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Hello :) ... Im uploading to version 4.7 following the instructions in the documentation but in point 9 I’ve found this:

9. Reupload



Those files are not included in that folder.

Greetings Jorge :)

Hi mate. It’s developer mistake. Just replace all files from re-upload folder ;)

Thank you :)

Hello all!!! I have a problem with the last version, the Virtuemart2.0.x products is empty on front page. Somebody has the same issue? Thank you!!

I follow all the steps on your documentation

I’m on PHP 5.6.3

Open a ticket here https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com with admin and ftp access please

I have the same issue as the guy above. The way to fix that is NOT to do step 4: 4.Reupload VM2_Flatastic_theme_Joomla3\sources\up_4.7\re-upload\modules\mod_vm2_products\

For some reason this breaks the tabs modules!

There seem to be the same problem with the new tabs module on step 5: 5.Install new tabs module VM2_Flatastic_theme_Joomla3\sources\up_4.7\mod_virtuemart_product_tabs.zip

The new tabs module has the same issues as the old one.

Also I tried to see the fullpackage.zip to see if some files were omitted in the reupload folder. What I found was that modules/mod_vm2_products in fullpackage of version 4.7 zip is the same as the one from the previous version (4.6.1). Uploading the folder also brings back the tabs module on the frontpage.

However the module for the new tabs modules/mod_virtuemart_product_tabs is not installed on the fullpackage so I could not fix it :(

I suppose that there might need to get a reupload of version 4.7 so that both modules are fixed.

Are you sure that you downloaded the latest version?

Yes. I’m positive. I downloaded the latest version (actually there is no way to download an earlier version). The version I downloaded includes a folder named up_4.7

However the first day I got the zip file at the end of the documentation there was no note to disable the JS joomla plugin.

A couple of days later you added it to a newer download

I always try to download the latest one before trying to do any changes so I noticed that small difference from day to day.

Contact me via contact form on my profile page and provide access on the latest installed fullpackage please

Any explication??

Hi, read documentation Changelog section

System T3 plugin not found in the package.


Hi to everyone! We are very interested in this template

But we have a very important question that needs to be resolved before we move on

1. This template can support Multiple categorization for the products ? A product to be in several categories

example If we have the product “SHOE545” to several categories …. the categories are MAN , ACCECORIES, SHOES , ewt …. How it will be the final link? /man/shoe545 or /accecories/shoe545 or /shoes/shoe545

How ll be the path of the product ? We need it for marketing purposes and for the seo

Thank you Antonis

Hi mate. Thanks for interesting. You can adjust any product for different categories, but you see breadcrumbs only one path. See an example http://velikorodnov.com/wordpress/flatastic/classic/product/women-tops-blue-flowers/ This item is applied to 2 categories https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2685775/26705cb0a1348745e97187dcbfa04678 but Wordpress can show only one breadcrumbs path https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2685779/e46f0197146d5d4c6617ce8bea37b22e You can hide this if you want

Thank you! Your example is for wordpress. Is it the same for joomla VirtueMart ? Will we need a extra extention for joomla ?

Hello support,I need your help. I installed your fullpackage in my website y this work fine, but the web site is very slow and in the URL I look this: ”/index.php/es/” I dont understand why the web site is working in a idioma folder. please a solution ugent.

Good afternoon, support, I believe that you understood me very badly what I am needing.

Now, I have serious problems with virtuemart, I have not been able to change the photos of the products, and I have not been able to add new products, everything generates errors.

This is urgent, and please do not send me links from other websites, I need you to join my hosting and my joomla website and solve the problem.

Good afternoon, support, I believe that you understood me very badly what I am needing.

Now, I have serious problems with virtuemart, I have not been able to change the photos of the products, and I have not been able to add new products, everything generates errors.

This is urgent, and please do not send me links from other websites, I need you to join my hosting and my joomla website and solve the problem.

Please, I need the support email to send them the information to access my website.

Error vmError: Warning, the Safe Path is not accessible (does not exist or no permission). For safety reasons it is very important to create a folder in a path not accessible by an URL or unguessable name, create also a folder ‘invoices’ and ‘keys’ in it to store your sensitive data secure.

Advertencia Your Virtuemart installation contains an error: No user is marked as vendor. Please fix this in your phpMyAdmin and set #__virtuemart_vmusers.user_is_vendor = 1 and #__virtuemart_vmusers.virtuemart_vendor_id = 1 to one of your administrator users.

Hi mate My support area is here https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com

Hi! where is T3 plugin v 2.6.7? https://prnt.sc/glu6i5

It is not in the update folder Main_v4.8 – in folder /sources/4.8/

you can check and deliver with all the folder files for the download


Hi, you are right. I will re-upload new zip on Monday. I will let you know

Hi mate. Reupload files from my fullpackage.zip\plugins\system\t3\

Hi. ok i will try!

Hello team, is template compatible with joomla 3.8 since i want to make an local update and i have error 500. Thank’s.

Hi mate. I don’t advice to update j3.8. Soon will be available new VM version and I will provide official update

Hello, thank you, i just test the update in a local website. i will wait. Thank’s.

You are welcome

i cant connect to database i use fullpackage i think some files mising (configuretion.php) can you help me ?

Database connection is not template functionality. You insert wrong data database. Contact to your hosting and ask database details

Does the template have its own database?

We have sql demo data, not connection to your database

Error Message on your demo:


Key folder in safepath unaccessible

Thanks a lot, added safe path

Hello!, I have a problem with recaptcha2, the users can’t register with captcha, is a bug? how can I solve it? Thanks a lot!

The OPC is disabled, “Ajax for OPC”, I tried with the opc on too, but not worked. You should see at http://c315.cloud.wiroos.net/confortcenter/index.php/es/checkout.


Okay, extend support and open a ticket please

ok! Thanks

Hello, I have been trying for several weeks to translate the tags “HOT, OFFER, NEW” and others into Spanish, but I have not succeeded.

Please your help, I can not keep wasting time with this.


Hi, my support area is here https://velikorodnov.ticksy.com

I dont now the purchase codigo..please response my question… OHH my god this support is very bad

Mate, I replied via ticket system. I don’t provide any support via comments

Hi guys, Just a quick one – i’ve been working with this template for quite a while on and off and never quite finished the site build. I’ve started working on it again this week and noticed that the products are not expanding to fill the full width on mobile devices on the home page (I haven’t checked other pages), they still have vm-col-4 whereby I would have thought they would have vm-col-12 so that they are not squashed together. Is this an oversight? Regards Donna

Hi Donna. Contact me via contact form on my profile page please. I will send you patch

Hi. I don’t know which version is my current website version. It’s Joomla 3.5.1 and VirtueMart 3.0.16 . How can i update it to the last update version of this template?

Hi. There is a bug in product display price when you apply a discount. The price and discount are not displayed.Thanks for fixing


Hi there, we will check the problem. Thanks

4.9.2 На главной выводится ошибка Not Cod Activated or disabled Plugincustomblock.php Как убрать?

Делаю, но кнопка сохранить неактивна…..... Делаю данное действие впервые

Все, разобрался, Flatastic лучший!!!

я рад, что у вас получилось)

In latest releases the social slider doesn’t show facebook informations, twitter and youtube are ok.

Hi there. I will check asap

Hello there. Is there any way to have static images in the products list pages? I don’t want them to revolve (spin) to the second image when the mouse hovers over.