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Hi Erik,

I’m having issues with my navigation. Once a user goes to the blog section (which on my site also includes the Album Reviews, Concert Reviews, and Book reviews menu options), the links to Home and About don’t work anymore. I took a look at a couple of other people’s sites on here, and I noticed the same thing happen on one of them. Any thoughts on what I can do to fix this issue? You can view my site at

Thank you so very much for such a wonderful theme!

Hi niassa and thanks for your purchase great to hear that you like it! You are right, this issue is coming from my side, it has been already noted in my to-do list since a while, it will be fixed in the next update.

Until than, if you can provide a wp user for me to your site and send the login details via my profile’s contact form here, i’d be happy to fix it for you tomorrow :) Cheers, Erik

[Getting Started]

Hi Erik,

How do I set things up so that it displays the various theme options?

My site does not look right at all:



Hi Mike and thanks for your purchase. Please read the theme documentation carefully, every topic of the usuage and customization is covered in. If you are not familiar with creating wordpress sites, i suggest to import the demo content to achieve the same layout like in the theme demo and than start customizing the contents for your needs.

You can read more about importing the demo content in the documentation here. Cheers, Erik

Great theme with multiple options and easy to customize—very responsive designer that helped me with a customization issue that required an update to the css style sheet.

Highly Recommended!


Thanks for your recommendation Denise, i appriciate that! :) Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik. Thought I sent this yesterday, but not seeing it here, so: 1. How can I change the text color from white and grey to something else? Is this related to the primary color choice? 2. Only one of my samples is showing up on samples page. 3. Can I remove one of the buttons from the slider? i’d like to only have one. It seems if i just remove the text, the button still appears. I’m not familiar with code, so please be as specific as you can if I can address issues with edits to code. Thanks for beautiful product that was easy for someone like me to use!!

Thanks. Didn’t realize I could use codes in the theme options part. I figured out how to delete the title of the sample from the tablet itself. One last thing I can’t figure out -

How to edit the order of the samples as they appear for selection under “Choose.” Then I’m sure I will stop bothering you!! THANKS

NEVERMIND. realized it was reading as blog post, so changed the dates of publication and I’m all set.

Ok, sounds great :)

Seems like the perfect theme for my project. Have one question:

Is this theme translatable?

Hey, yeah it’st translateable for one main language, but doesn’t have the feature of creating a multilangual site with a language switcher. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

Thanks for a great theme. I have a few questions with which I would love your help. You can see the staging site here: 1. I am trying to make the slider boxes (the ones with text) darker. I am finding the contrast between the letters and box to be not enough to read clearly. When I added some code to style.css, I ended up getting one dark box.
background:gray !important;
2. I would also like to decrease the padding on the top of the slider so that the text boxes don’t spill over. I couldn’t find that in the code, though. 3. I am also trying to fix the Page title by increasing the font size and changing the font. I tried adding this code to style.css but didn’t have any luck.
font-family: "Arimo", "arial", "sans-serif";
font-size: 24px !important;

Thanks so much—really appreciate your help and love the theme!

Sorry, one more question for you. I would also love to darken the font on the text throughout the page to get a little more contrast. What’s the best way to do that?

Never mind—got this one on my own. Thanks again for your help.

Great, your welcome :)


Love the theme man… I can’t seem to get the video reviews to show up from YouTube. I can hit “Play” but I can’t see the button, and only the audio comes through. Any fixes for this?

Thanks man!


Hey Brian, can you tell me in which browser and device do you notice this issue? Cheers, Erik

Hello Eri! Really Great work! I just have one issue… the samples doesn´t allow bullets within the tablet??? They never show up if I put them there… I did it with a symbol now but that´s not the perfect solution… and on teh right side teh Sample menu looks quiet messed up as well…because my titles are longer then yours…


How can I fix that?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, regarding the sample titles on the right i’m afraid you will need to shorten your titles, it’s the only way to get it look like in the theme demo. To increase the spacing between the headline of the whole sample page and the tablet mockup, add a few lines of content or if you don’t need just hit 2 breaks in the Sample page’s content area and it will be solved.

To change the Choose the Chapter text, open up template-samples.php file and change it manually.

Sure, just add the absolute path to the file you need to download, like this: for example. Cheers, Erik

Hello Thanks for your help Erik hm to cut the headlines is impossible by the sense… (how should I shrink “Panama City” :) ) the headline fit into the line… the beginning of the actual article is the problem! Is it possible to quit the beginning of the article? So that just the headline shows up there? That will be the last issue… ! Thanks a lot for your help!;)

Yeah you are right, here’s the snippet what disables the excerpt of the article, just copy paste this to the bottom of your style.css file:
.selector .entry {display: none;}
And it will properly fit the lines :) Cheers, Erik

I am new to this and have some basic questions. First off, how do you put the ereader mock up on your page? Mine doesn’t seem to have it in the demo version or it installed incorrectly…not sure which. Also, how do you get drop down menus on your main navigation bar? My page is becoming increasingly aggravating due to the lack of instructional video or reference guides with beginners level instructions on how to install and customize the page.

The basics I need to know are as follows: 1) I want my name across the top of the page in the header. How do you do this? 2) I don’t like the colors this page came in. Where are the color charts to select what page colors/font colors you want? Can I upload background images for the pages? 3) Book mock up for chapter samples. How do you install this? 4) Overview template. How do you put an image next to this instead of that comment bubble? EG. I want my book cover and the synopsis next to it. How do I go about doing this? 5) Icons on the menu bar. How do you hide the “fa-book” that shows up when you click on it?

Sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions but I’m confused right now and very short on patience. FYI, this is not a beginner web page.

my site is

Hi, as i mentioned in one of my emails before – please take your time and read the theme documentation carefully if you don’t have experiences with wordpress sitebuilding, it was written to be easily understandable for beginners too.i have never recieved any compliments about the lack of detailed documentation and getting started guide from my more than 330+ buyers of this theme. As you can see, i’m always here to help and answer support requests for my themes, i also replied more than 4 support emails asked by you, i believe i tried to be as helpful as i can be so please take my advice and read through the entire documentation and then ask for suppor. If you will still have questions i’ll be happy to answer them. I’m looking forward to hear from you! Cheers, Erik

I have read the documentation and had my IT guy at work take a look at my site. We imported the demo version again and I tried to go in and make some changes. I’m still running into a lot of issues.

1)My tablet covers up the title when it rolls up. 2)There is a thick block divider in between the first two sections?? No idea where it came from or why. 3)Still can’t find any information on how to change the title to the page or make the font larger/different color. (I want my name at the top of the page and Menu next to the drop down navigation bar.) 4)Testimonials are all running together. 5)Couldn’t get the overview to work right.

Am I missing something here? I have spent countless hours trying to get this mess cleaned up and I’m ready to throw in the towel on this. Do I have to go in and change the coding in order to get the results I’m looking for? Please be specific because I am lost!

1.) Hit 2 breaks in the “Samples” page’s content area. 2.) The “thick bar what cames from nothing” is the call to action bar like in the theme demo. To disable it open up your style.css file and add this to the very bottom of it:

#cta-bar {display: none;}

3.) Create a logo for yourself in Photoshop for example, save it as a png with transparent background in a 140×30px recommended size and upload it at Appearance > Theme Options > General > Site Logo

4.) You need to upload an avatar image as a testimonial like in the theme demo in a 120×145px recommended size and it’s going to be fixed.

You don’t even have an “Overview” section as far as i see so i’m not able to see what’s wrong. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I love the theme. Great work! I have three quick questions. My website is at

1. Is there a way to remove the top menu? I don’t need it.

2. In the sample excerpt section- I don’t want the first line to display after the chapter name. I saw there is a “entry” class in CSS. What do I put in the custom CSS to hide it?

3. I also want a blog section in the front page- the chapter overview section would be perfect, but none of the links are clickable. How can I make them clickable?

Thanks again!

Hello and thanks for your purchase & your kind words! Here you go: 1.) Add this to the bottom of your style.css file:
#header {display: none !important;}
#wrapper {top: 0;}
2.) Again, add this to style.css:
.selector .entry {display: none;}
3.) Why don’t you just add a “read more >” text link after the excerpts? You can do it like this in the html editor:
<a href="">Read More</a>

Hey thanks for the quick reply!

Your suggestion for #1 doesn’t work- the entire header disappears- I would like to keep the logo and replace the menu button with a buy button that I saw in an earlier comment “Buy Now!

Oh sorry, in this case open up header.php file within your theme files and on line 177-179 replace this:

<div class="menu-btn">
     <i class="fa fa-reorder" />

to this:

<a style="float: right; background: #fff; color: #000; margin-top: 14px;" class="btn" href="#">Buy now</a>

Refresh and the menu icon should be replaced with a buy now button. Cheers, Erik

Hey thanks for the great help!

Which contact form am I editing? It seems like I can’t get it to work?

Also, for one of the chapter excerpts, I have no idea why the image is not cropping properly (its loading the original, not the cropped image)

Your welcome :) You can find a guide on using the contact form in the theme documentation, check it out here. For the excerpts, i’m afraid this theme doesn’t feature autocrop functions so you need to cut your images manually for the proper size like the dummy ones in the theme demo. Cheers, Erik

Hey actually I figured it out- I just had to edit the sample contact form with my email. Thanks again!

Great! Happy editing! :) Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I’m having the same issue with my navigation as “Niassa” a posts up (i.e. Once a user goes to the blog section), the links to Home and About don’t work anymore. I have created a WP user for you on my site and the login details should be in your mail box. Thanks very much for your help!

Hey! Thanks for your purchase and the quick login details, I just solved the issue. Happy editing, Erik

Hi, I’d like to know how to change the order of the sections. I’m not exactly using the template how it was designed – I really just need the sections to be text/html. Also, how do I change the background color of a section?

Thank you! A few more questions: 1) Is there a way to make a menu item that goes to the contact form on the bottom of the page? 2) Would I be able to put the menu on the colored bar on top instead of having it in the gray bar below it?

Also, I’m still stuck on changing the background color of a section. Where you wrote “section.about-the-author” what should I replace it with? Is it the name of the template, or is it the slug of that page? Or is it section.slug? I tried a bunch and none of them worked.

I believe the most easy way is to accomplish your requests is if you create a wp user for me and specify which section’s background you need to change for what color, i can do it for you directly on your site. It’s more easy to do than describe it :) I would also create the nav link for the contact section. If it’s ok for you please drop me an email from my profile’s contact form here with a copy of your comment above.

Regarding your question on the navigation layout, i’m afraid there isn’t a quick solution on appending the navigation in the colored header bar at the moment, unfortunaltely it’s not beyond the original functionality of the theme. Cheers, Erik

Hi there!

First off….Love the theme!!!!

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to setup the menu section….I have a menu at the top but when you click on the titles they do not go to the separate sections…

Please go easy on me!

Thanks, Jeff

Hi Jeff and thanks for your purchase. Try to create Link type menu items, with an url (instead of adding Page type menu items) for example: where “about-the-author” is the section’s title. So if your section is called “Our Services”, the custom link will be and so on..

Try recreating the menu based on the instructions above, if you stuck somewhere you can create a wp user for me to your site and i’ll fix it for you. Cheers, Erik

Hi there!

Thanks for this….Can I get you to take a look? doesn’t seem to work for all pages…

Do I send you an email directly?


Ok, you can send me the login details via my themeforest profile’s contact form here. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I am having navigation issues with my menus as a few others have mentioned above. I sent login and password credentials to you through your contact page.

I wonder if you would have time to take a look and see if there is a quick fix.

Thanks for the great theme.


Hey RD and thanks for your purchase! I just fixed your navigation issues, try to use the actual menu items as a reference if you are adding new menu items in the future. Happy editing! Erik

Works beautifully! Thanks for the quick and very helpful assistance. I’ll copy your work if I add new menu items. Best regards!

Your welcome, i’m glad you are satisfied! :) Bests, Erik

Hello Erik!

If I put some other pages the primery menu it´s not linking to them… it´s just linking back to the main pages of your theme… the links and everything is correct…. how can I fix that? And an less important thing but maybe you can tell me how to solve: in the overviews the show more /show less button… I already changes “Show more” to the german version but I can not find how to change the “show less” button… where do I have to change that? Thanks for your time!;9 Jan

Hello Erik, thanks for your fast respond! The pages of the theme itself work fine… all of them! But I have to put 2 more ones in the due to german law… I put them into the hidden top primery menu and if I stay with my mouse on the buttom firefox tells me that the pages are refer to the correct locaction or the other one I checked it again today…but if I click on it it´s just closing the top primary menu now… If you still want my login let me know…;)

ah is it possible as well that if somebody clicks on the button in the slider… that you just jump to the internal page like about or samples… because it´s loading the page but just that one without the rest like counters slider etc. THANKS FOT YOUR HELP AND TIME

Oh, in this case why don’t you try adding custom (“Link” type) menu items (where you can add the url) instead of adding them as “Pages”? Just add the url like this: and it will certainly work :)

Regarding your earlier question about changeing the “Show Less” text, open up your custom.js file from the /js folder, and edit it on line 174:

$(this).text('show less');

Change show less between the ’ ... ’ characters for your wished german text.

On forcing the slider button to scroll to a section, altough it’s not beyond the original functionality of the theme, if you send me your login details via email, i can do it for you. Cheers, Erik

Any idea when you will be updating the theme? I took a look through the threads and many people are having issues with your menu setup.

Also, does the theme have any commerce support? Or what is the best supported Cart for this theme in order to actually sell something with this theme.


It’s a landing page so unfortunately there aren’t built in option for selling ebooks, but you can always find a huge amount of free plugins for integrating paypal for example with your site easily like this one. Another popular solution is to have your ebook on a well known global marketplace (like and advertise it with landing pages like my theme, and create traffic for the marketplace site. Cheers, Erik

Okay. I stalked around for a while reading feedback and think I’m ready to buy. But first, a few more questions: - Where does the contact for the “sample pages” come from? - Is it possible in embed or include audio within the sample pages? - What are the number “counts” tied to? and are these real/dynamic or some manual process?


1.) The contact form is the most popular Contact Form 7 wp contact plugin and it’s at the bottom of every page by default. 2.) There’s no built in option for including audio yet. 3.) They count up from zero to the amount you set. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik.

Great theme especially for marketing, very useful and easy to use and configure.

Please check my website at and help me with the following

1. Pricing Table – the ‘price’ color is white and I want to change this to black. 2. Video section – is it possible to insert html code that only gives access to a user to watch a video after they have completed a form or enter their email address? 3. I want to add a tagline to the right of the logo in white?

Thanks, your urgent response is much appreciated.

Hey, here are the answers:

1.) As your logo seems too large to align the 2 lines tagline properly on mobile devices, i think the best solution is to hide the tagline only on mobile devices. You can do that by adding this to the very bottom of your style.css file:
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { #header h5 { display: none !important; } }

2.) To be honest, i don’t know exactly – i have never inserted google ads into my sites, but i can assume that you have some unique code what has to be inserted to the proper part of the source code, so in your case it would be: - single.php (for single posts, where the full post is shown) - index.php (for archives, where all blog posts are listed shortly)

3.) Sure, add this to the bottom of your style.css file:
.post-header { background: transparent; }

Happy editing! Erik

Thank you very much for your support.

I think hiding the tagline is a good idea for mobile site.

I have just placed google ads in the widget area and it works fine.

Thanks once again

Sounds great. Happy editing! Erik

Hi there,

I love your theme. I have a prepurchase question:

Is it possible to buy ebooks in the theme or does it just redirect to amazon or another website when you click purchase?


Hey, amazed that you like it! No, it is a landing page theme not an ebook webstore, so i guess the amazon kind solution works out. Cheers, Erik

I just bought this theme and keep getting this error.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-6023410-flatbook-flat-ebook-selling-wordpress-theme (1).zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Never mind I got it to work.

So I found a FAQ on the site the to fix the missing style sheet issue but I’m now on hour 6 of working with this template and none of the “15 minute” set up features work. The slide is 2 inches tall, none of the other options display at all.

Hi, i’m pretty sure this is your first experience ever with a wp, what wouldn’t be a problem if you just follow the detailed step by step documentation included with the theme, it’s going to work just as expected. Perhaps if you know that you don’t have experience with wp and read the theme documentation and getting started guide before blaming the theme, you would find every information needed to set up your site just like in the live preview.

A part in the docs what may be intresting: