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Another question;

I need sub-menus on my navigation bar but it does not show up currently. Is there a way I can make this happen? :)

Unfortunately dropdown sub-menus aren’t supported by FlatBook yet.

No problem, Erik! I was wondering if you take up freelancing projects on the side? :)

Yes i do freelancing but at the moment i’m already late with several projects and now can’t accept more :)


First of all. Great theme and easy installation!!

I have one problem. My videos are not showing. See

Can you help me?


If you create a wp user for me and send the login details and your issue in email via my profile’s contact form here, I can take a look at what’s wrong with your video. Cheers, Erik

just did..thanks


Hi there,

is it possible to make the slider slide automatically after a few seconds?


Nice to hear that :) I’ll look after the menu logo request tomorrow, and unfortunately i don’t think there’s an option to turn off responsiveness easily. Cheers, Erik

Don’t worry about it! I spoke to the client about half an hour ago and they said that it was alright if the logo was simply at the top. I appreciate the help though! I was able to get the responsive off by removing the media query in layouts and some of the css in the skeleton css. Also added a visible to wrapper overflow. You’ve been tremendously helpful, I really appreciate it Erik.

I was happy to help, love to recieve appreciations from satishfied buyers :) Let me know if i can help with anything else.

Hi, Thanks for such a nice theme. Can you please advise if I can sell my book by this theme? If so how can I integrate paypal with it?

Hi there, thanks for your purchase! Actually FlatBook is a marketing landing page for advertising ebooks, not an ebook webshop. Feel free to try paypal wordpress plugins like this one, or if you’re not familiar with plugin integrations, simply release your ebook to for example and link FlatBook theme’s “buy now” buttons to your ebook’s amazon page. Cheers, Erik

Thanks, I am grateful for your immediate help!

dear friend,

thank you for your great theme! can you help me please? i have a design problem here is my site:

here is the problem in picture:

sorry for my english… please help me and give me the instruction in codes… thanks bro

your code looks good on firefox and chrome but not work on smartphones..

Now it’s in, but you still haven’t added the min-width media query, that’s why it’s not working on smartphones. So again:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {.slide {margin-top: -80px;}}

Paste the code above as it is and it will work as expected.

ok thank you :-)


Thanks for theme. Looks great. I’m trying to get the slider to autoplay, but can’t figure out where to change it. Somwhere in the slider.php, right?


Hi and thx for your purchase, i’m happy you like it! To enable autoplay for the slider, you have to edit slider.php at line 16, replace this:


to this:


this means the slide will change in every 2 seconds. For example “5000” means 5 seconds and so on.. Cheers, Erik

Brilliant. Thanks!

Hi Erik,

Awesome theme! Is it possible yet to get a video playing inside the iPhone in the slider?


Hi, nice to hear you like it :) Unfortunately the iphone mockup in the slider doesn’t support videos, but you can add as many videos as you need in the Video Reviews section. Just add the youtube link and it’s done :) Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

Two questions:

1. I would like to increase the video size, by default it just have width 370px and height 165px, as I can see to inspect the element ( { width: 370px; height: 165px;)

How can I change it?

2. I just have one product on pricing page, so I just need one center column.

How can I set it?



1.) You can modify the video size in template-videos.php file at line 35, but be careful i have never tried to resize the standard video size before :)

2.) You can force the pricing table to align at the center with adding this snippet at the very bottom of the style.css file:

.price-table {
  display: table !important;
  float: none !important;
  margin-left: auto !important;
  margin-right: auto !important;


Hi Erik,

I am having problems seeing the Call-to-Action on the homepage. Is there something that I have to enable? I’ve entered text and button in the background, but it is not showing.

I’ve updated this page, and it’s not showing. Is there something else to be altered?

I also, can’t click links on the navigation bar.

I just checked it and your Call to Action section is there.. you may solved it already? Regarding the issue with the menu, try adding url link type menu items with anchor points to your section titles. So for example, if your section title is “About Jaylen Bledsoe”, the link should be the

Anyone have any browser compatibility issues with different sections, and any easy fixes if so? For a handful of users the testimonials do not appear (slide out) when using ie9, it’s just a blank section so not sure what’s up there. we’re currently live at:

thanks – submitted

Replied :)

working! thank you erik!

Do we have an example of a bookstore with more than one ebook ? We have 35 ebooks in our catalog that we love to sell, and we really love this template. Can someone guide us here ?

Thanks. Regards, Chandra

Personally i would sell my books on or any similar site in this kind, and advertise them with separate landing pages linking to the item page where the user would be able to purchase it safely via paypal or a simple bank transcation.

Thanks for your valuable inputs and comments. Have a great day.

Your welcome, let me know if i can help with anything else. Cheers, Erik

Where do I put my google analytics code?

Open up header.php file and paste your google analytics code just above the closing </head> tag.

Cheers! Great theme, just what I needed

HELP! A portion of the site duplicated itself! It didn’t under the pages admin area, only visually when you visit the site!

Need this fixed immediately, hopefully you can reply soon so I can apply your suggestions!

Client deadline is tomorrow happened on its own.

Only thing I was messing with was Mailchimp sign up form code.


I found the solution! ahem The samples were already in their own section of the theme…I somehow made a page called Excerpts from the Book… (basically samples…) When I sent that to the trash the normal one didn’t disappear but the extra samples disappeared…not sure if I did this one late exhausted night, but it’s fixed. I REALLY hope this helps someone if they have the same issue. If it doesn’t no matter how long later you read this email me.

Hi and thanks for your notice. Please delete the unwanted pages either from the trash too to make them completely disappear.

Hi Erik, I am having trouble getting the Call-to-Action to show up.

Hi and thx for your purchase! I just checked your site and the call to action section is there, below the scrollable tablet mockup.

Hi Erik, I installed this to a test site ( and the page with the iPad example loads fine. When I moved this to production ( the iPad page is behaving quite oddly; as you can see the text runs well past the page and bleeds onto others. Any ideas? I could really use a hand here. Thanks

Oh and form some reason the contact form won’t load for me either on this page, and I also had to change the blog page to a link, rather then a page reference to get it to work. Any ideas as to what I am missing?

Hi and thanks for the purchase! Personally i never suggest to use wordpress migration from a local host to production, more often it can cause issues like yours, i rather suggest to create export files: one from the wordpress content another from the theme options and it’s done.

Regarding the iPad issue, it seems it throws out the whole article instead of the post’s excerpt, i guess an excerpt setting overrides the limit of that section’s, but i can’t say it for sure until i see what’s going on at your backend. The contact form works fine for me, it shows up properly on the link you sent.

At the moment the menu pulls out the section’s (actually page) title and attach an anchor point to the added menu item with the wp page title. Basically if you rename one of the pages, the existing menu item won’t scroll until you create an url type link for the item. I have already realized that’s not a really good solution as i recieve too many support requests about the menu usuage, so this will be fixed in the next theme update.

If you can create a wp user for me and send the login details in email via my profile’s contact form here, i can fix the mentioned issues on your site. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik

I have two questions:

1.The logo on my page does not display correctly on mobile devices because its size is 430×38. But I need this size to be displayed properly in desktop browsers. How I can make it to fit properly? You can see it in

2. Why the play button is not displayed in the mobile versions?

Thank you very much for everything

Hi Erik,

I don’t know which is the reason but no matter what youtube link attached in my page because not displayed on mobile devices and tablets including the videos you show in demo. Could you check it? What could be the reason?


Ok, I know which is the problem, the short links doesn’t work. However video size doesn’t fit to mobile screen so play button disappears from the screen. How can I fit it?


Yeah the video url custom fields only accept full links. I’m afraid the issue is at your side regarding the videos at mobile sizes, if you check the theme demo of the current (v1.2) version from the download here, you can see that the videos are aligned properly to the mobile screen width and the play buttons are either visible.

Hi there, I’m having quite a few issues with this theme (my sister-in-law bought it and I am helping her with her website): Firstly, things aren’t lining up as I would want them to: -Also my slider image has pixelated, i’m not sure why. -How can I change the ‘ebook’ thing so it aligns with the ‘ipad’ pic? -Testimonials seems to be aligned above the slider. How an I change this?

Any help would be much appreciated to resolve these issues. Thanks, Michelle.

Also icons do not show up next to menu titles?

Hi Michelle, i’m able to provide support for buyers only. If you have purchased my theme from another account please provide your purchase verification code or drop me a comment with this issue from that account. Thanks, Erik

Hi Erik. Okay logged into this account. Michelle.

Please read the documentation carefully before asking questions, every part of the usuage and the customization is covered inside. You’re getting this error message because you haven’t activated the Contact Form 7 required plugin with the theme before importing the demo content.

Don’t worry, just install and activate the Contact Form 7 plugin and create a new form and copy paste the content of /extras/layouts/flatbook-contact-form.txt to the form layout field within Contact Form 7 options and it will work.

Hi Erik. Thanks. I’ve been able to successfully set it up now. I have another few questions however: 1. Am I able to edit the header to add a link or two? 2.Also, how can I go about adding the icons next to the links under the header, as is in show in the live preview. Thanks, Michelle.

Great to hear that. 1.) I’m not sure what do you need to edit exactly, but you can mofidy the header in the header.php file. 2.) Just add the icon name from the icon reference (for example fa-user) in the menu item’s title attribute. Erik

Blog Theme – I would like to spcifically ask about the blog page. I would like to change the way the blog page shows posts, etc.

Can I have another theme specifically for the blog, how can install that, or should it be another WP installation all together ?

Hi and thanks for your purchase. I don’t know what display changes are you thinking of, is it sure that you need a completely different theme’s blog layout? If yes, i’m afraid you will need a new wp install to with the other theme’s blog page, and redirect users from FlatBook to the blog page of your new wp install. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, I have a few questions: - Where can I translate the “Continue reading” on teh blog page ( - The sitemap generated is a bit weird and I am not sure why What can I do to get it more google friendly. Thank you for your help.

Hi and thx for your purchase. You can translate it in functions.php at line 112. I’m afraid i’m not sure what are you pointing at with the sitemap, what do you exactly want to achieve? Cheers, Erik

Thank you Erik. Reggarding the Sitemap, i would like something like what major search engines expect, only one page like this one—> it was generated automaticly by a plugin and automaticly adds any changes or new page but with your theme it generates many pages not sure why and how to fix this.

Altough i’m not a seo expert, i have some knowledge in this topic as a web developer. My personal opinion is there’s no reason and benefits of creating a sitemap for a onepage website, it doesn’t make sense. Sitemaps are good if you are having a large web portal with hunderads of different pages. Despite of this if you really need a sitemap i have always used this tool: . Cheers, Erik