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Hi, I noticed an issue where the ebook preview isn’t scrollable on my iPhone. It works on the demo that’s on, but not in the files that I downloaded (v2.0.5). You can see what I’m talking about, if you have an iPhone (mine is 6s), at this URL: Do you have a fix for this?

Thanks! Like the template.


Sorry Mike, you were right – the script in the download wasn’t updated – so i just pushed an update with the new script, you will be notified in email once it’s available for download (currently it’s in the review queue). Cheers, Erik

That fixed it. Thanks for quick reply Erik.

Sure, no problem! :P Cheers, Erik


Sorry to bother you on this. I know this is just basic CSS, but I am having trouble on replacing the font type on this section (please see image on this link:

Thank you Lyrad graphic designer web dev newbie hehehehe

Hello, thanks for your purchase. No problem, i’m happy to help if i can, but i’m gonna need more details about what are you trying to achieve with the highlighted paragraph. Also a link to your site would be nice. Cheers, Erik

I’m attempting to modify the colour scheme but when I attempt to compile the scss files I receive the error “Error: File to import not found or unreadable: bootstrap.” from line 75 of ”/assets/sass/_flatbook.scss”

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please try to compile it with Compass software, and get back to me with the result. Cheers, Erik

$ compass compile assets
    error assets/sass/flatbook_blue.scss (Line 75 of assets/sass/_flatbook.scss: File to import not found or unreadable: bootstrap.

Hi Erik,

I have some problems getting my video to show in flatbook, I have tried to both replace my youtube url and my vimeo url, and I can see in the code, that the video is there, but it is not showing ? – Hope you can help

Best regards Daniel

Hello Daniel, can you please drop me a comment (from the account you purchased the theme with) first? Cheers, Erik

On certain mobile devices using Opera/Chrome browsers, I see an issue with the navbar where it is wider than the screen width in portrait mode.

If you use Chrome desktop browser in developer mode and use iPhone 6 device mode, you can see that the width is 375px but the navbar width is 475px for your demo site:

This is the exact issue I have on a few mobile devices that I have for testing.

Please advise. Thanks!


inetsoft Purchased

I responded a month ago with how it breaks layout in mobile and have not heard back. Please advise. Thanks!

Sorry, probably I have marked your email as read, but missed the reply :( I see what you are pointing at, however I don’t think that the Chrome Dev Tool’s iPhone 6 emulator would be the base ground to trust, what happens if you check the site on a real phone? As far as I experienced, this issue doesn’t occur… Any thoughts? Cheers, Erik


inetsoft Purchased

Hi, it does occur on phones and I already fixed it for my own site since your CSS definition sets it to 460px for the home page which causes the white space on the left.


Manuela Purchased

Hi Erik, I have a problem to show youtube videos. If I change the vimeo link with the youtube one, video doesn’t show out. Can you please help me?

Hi Manuela, thanks for your purchase! Can you send me over your actual html files in email to see what’s going on there? Cheers, Erik