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Nice style Erik , good luck with this one.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros, your works are really sleek too ;)

Very cool! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you AirTheme! :)

Does it come with XML data file so it can be set up like your exact demo?


Hi Rich,

Yes, it can be easily imported from xml to be like in the demo content.

clean and beautiful work.. great job!

Thank you codeex :)

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks baser2! :)

Wow, you’ve done really beautiful work with this theme. Could you add the contact form to its demo? I did not see an example of it, but you list it as a theme feature. Thanks!

Hi CheeseGromit,

Thanks for your kind words. You can check the contact form at the very bottom of the theme demo page, just above the footer.

I see. Can the contact form be added to the navigation menu where people usually look for it at the top? Instead of at the bottom?

Yes, it is possible just like any other sections of the home page.

Hi Erik, i really like the theme but is there a way i can place a regular menu at the top instead of the drop-down ?

Also could it be possible to link to another page instead of having everything on the home page ?

Hi xalexm,

Yeah it’s possible to disable the sliding menu effect with a bit of jQuery.

Regarding your other question about pages, there are examples for that in the theme demo, just check the “Shortcodes” link in the menu, it is an example for the separate page.

Thank you metrothemes!

This is a nice theme. I just bought it and I’m wondering how to not include the video reviews and pricing tables (I only have 1 price and don’t need it).

I did that and the page gets all messed up when I do. It looks good though when they are there. Check out to see what I mean.

I checked, sorry this is my fault a typo from my side. Tomorrow I’ll provide an update with a fix for this issue.

Until then, if it’s urgent for you and need the solution now, please give me your e-mail address and i’ll send you the instructions of how to fix it.

I fixed this issue, please update your theme. Thanks for the notice.

Clean and unique theme! :)

Thank you ajinkyap :)


Nice style with this one, it’s in some way unique. I think however that it lacks one of the major feature of a landing pages: newsletter subscription.

Have you plan of including a MailChimp integration or something similar? Can you recommend a plugin that works well?

I’m in need of a landing page, this should be a great choice for my new product. Thanks

Greetings from Italy Giovanni

Hi Giovanni,

Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you like my style.

If I’ll recieve a few more requests for MailChimp integration, I’m going to implement it in the next update, until then you can play around with this plugin:

Update: Mailchimp feature added.

Erik and Pantera, I agree about adding MailChimp. It would be a very helpful feature to add and I could use it. Thank you.

Ok, I’ll implement it in the next update what is coming at 2013-11-27.

Good job!!Good luck with sales :)

Thank you ThemeRox! :)

Sick template & documentation! GLWS.

Thanks postcreative :)

Nice! I see you are adding Mail Chimp; is the same thing true for aWeber?

Also: wondering if there’s a way to use this landing page in an existing WP site. Does this theme take over all pages and posts?


For first i’m making it compatible with just MailChimp, I belive nowdays it’s the most common email marketing service.

Regarding your second question, if you just switch the theme for FlatBook, it’ll take all over the pages and posts. If you’d like to use it beside your main theme, I think the easier way is to install another wordpress for your hosting server and apply FlatBook theme for that (e.g.

In this way, your original wordpress site will stay as it is, and you can use FlatBook as a particular landing page.

Hi erik,

nice work! Quick questions – does your theme support multi-language sites? Can typefaces be changed in the theme options or would I need to dive into the css?


Yes, 6 days from now.

Excellent. Thanks for the great service!

Your welcome :)

Hi – wondering what’s the simplest way to integrate the “buy” button with a cart and/or my account. Perhaps you know of some examples. Thanks

I never used but in my opinion i think you get a custom link for your account, then you can just add that link to one of the buttons in the theme.


Beautiful theme. but I am having some problems.

1. Both the testimonials & the footer are showing up on the top of the website over the slider. (each shows up there even if the other one is turned off)

2. 4th include is out of alignment with the others

3. can I get rid of the sample chapters?

Here is the site:


I think there’s something with your chrome version, try to update to the latest one. I’m trying to help you but i’m sure the problem is at your side, it seems perfect for me: in all advertised browsers.

Yup. that worked! thanks for the extra help.

Your welcome :)

Love the theme!

Can the menu show all the time at the top? Is that an option in the theme? Or do I have to chase down jquery code in a php file…

The reason I ask is many people just don’t recognize the Menu icon. You and I do—sure. But we’re Internet geeks. :) I hear a lot of flack about visitors not recognizing the menu icon.

Thanks for your kind words! This feature isn’t included in the theme yet, but it’s like just deleting one line of jQuery to force the menu to stay always visible.

If you may bought the theme, you can drop me an email and I’ll tell which line to delete to achieve the result you need. Thanks!

Actually, I wish there was a way to show the menu beside the logo. Like a normal website. My client won’t go for the Menu icon. And it would look bad to leave the menu open all the time. I hope you will consider (in the future) allowing an in-theme option to show the menu in the background beside the logo.

Oh I see. I’ll consider to add this feature to the upcoming update. Thanks for your notice.

Hi, I think there is a bug in the slider. The second button link is not working. The first link (for the colored button) will be used also for the grey button – though they should be different. Please let me know. Thanks!


Yeah that’s right. I’ll add this fix in the next update, until you can fix it in slider.php at line 37. Change this:


to this please:


and it will work as it should. Thanks for your notice!


Update: this issue is solved since version 1.1.0