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Is there a specific SEO plugin that you could recommend that works best with this theme?

Sure. Where can I email you login details?

NVM. I found it. Email Sent.

Ok let me check it. I’ll get back to you in email with the results.

Is it possible to add multiple instances of the call to action on the main page?

Assuming this could be done by copy/pasting the call to action php to the “home.php” file but not sure where it is…


From line 80-96.

Works great, thanks again!

Your welcome :)

Hi! It seems a great theme. Do you have any plans integrating e-commerce software (like woocommerce or easy digital downloads) in the future? Thank you.

Do you have an estimated release date for the WooCommerce support update?

That’s what i tried to explain in my first reply, now a mayor update is coming in 1-2 weeks so the next update with new features (like woocommerce) isn’t coming in the near future i’m afraid…

OK, thank you.

Hi Erik. Nice theme.

We are having a problem though: We’ve had it twice already that the Contact Bar section disappears. The relevant HTML is not on the page anymore. It looks like all the database rows disappeared (wp_postmeta table has no rows with meta_value=’template-contact.php’) We think it happens when we edit the Contact page (under Pages). Could be a naming conflict?

Any idea how to solve this? It’s really a hassle to import all dummy data again and start over with setting things straight and cleaning up unused items.

Thanks in advance, Alex

Hi Alex and thanks for your purchase! Strange issue, i’ve never got noticed about a problem like this yet. If you create a user for me and send the login details from my profile’s contact form here i can check it directly on your site.

Hi Erik,

The theme is working fine, and it is very simple to modify home page! I am installing the theme in a new provider and when I try to activate the theme it throws the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘public’ (T_PUBLIC) in /homepages/42/d514062401/htdocs/wp-content/themes/FlatBook/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 74

Can you pleas help me with this? Thanks in advance,


Hi Andi and thanks for your purchase. Unfortunately i can’t provide any useful tips about how to solve this issue because you have installed and get the theme properly work in the first environment, so you can see too that the issue isn’t coming from FlatBook theme, but more likely your hosting provider if i had to guess. I suggest to contact them for further information and support regarding this issue.

Hi Erik, I have contacted the hosting provider and they are asking if the theme has any specific requirements. They have already done all the troubleshooting but they can´t make it work. Regards, Andi

If you can provide a wp and an ftp user for me and send the login details via my profile’s contact form here, i can check what’s wrong.

Hello Erik! I love your theme! I’m just about to purchase the theme and noticed the featured slideshow is not touch based for mobile devices. Is there an option in the settings to enable touch based sliders? Also, when looking at the demo theme on tablets in portrait view, the text on the featured slideshow gets cut off on left margin and is not readable. On mobile phones, the text on the “Video” section gets cut off on the right. Will these issues be fixed soon?

Great and thank you for the quick reply!

Purchasing soon and looking forward to updates!

Great, i’ll let you know when it’s approved.

Hi, is this theme compatible with woocommerce? Thanks

Also, can I add additional pages to the theme?

Hi, no it isn’t support woocommerce it’s a landing page for advertising ebooks. Yes you can add additional pages here’s a demo of a sample page.

Hello, I have few questions before I will buy your theme. Obviously it looks fantastic, so congratulations!

I will run a small (15 books) e-book store. I have seen it’s not working with woocommerce. My question is, does it have any digital download and payment tool inside? Will it be hard for me (a bit new person in e-commerce) to run that?

Hope you will answer quickly, because I need to pick something today. :)


Thanks i’m glad you like it :) No actually this is a landing page for advertising e-books not an ebook webshop. My buyers usually have their ebooks on for example and host a site with FlatBook landing page customized for the ebook and use it to advertise and generate traffic.

Hi Erik, Thanks for the theme, it looks really good. My question is regarding selling multiple ebooks. If I would like create 2 different landing pages for 2 different ebooks, do I essentially need 2 wordpress database installations of the Flatbook theme under different URLs or is there a way to use the same theme with multiple ebooks?

Thanks, Andy.

Hi Andy and thanks for your purchase! Yep, you will need 2 wp installions to do that, i believe it’s the most easy way :)

Hello! Thanks for the well-made theme. I just have one question. How would I remove the fly-in effect that some of the elements have so that everything is already on the page and the testimonials, samples, etc. don’t fly in when you scroll to them?

Thank you!

Hi and thanks for your purchase!
You have to open style.css and remove this:

@import url("css/animate.css");

and add this to the bottom of style.css file:

div {opacity: 1 !important;}

It will immediately disable the css3 animations on the site.

Hi, I would upgrade the theme in order to use contact form 7 and resolve the spam problem. But I have done several modifications on the them. Can you tell me the files I have to change for using cf7? Thank you!

never mind… i made diffs and it is ok. thx.

Good to hear that :)


I’m interested in buying your theme, but I just need to know one thing:

Is there an option to fix the navigation to the top? (so users don’t have to click the icon to bring it up every time?)


Hi there, yes there’s an option for that in the built-in theme options :)

Hi Mate Great theme thx, What is the exact size of the slider image? When I upload a picture that is 2000×625 as suggested I cannot se it entirely. Thank you.

Yeah i see your issue now. It won’t be a one-line code fix, if you can create a wp user for me and send the login details via my profile’s contact form here, i’ll be able to fix it directly on your site.

Thx a lot.

Hi! Really nice theme! But I’ve a question: Is it possible to show an image inside the ipad (section “samples from the book”. I mean like it was an app (full screen)

Thank you so much!

Hi and thanks for your purchase! Yes it’s possible, just add your images like a text-based content in the “Samples” post type and decrease the padding of the ipad’s content via CSS.

thank you! It works!

Hi there, great work with the theme, just purchased it.

Two questions :-

1- Further to the comment above regarding showing an image inside the ipad, where do we decrease the padding of the ipad, in which CSS ? Moreover, I want the image to scale perfectly inside the ipad even if the browser is resized. How can I achieve that.

2- For Chapter overviews, I want all content to load without the need to press “Show more”, I actually want to remove the “Show more” / Show Less button”, how can I acheive this

3- In the main slider at the top, whats the possibility of having a video load inside the ipad?

Hi and thanks for your purchase.

  1. It requires experience with css, you can check what element need to be modified with FireBug
  2. Add this code to the bottom of your style.css file:
    .four.columns.chapter-ov {display: block !important;}
    .btn.loadmore {display: none;}
  3. There’s no option for placing a video in the slider yet.

Hi Erik

Thank you for an awsome theme! I have 2 questions

1. I cant figure out how to to arrange the one-page-design as I want it. No matter what which number-arrangement I give the pages, the “samples” page always are higher op than “testimonials”. Is that just how the theme is made?

2. Will it be possible to add a video as the main slider background? Lige here

Hope to hear from you :-)

Thank you a lot that worked.

In a earlier comment you wrote that it was possible to change only the color of the header, can you please tell me how and where I need to change the color? I need to get it black without the text and buttons getting black as well

Your welc. :) I didn’t say that it can be colored separately from the theme color scheme, but you can always add your custom css by going to Appearance > Editor and copy paste the following:

#header {
  background: black !important;

Wow – fast reply! It worked and you saved my dag :-) Thx

Hi Erik,

The theme looks great on your product page. I cannot figure out how to get mine to look like that, though. It just looks like a regular blog. I don’t see where I can make it full-width. I’ve added a pricing thing and a sample and they don’t show up. I don’t know anything about code. What can I do?


Hi Erin and thanks for your purchase! Please read the documentation included with the theme, everything is covered about getting started and customization of FlatBook.

Ah, thanks!

Hi, I need to add a script at the end of the body tag. Can’t seem to find it in the files.

Where might I find that in the editor files?

Hi, it’s in the footer.php file. Cheers


Hi, I was wondering in the section “Choose a chapter” (1.) if the chapter pages can be replaced by images and (2.) if so can they be made to slide up when a chapter is clicked on?

Thanks, great theme by the way :)

Hi, thanks i’m glad you like it.

  1. Yes they can be replaced with images, you can check out the demo of placing an image inside the ipad frame if you click on chapter II.
  2. Yeah it can be changed to any kind of animation but it’s not a built-in option, you can customize the animation with some jQuery script.

Hey Erik,

Great work!

Quick it possible to add an image on the right hand side of the menu with a link so that a visitor can see the option for a ‘buy now’ wherever on the page he is? Here is the link to the website:


Hi, amazed you like it :) You can add the following code to header.php file at line 75 (below the wp_nav_menu):

<a href="" style="float: right; background: green; padding: 10px 15px; margin-top: -10px; border-radius: 4px; color: white;">Buy Now!</a>

Of course you will have to change the link to your pricing section’s id and do some css styling to the button.

Exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much :D