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p.p.p.s After setting up the word press theme files only, I imported the XML. file for the demo too, but still no luck. tnx

Reply in your latest comment. Cheers, Erik

Hey Erick, It says you may take up to 5 days for responding. Frankly today is the only day i got to work on this site. I tried everything to make the install look the demo, but it didn’t work. I don’t have the time to build the site from ground up, in a day. I chose it for the demo specifically. I really like your theme, but sadly I had to ask for a refund and go with something I can finish and deliver today. thanks

Hello, thanks for your purchase – and sorry for the bit delay of reply – i was on holiday at the past week.

Regarding your problem, have you followed the steps of the Import Demos part of the theme documentation accurately? If yes, I need a more detailed explanation of the issue you are experiencing, while trying to import one of the demos.

Also it would fasten the support process, if you could send me over your wordpress admin login details in email, so I would be able to check your backend directly.

I kept your refund request open for now, as i’m not quite sure about you have read the documentation carefully before asking for support.

Cheers, Erik

HI Erik Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry I didn’t check into this account earlier. after the weekend i got back into the groove of work and other to do lists. Sadly i ended up installing another theme, last weekend as I needed to have the website up. If you could honor the refund i would appropriate it. But i will keep your template in mind for future projects and when i have enough time to work around things. thanks

Replied to your other same comment. Cheers, Erik

Great theme! Got one question, I would like to make the nav bar transparent. Could you help me out? I’m still kinda learning Wordpress. Thanks!

Hello, thanks for your purchase, and kind words! :) Sure, add the following to your css at Appearance > Customize > Custom Css:

#site-navbar { background: transparent !important; }
.navbar-fixer { height: 0 !important; }
Let me know how it worked out. Happy customizing! Cheers, Erik


I bought the FlatBook Theme. In the “Content Area”, when I add a “Video Section” and fill the gap with a url from Youtube (like that, and like that and Save, all look like OK but…Video is not shown in my WebSite. What can I do???

To give more information to you, I have wanted to be sure that problem is not about Plugins adding a “Custom Section” and adding all the code from youtube (like that <iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>) and Video is shown whithout problem. It is not a good solution.

Please help me. Regards

Hello, thanks for your purchase! In the Videos Section, you always need to enter the embedding url of the chosen video, instead of just copy pasting it from the browser window. So in this case, you need to add this in your Videos Section:
I know there’s not enough information in the documentation about how to get the youtube embedding url of a video, but I have already been warned and more detailed guide and example will be added to the documentation in the upcoming theme update. Cheers, Erik

Thanks Eriktailor, This problem has been solved.

Great! :) Cheers, Erik

Hi again Eriktailor, You know I bought the FlatBook Theme. I contact you for the following problem: When I use “Samples Section” and I add an Image, I can see it in my computer but in my mobile phone I cannot see it. What is the problem?

Regards, Thanks

Sure, but can you please send me your site link where this error occurs? I can’t reproduce it on the demo site. Cheers, Erik

But… it is temporal link (Under construction) and I can not show in a public way, here. Please, tell me the way in which I can send you in a private way or something like that.

Regards, Thanks

You can send a private message to me in email. Cheers, Erik


The theme is pretty good, although I’ve had some troubles with it. FOr instance, I wanted to remove the padding on section elements, but it was still overrided by some online css. And I couldn’t fix it because according to firebug, the original file was on #2, which isn’t a path I understands really well, and I’m not comfortable with SASS so I didn’t want to randomly check every CSS and php files to see where this css line was. Anyway, I fixed it thanks to the custom css and adding an ”!important” after my line so it’s #1 priority overall. Not specially proud of me but it works, and anyway that’s not the point of my message.

I’m contacting you because I want to use a shortcode, and it doesn’t work. I know I’m not the only one (according to other’s people comments), but I really need this shortcode. I use it to insert some php code, which is used for an include, which aims to put a form which sends an automatized mail.

Before you say anything : - I couldn’t find a plugin that fits my need, and that’s why I coded it in php - Even if I did, still, my shortcode doesn’t work.

So, I’m in need for your help ! Thanks in advance !

The page where it doesn’t work (using your page builder) : The page where it works (using a standard WP page) :

Sent you a mail. I’ll have something else to ask you about the css, but let’s start by fixing this PHP :)

Hey Erik, hope you’re doing well :) it’s been 2 days and nothing changed, did you get my mail ? I’m waiting on this to launch our site, and it would be really cool if it could be done before the end of the week.

Just replied to your email. Please note that I always reply to every support request received from my buyers, although sometimes it takes more time until I’ll be able to answer. Cheers, Erik

good day erik ,even if i’ve customised all colours through ‘customise > colours’, still some of the turquoise of the demo is appearing (#5BC1AF) namely : in the hover of ‘link blog post’, and in the hamburger icon of the mobile version. how could i override this and place another colour? (for hover could be #1461ad , for icon could be #ffffff). shall i add css lines to “style.css” or directly edit “flatbook.css” file? many thanks!

Please see my replies below:

... if you hover on the pic, you see the turquoise still there. how could i change it into another colour?

Add the following snippet to your Css:

.overlay:hover { background-color: rgba(20, 97, 173, 0.8); }
... where to translate in single posts the commentary part ?like “leave a reply”, “comment”, “submit comment”, and so on… ?

Please check out the Translating Theme part of the documentation.

... where to translate the “Search” in the search bar?

In your searchform.php file, rewrite the ‘Search’ string of the placeholder="..." attribute manually.

Let me know how these worked out! Cheers, Erik

hi Erik many thanks! colour indeed worked well, I’ll experiment with translations soon!

Your welcome! :) Ok, let me know than. Cheers, Erik

Hello! I tried upload demo but It’s doesn’t work. Can you help me with this? Site

Hello, thanks for your purchase! Just checked your site, and for me it seems that you have imported one of the demos successfully, as you have nice custom content, without having any javascript or network errors. Any thoughts? Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, thanks for the great theme.

1. Can you please help me make my CTA to Amazon open in a new window?

2. Some of the navigation items don’t change to the hover/selected colour state when you’re in that section. Why do some work and others don’t? My site is

3. No matter how I export my logo (small, large, png, jpg) it still appears pixelated, why is this? The same thing happens with the device image in the header area. What do you suggest?

4. How do I remove the green background overlay on the Book Sample section?

Thank you :)

Hello, thanks for your purchase and appreciation! See my replies below:

1.) If you mean the buttons in your Slider Header, you can just add a target attribute to your buttons, like this:

<a target="_blank" class="btn btn-primary md-margin-r" href="">Purchase now</a>

2.) Strange, I haven’t seen this issue before. You don’t have any javascript error on your site, so currently I have no idea about what could cause this… If you send me over your admin login details to me via email, I can take a look at this.

3.) Your logo image doesn’t seem to be pixelated now. Maybe you have already managed to solve this?

4.) Add this to your css:

.tablet-reader::before { display: none; }

Happy customizing! :) Cheers, Erik


landbyjt Purchased

Purchase code: 8fb8a283-7412-48be-9169-4c34ecbb4ebd My Flatbook plugin will not load to Wordpress. I get this message:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

Please help Jim T at email:

Hello, thanks for your purchase! Just replied to your recent comment. Cheers, Erik


landbyjt Purchased

I finally got this theme installed on my Wordpress site. But don’t see where the “3 different demos to kickstart your book landing page website” are that you advertised for Flatbook?


landbyjt Purchased

Sorry, I just found your “help guide for FlatBook” which answers my questions.

Never mind :) Let me know if you need further assistance, while customizing your website. Cheers, Erik

Hi, I added 4 post to the blog. I added the widget “recent post” in the “Footer Widgets” but I can not see it in the footer page. Nevertheless, I can see another “Footer Widgets” in footer page.


Hi, thanks for your purchase! Can you send me over your site link, where this problem occurs? Cheers, Erik


CSJOKER Purchased

I’ve uploaded a lot of themes in the past and I cannot get the .zip to upload without erring out. I am running 4.5.3 Wordpress

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please follow the instructions from the Theme Installion part of the documentation. Cheers, Erik


padilu83 Purchased


I bought your theme and the plugin WP Profitbuilder simultaneously to compare which one is better for my needs .

I’ve found out that WP Profitbuilder better fits for my needs .

Now I want to ask you if it’s possible that you can refund me the purchase price for your theme .

Would be great.

Thank you very much

kind regards



padilu83 Purchased

Hi Erik

You can check here that I’m not using your theme and I will not, also in future, because it don’t fit my needs. I’ve already deleted all files.

Would be great.


padilu83 Purchased

Sorry, forgot the url

While I understand that you have changed your mind and decided to use another theme, please consider that you already have the files, so if I gave you a refund, you would still have the item downloaded.

You can learn more in the refund policy of Envato.

Cheers, Erik


first of all I really love your product, amazing template.

How do I decrease the empty space after the Client section, before “About Olga” (author section)?

thanks Rafael

Hi Rafael, thanks for your purchase and kind words, i’m glad you like the theme! :)

In your WordPress admin, navigate to Appearance > Custom Css and add the following rules:

.section-features { padding-bottom: 0; }
.section-author { padding-top: 0; }

Happy customizing! Cheers, Erik

thanks a lot Erik this helped. Another Problem I have and not sure where to find the solution is to change the Header Size. I tried to change the picture size but the Heather with my Signup for still takes up almost the whole size, where can I adjust this? thanks a lot in advance!

Great! Your welcome :) I think the most handy way to adjust the header size is via Css – just like the last time – so add this below:

header.form-header { padding: 80px 0 50px; }

Feel free to adjust the values if needed. Cheers, Erik

Hi, I just bought this great theme, and when I try to import “demo-1-settings.dat” I get an error message: “The settings you uploaded are not for the current theme” I am using versiov 2.0.7 – Could you please help me with this?

Hello, thanks for your purchase. Sounds strange… Can you send me over your admin login details in email to check your backend? Cheers, Erik

Hi, Can’t see text & pic in the Slider area (both on the domo and the one I tries to create by myself).

Please advise how to solve this problem. Appreciate your help TNX

Which demo are we talking about? Please specify. Cheers, Erik

I used this template for a site but no longer needed the site. Can I use this same theme again if I uninstall it or do I have to purchase it again to use it? Thanks

You can have 1 active theme install / single license. If your old site is not available anymore, I see no reason why you couldn’t use the theme on a new site. Cheers, Erik

Do you need an additional widget in order to sell directly through website? anything you would recommend that works well with site?

Hello! Yes, you would need an additional widget integration to sell directly through the site, as FlatBook is basically a landing page theme to showcase / advertise your ebook.

My common suggestion is to upload your ebook to a trustworthy online marketplace (like than redirect your visitors from your landing page to the online marketplace, where the user can technically buy the copy.

Cheers, Erik