. Thanks.

it says last updated 05/04/2017 but the files still show 04/2017. Where is the change?

Have you read changelog section at documentation?

Hi. May you tell me how to add custom fields in virtuemart product detail? Thanks

Hi, extend support and open a ticket please

Hi! Is the current version of Flatastic fully VM 3.2.2 (incl. AIO) ready? Kind regards, Gerald

Have you bought the theme?

Yes, but support ended. Before I renew the support, I want to make sure that updating the template is not that complicated anymore as before. And what about multilanguage – is the template really multilingual now, or do you still need to make a copy of the template for each language as it was necessary in the past?

If you bought the template download the latest version here https://themeforest.net/downloads inside of ZIP you will find the latest documentation

Dear sirs,

​The tags system included with flatastic does not work with the greek letters. If you try to add a tag for the tag cloud in Greek the plugin changes it to hex numbers as seen on the image here: http://imgur.com/a/N0AV7

(For examle the word “Χειμώνας” changes to /u03a7/u03b5/u03b9/u03bc/u03ce/u03bd/u03b1/u03c2)

I’ve tested it on my main website as well as a clean installation. I even tried to install the plugin (found in the sources folder) on a clean install joomla + Virtuemart and I got the same behaviour. I suppose that it’s an issue with the plugin. Could you please help out to make it compatible with Greek?​

Hi mate. You have to remove greek languages and install them again

Hello, Thanks for the quick reply. You mean remove VM Greek language and reinstall? or remove all greek languages. Joomla, K2 and VM?

Remove Greek language at Joomla and install it again